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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Asia Water 2008 in KLCC

Back in KL and today I was attending the much-publicized Asia Water 2008; held in the KL Convention Centre.
I was supposed to be there by 10am and I took some time looking for a parking place.
There were 2 open air car parks next to KLCC and they were fully occupied!
Can you imagine that?

And here I was, being naive that a Water works event may not be so appealing to normal folks:p
Perhaps, I was the only one thinking such ignorant thoughts.

Anyway, I have no choice but to park my car in Suria KLCC's carpark...I know, I am expecting a sky-rise ticket price but let's leave it until the time I leave.

The hall was pretty packed; the exhibition invited a crowd of exhibitors from major companies; occupying all 5 halls in the Convention Center.
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In Hall 4 alone, the first booth was of the gigantic company from Germany; Siemens which specialized in a wide range of products; ranging from motors, drives, inverters, and of course, automation systems - offereing a total packaged solution for any industry needs; including the theme for this exhibition - the water works interest.
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This demo case was flown in from Germany for the exhibition purpose and represents the total solution for automation.
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The other products for water filtering system
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An impressive portfolio of projects implementation of Water Waste Plant and Municipal Water Works in Shanghai, UK and Germany, Siemens was definitely one of the top option for water solution:)
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And the hall was definitely packed with keen visitors and VIP; in fact even the honorable Raja Muda Perak; Raja Nazrin Shah was present to launch the event!
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It rained pretty heavily in the afternoon; despite the blazing sun in the midday.
And it was really tiring!!
After a long day, I was slapped with a RM14 parking ticket at the Suria KLCC....wowww!!
That's very exorbitant prices merely for parking my car in their premises!!!:o

As if that's not bad enough, I even lost my way and navigated to another area.
Thank God, I managed my way through and found my way in a jiff of a time; although there is the price (toll) to pay!:S

KL is truly a "Pay" Ka-Liow...(Pay for everything)!:p