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Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy busy week!

I am starting to be so busy and this week seems to be packed!
I have meetings to attend and so many assignments to complete!
Everything is meeting a tight deadline, and I am overwhelmed by all these tasks!

Surprisingly, I do like being busy too....although sometimes I do feel tired..
Sighs, what a contradictory person I can be sometimes =P

It's already the end of the week, but somehow, I don't feel a difference as usual..
I am usually pumped up by Friday...by now, seems like weekends or weekdays, make no difference to me

Something is wrong with me, eh?
Or have I been too busy...

I still LOVE Fridays though...TGIF!~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get OVER it!

Okayyy, I know I am supposed to get over it...it's totally over....it's never gonna come back..

I missed it, but I know, it's OVER
I mean, like for real..
Yeah, it's OVER, OVER and OVER...

It is only once...and I can't turn back time unless I have a time machine, but then I would turn back the time even more..

So, it's OVER....I gotta get over it...
Don't look back, stay focused to the front and forget all about it...it's gone...

THE LONG Weekend's over.....I must get over it...it's Wednesday already anyway, LOL!!! =D

Monday, October 19, 2009


I've just heard and watch with my own eyes; a story of a phantom in the car.

No, don't expect major drama like what you see from movies like The Ring, Dark Waters, whatsoever.
This is nothing extravagant, but still astonishing to the eyes all the same.

I could not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes on the video captured during the act.

It is story of a car phantom; and I shall be writing about it in my spooks blog...well, it belongs to that blog and this blog is only to share how spooked I've been.

Seriously, I wasn't thinking about it, but last night, before I closed my eyes to sleep, that same scene appeared in my mind again and I find it quite disturbing.
I am not sure what to believe, but there doesn't seem to be any logical or scientific explanation to what I've seen!

It was caught on tape!
What can I say?

Like I've posted on Facebook, there's lots of things out there that Science still does not have an answer to...and seriously, this is my first time witnessing such an incident... (Not that I wish to have more, please NO!)

I am still trying to take it out of my head so as not to spook myself further....yerrrrrrrr....

(Full story to be posted on my Starry Blog....I can't post the video, as the copyrights belong to the owner - unless I am given the permission)
Be ready to be spooked out by the story!
Read it here!

**I am still spooked and I can't get the scene out of my mind...gosh, I am gonna get nightmares**

Poisoned by Food?

This month seems to be a continuous bout of food poisonings for me; it's been happening too frequently that it's starting to freak me out.
Am I getting over-sensitive or has the quality/cleanliness of food out there gone down the drain?

I am not feeling comfortable with the idea of food at the moment; it's quite sickening when the tummy is upset and I kept feeling nauseous.

I am planning to go to see a doctor soon; I know I have to...it's bugging me.
I know I am sensitive, but this is OVERLY sensitive....or then again, is it the conditions of the food out there?

Either way, they are all making me sick...ughs!

Am I starting to develop an allergy to FOOD too? o_O

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are you sick, or are you leaving me?

It has been 3++ years we have been together
I could never go out without you
We are together daily and we even go traveling together
I could never forget you when I want to go on a vacation; in fact, you are the very first one I thought of when I want to travel
You are one of my best friends, my soulmate...
You are there with me during the best moments that we have captured
You are there to remind me of the beautiful moments we have seen and to cherish
Your presence makes everything more memorable
I could never forsake you
You have been really so good to me and I could never let you go
Others have told me how others are better than you and that I could do with something even better, but I remain loyal to you

But now, you seem to be ill
You are starting to fail on me; disappointing me
You have lost that touch to make my life memorable
You are not talking to me and you are making me worried
Are you sick?
Why are you not saying anything?
Is it because you've overheard me checking out others and starting to find out about others that you're feeling jealous and unhappy?
I am not leaving you just yet, I don't want to

But why are you acting like this?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Please, don't give up on me...I love you too much
The others may have better things to offer, and they may be great in appearance
But no one can replace your position in my heart; it's the sentiment that counts...
I could not simply let go of the years we've spent together...

So, please, don't give up and don't let go of this relationship....
Let's try one more time...give this one more try
Please stay with me....my dearest and most beloved camera~

Why do we have such slow Internet connection?

I think we are the only country in the world to experience such slow and unstable Internet connection!

The connection can really get on your nerves all the time...yes, I repeat, ALL the time!
What kind of speed are we getting over here and how much are some of us even paying to get onto the Internet?

It's really frustrating when you're trying to update your blogs or logging on to Facebook or surfing the net...and the worse is, downloading/uploading!
You can really pull your hair out at the SLOWWWWWWW speed!

I don't understand it; how other countries can enjoy such high-speed Internet in countries where they can be struck by typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc and we are located on a supposedly disaster-free country and yet, our connection is more than 10x slower than others.

It's annoying for me, as I am being taught the luxuries of technology and I have found such a friend in the web/virtual world that it's hard to live without it or experience the slow loading in my favorite websites.
I can't upload pics, then I can't blog.
When I can't blog, I can't indulge in my personal passion (which is writing freely about my own thoughts)
When I can't revel in my passion, where is the happiness?

So, see, to the main (the only) telecommunications company, I really hope that something can be done soon and please, please, pretty please, WORK it out so that we can too enjoy the lovely connection as all the other countries around the world!!

(It's been two days since I've had unstable and really annoying connection; broadband, wired, wireless, whatsoever!)

My 10 Ways to stay warm in the office~

This is a post which I just thought of at this instant; since I am feeling so cold due to the low temperature set in my office.
It feels like those winter chills.....and I already have my sweater on....*BRRRRR**

I know, I am always complaining about being cold and all...and I complain when it's hot too....well, I just like to complain..lar!
Anyway, to be frank, I prefer cold to hot as heat gives me more problems than the cold...but I don't like it when it's TOOOO cold...

Now, how to stay warm in the office?
Just a simple list of 10 ways that I can think of...

1. Put on a sweater and drink lots of hot water (which doesn't really work that much for me)
2. Walk around and bother other people at work. Trigger an argument and you will be all heated up
3. Call for a fire drill (that long walk down the stairs will definitely ignite the heat in your body) If you are in a factory, well, getting out of the building should help to warm you up as well, right?
4. Stand near the printer or fax/photocopy machine or even the coffee-maker. There's heat emitted from the machine and will make you feel warm.
Just make sure you have a huge stack of papers in your hand so that you can justify for standing there for so long.
5. Act busy and run around from end of the office to the other (if you just run around, people may think you've lost your mind)
Make sure you do this a few times; and make sure it's to different locations
Or instead of acting, you can really be busy by helping everyone out with their tasks; and make sure you ask EVERY one...that will keep you warm or HEATED up until 5.30pm
6. You can try hugging your laptop with your cold hands; make sure you touch the bottom of the laptop where the battery is
7. Go to the carpark (you're out of the building)
8. Hide yourself inside the big computer boxes....and close the flapping lids...
9. Lose something and you will find yourself in such a panicked state that you will forget you're feeling cold
10. Put on your winter jacket, mufflers, gloves, and scarf...guaranteed to make you warm immediately!

Do you have any more ways to share with me?
Please make it even more crazy for me......I am so cold that I am about to lose my mind =P

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Panic yesterday....

Yesterday started out as a great day; when I had some great news early in the morning and I was in such high and positive spirits.

I went out with two managers; and we had lunch together and upon coming back from lunch; I felt in my bag for my phone and it was not there!
I panicked and started running back to the manager who drove us earlier and told him that I may have left my phone in his car.
He passed me his keys and I went straight to his car and couldn't find anything!

Great...I almost cried when I couldn't find my beloved phone and it was my precious phone.
I used my other phone (company phone which was used for work) to call this phone as all the worst scenarios were running through my mind already.
There was no answer but I was silently thanking God when it was not an abrupt end; which means, the phone was not taken by someone else, YET.

I prayed so hard like I've never before and something told me that I should go back to the office and to my desk to check whether it's there; and true enough, it was on the desk.

It was really embarassing and I dare not tell the manager the location where I found it, so I just told him I found it.
He asked, where did I find it, and I just mumbled something...LOL..

Panic.....and then embarassment....but at least, I am happy that my precious phone is with me =)
Look what has technology done to us these days?

Fire Drill

Yeah, I was so lucky to chance upon the Fire drill when I was in the office today.

Out of the remaining days of the year that I have not been back in this office, they did not plan to have the fire drill.
This week that I am back in the HQ, the fire drill is scheduled for the entire building and we had to walk down from our office on the 14th floor all the way down to the ground floor.

The best part was; I was actually in the meeting room with another colleague who was briefing me on my new assignment and the Fire Marshall (the appointed person from the Department to assist in this exercise by the building administration in collaboration with the Fire Brigade department) who was running around ushering people out of the building did not notice us even though he passed the meeting room twice!

Then he finally saw us and he laughed, and shooed us out to the emergency exit almost immediately!

I think, if this was a real fire, we could have been burnt to death eh? =P

I couldn't remember when was the last fire drill I participated in; but it must have been very long.

This is one of those usual practices where you hear the emergency/fire alarm that goes off and everyone is still busy checking what do they need to bring along and locking their stuffs and then taking their own sweet time to descend the stairs or move out of the building; chit-chatting or complaining along the way, and then upon reaching the assembly area, you move into your lines and report your name for tracking purpose.
Then, we hang around the assembly area, chatting among ourselves (the best time to network with everyone) while the organizers and the Fire Brigade folks speak to the loud speaker/microphone which sounded like a murmur to the rest of us and we just ignore, continue yakking with people around us.
As the conversations get heated up, everyone tends to hang around even though they announced that the exercise has come to an end.

Well, we are not slacking exactly but there is no way we can cram everyone into the elevators, right?
After all, you still need to brush your way past the dozens of people waiting in line and pushing their ways through like they were Bill Gates running a multi-billion company that they couldn't wait for another minute, so, what's the point?

Anyway, my point is, what is the point of having a fire drill where in real times of emergency, you still panic and run away immediately, right?
Do you still follow the procedures and remember the right emergency exit?
Will you leave everything behind and get out of the building as soon as possible?

I doubt...but oh well, for education purpose, it serves well, in guiding them to the right exit and not barging through everywhere...

As for me, ain't I just lucky to be able to be part of the troop who marched down from the 14th floor?
This is just one of my Lucky days, huh?

Back in da Mud Coast

I'm finally back here in da Mud Coast!!
Alright, this is another outdated mud post; I have been back since last Saturday.

I am not on vacation; not entirely; but I am here mainly because of work.
At least it's a free passport to travel home and stay in the comforts of home sweet home, so I am not complaining.

However, workload's really a lot and I just realized, it's been almost a year since I've been back in my office here in the city (HQ)!
There's lots of "hello's", "Hey, you're back!", "Wow, it's been so long!", etc etc. Some of them even thought I've left the company, LOL!
(Well, who knows, right? ;)

Anyway, there's lots of stuffs to pick up on and meetings to attend; discussions with Mr A, Mr B, Mrs C, Ms D, and the list goes on!
If that's not enough, there's also some brief trainings to enhance my job scope (in other words, MORE work).

I have recently been entrusted with another new responsibility as well; and a new project account to manage...and yes, again, it means MORE work.
Well, looking on the bright side, I am learning more and more things and when I have more work, means there's good opportunities and at least, we still have more work to do during these turbulent times of the economy.
It's a good learning opportunity and it helps to develop my skills; part of the plan actually for them =)

At the same time, I get to be with my family as well, and get to go around the city, and catching up with friends (well, this will not be the main agenda this round since I have a few company events and family activities) and yeah, it's great to be back to the city =)

It's definitely good to be back, GOOD to be back~~

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Raya weekend (part 2) - Road Trip to Kuala Selangor

Alright, finally my overdue post on the Raya weekend...the continuation....where my family went on a road trip to Kuala Selangor.Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

We were invited by one of my dad's ex-colleague who happened to be our close family friend as well.
Uncle Saad is a great person; and is a true friend in need.
I still remember the time when he paid us a visit in the hospital despite the late hour after work. It was really touching; and he brought us some simple gifts during the visit, but it was not the gifts which touched our hearts but the kind thought and effort.
Then there was the other time when he invited us to his sister-in-law's stall for a satay and makan-makan feast.

Back to the road trip, this time, he invited us to his sister's house in Ijok on the second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
It was an hour's ride to Ijok which was located in the heart of Kuala Selangor.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Perhaps it was the city life, or my lifestyle that it seems like some time I have not seen these countryside sceneries and all the farms and fields.
Rock hills and plains....green...LOVELY!
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Passing by a mosque on our way; it reminds me of how beautiful our country is with all the different races and cultures fitting in altogether.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I do love the sights of the Malay houses in the neighborhood....even I am in the Raya festive mood!! =P
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

It was a really nice house, and we were served with cookies, festive goodies and even a cooked meal by Auntie =)
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Well, for the food info and pics, they will be posted on my food blog =)
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Car crashed into lamp post?

Before anyone panics or give me a call, well, it's not me who crashed my car as stated in the title of the post.

I was driving to work this morning and I witnessed a gold Toyota Vios which crashed into the lamp post along the downhill area.
That road was actually on a hill, and this accident happened near the area which was going down the hill.

Sorry that I do not have the pics as I was also driving and again, I must mention that it was going downhill and if you want to see another crashing into the next lamp post, well, there will be photos here =P

Poor guy, I think he lost control of his car...probably speeding too fast when he was going downhill....I think he will definitely be slapped with a giant bill of the cost to fix his car...and of course, a letter from the government with a fine for damaging public property.
I can't imagine which is worse, but seriously, the lamp post fell to the ground already, so that was a huge damage.

I think I feel sorry for the beautiful Vios as well.....sighhhhhssss =(

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn!!~

In case some of us who are not aware of the festive season, well, it is the Mid-Autumn festival (aka Mooncake/Lantern Festival) this weekend =)

My family is not in the tradition of observing this festival or celebrating it on a large scale; but rather, I do have some fond memories of this festival during my childhood as well.

This festival is known as the Lantern festival to us; well, mainly because we looked forward to bringing out our lanterns from the store and lighting them with candles which Daddy will usually buy from the shop.
I think we start playing with the lanterns for a week or so prior to the festival or when we see our neighbors playing with them (what do we know about Chinese/Lunar calendar dates =P)

Anyway, I don't recall having much mooncakes, well, for one, I personally dislike or hate the taste and smell of mooncakes. Yeah, I am weird, I don't really like sweet stuffs. I don't take those mooncakes and the only highlight of this festival was the lanterns and the strolls along the street/neighborhood at night with my brother and my Daddy for a few hours slightly before my bedtime.
I do know about the stories of the Moon Goddess and how the festival came about from books that I've read.
(I love legends, myths, fairytales, and stories of that sort =)

I think I've had less than 5 lanterns; mainly because I took really good care of each and every one of them and also because, I am pretty loyal to my belongings =)
The first one I've had was probably a battery-operated lantern bought by my aunt; it was some rabbit or Chinese lantern style I think.
Then I had a fish; that was the conventional lantern made of tightly-pulled wires with translucent color papers plastered over and given the features through some candle wax.
I had that for a few years until it was burnt in an accident by my neighbor who knocked it over.

I remembered crying over it; as it was very dear to me (well, all my belongings are dear to me anyway) and even though I got a new lantern, it wasn't the same sentiment I felt for the fish lantern I've had.
As I grew older, we do not play with the lanterns anymore, although we do hang some of those cute Japanese paper lanterns around the garden to create that festive atmosphere in the household.

Most of the Chinese festivals focus on the family gatherings/reunions or get-together. Mooncakes will be bought (not in large quantities) since the rest of my family enjoys them and that's about it.
We don't really need to organize any reunion dinners since we eat together as a family every night but now, as I am away from home, it's been rather hard to have family dinners on a daily basis.

I try to make it home to be with my family; be it festive season or not...and when it's festive season, all the better because it is really warm and enjoyable when you're not left out while everyone tells you about their celebrations =P

Anyway, enough of my stories, here's to a warm and Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you and your families =)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mother Nature sure is angryyyy!!!!

I am shocked with the sudden change in the weather these days!

Two days ago, I answered the call from my brother who informed me of the earthquake in Sumatra rating on 7.6? magnitude and that there were tremors felt in KL.
I was surprised at the news, as I barely felt anything over here up north.

When he called me, I was having my dinner and the first question he threw to me was, "Wow, still enjoying your dinner at your leisure ya? Did you know there was an earthquake earlier?"
Then he proceeded telling me about how he felt the tremors in his office which was located on a high floor.

Well, I don't think I was the only one who did not feel anything earlier...as most of the people on the island did not feel it...in fact, even the Penang Chief Minister did not feel it =P

The earthquake was indeed a shock and I prayed for the victims in Sumatra; I know that the scale will definitely result in damages to properties and worst of all, loss of lives.
I hope that the casualties could be reduced...

At the same time, I was also surprised to hear that tsunami alerts have been issued by the States and that the weather had been really bad everywhere around the world as well.....gosh, Mother Nature must be really angry this time around.

Developments and non-stop invasion of the flora and fauna has totally brought the patience of Mother Nature to such heights that She has finally reacted...

Everyone has been telling me to stay away from the beach, sighs, what to do, I am on an island which had been hit by the legendary tsunami a few years back but I think the tsunami alert has been lifted an hour after it was issued right?

I do hope the weather gets better...it's been crazy over here too....I was relishing the lovely clouds and rain for the past few days and today, I was slapped with the hot and scorching sun which felt like I am in a desert or something....so sad.

Mother Nature, please don't be angry with us anymore.....please forgive us? Please please please?

Internet connection is back!!

Alrighty, I am supposed to be continuing on my Raya weekend post but somehow, I just want to post on the Internet connection which has been plaguing the whole of Malaysia this week I think?

Goshhhh.... I can't believe how bad we have been spoilt by the luxuries and comfort of a click on the pad to get things done and to connect to the rest of the world!

Nowadays, we are all so badly affected by the electricity cut or the Internet connection issues that we seem to have forgotten we used to live without them..once upon a time

How ironic things have turned out to be these days; in the contemporary society...

Most of us may have or have not come from IT background but it does not mean that IT and computers do not play a role in our lives.
It is like a widespread disease...and sometimes, some say, it's like a cult

I know for a fact, that even I myself find it really difficult when there's no Internet connection or electricity.
For example, the past few days which almost sum up to a week now, the Internet connection were somewhat lagging...seriously SLOWWWW...

I was quite dismayed by that; as I have lined up all my blog posts and was really excited to blog since I have been busy the past month.
Furthermore, I was in a hyper-cheerful mode last week due to some good things which happened...hahaha, especially on the Friday!

Anyway, the connection had such a major crippling effect not only on me; on everyone as well.

Imagine that you can't blog, can Facebook, can't surf the net, can't do your emails...and plenty more
Fortunately for me, I could still do some Facebooking lar...LOL!
Sadly, I had to take a step behind in my farms....*sob* (that's where the Kiasu-nism steps in)

I can't even log on to our VPN/Intranet conenction at work....there's basically nothing much to be done and yet I was super busy this whole week...

Anyway, I almost leapt out of joy this morning when I realized that the connection was back to normal...YAHOOOOOO and it's Friday too....so, again, this is yet another great Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =D

I think it's probably due to the natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes) which are happening around the world that are affecting the network connection?
Who knows, the networking and telecommunications people should know...all I care about is, I can now go back to the Net!!!