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Monday, July 23, 2007

New car on the tow, and I am driving behind his row

I was driving home after work yesterday(well, duh, common:p) and I hit the bridge at a good hour - at least I don't see any major crawl.
Anyway, while I was on the bridge; traffic was a little slow and I was traversing/breezing through some of the cars when I end up behind this metallic green Toyota Avanza.
Okay, Avanza is not like a new Batman gadget that is so amazing and I have never seen it before; so that's not the point of my story:p
What struck me was that this was a new car....yeah, brand new and obviously being sent over to the island to the customer with the number plate hung loosely at the rear of the car.
So, while I was trailing behind this car; putting on my brakes whenever necessary since the driver in front of me was definitely doing so and driving rather slowly...I start to think...haha, usual me, thinking all the time.
What came to my mind was kinda funny; I was just wondering; what happens if someone hits the rear of this car?
I mean, may not be me; but you know everything is prone to accidents and with the constant braking and trailing behind all the cars on the bridge/road, what happens if someone bangs into the rear of this car?

Common scenario is the drivers get down and negotiate and you know, settle it man to man.
But in this case; this is not the driver nor the owner of the car but the middleman assigned to send it over.
Don't you think it's gonna be kinda complicated?
Furthermore, how do you explain to the customer who is eagerly waiting for his new car?
"Erm...sorry, I just crashed your new car?" (and he hasn't even set his hands on it yet!)
Haha....just food for thought....
or a penny for my thought...so that I can be rich!:D