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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Missing Boss...

I am supposed to meet my big boss today for a 1:1 meeting and somehow, he was MIA!
Waited for a while in the room; guess he must be busy with his meeting.
Anyway, rescheduled the meeting to next week since I couldn't reach him either on his phone or email....
Busy busy bee......

Sad Farewell

This morning I woke up to this old familiar tune of the song I sung in primary school whenever there is a farewell ceremony for any teachers/headmasters leaving the school.
That time I was in the choir group and this was like a song regularly rehearsed for the special occasion.....
Relakan Kepergianku
Selamat Tinggal Sayang
Pertemuan Kita Sampai Di Sini
Ku harus bermohon diri

Betapa sedih rasanya
Kita kan berpisah
Namun ku doa pada Illahi
Semoga Berjumpa Lagi

Kemesraan kita rasakan
Masa Kita Bersama (bersama)
Air mata berlinang
Bila Dikenang kenang (kenang)
This song was so sad and I still remembered Puan Tan (our Choir master) who taught us to sing with emotions and she ended up getting a bunch of crying girls which amazingly also influenced the other students to cry along as well.
And that time, perhaps we were too young, somehow we didn't even care about the smudging of the make-up we had during the performance.
Another thing was, I always remembered the amazing harmony we had in our tunes (thanks to the great teacher) and we were well-trained in the different tones when we sing as a group; such as Alto, Soprano......and the blending of the pitch.....so nice :)

Usually after this song, it will be followed by this second song...with slightly shorter verses:
Selamat Tinggal Selamat Tinggal
Selamat Tinggal Selamat Tinggal
Tamat sudah khidmatmu
Guru kami yang disayangi
Selamat Tinggal Selamat Tinggal
Selamat Tinggal Selamat Tinggal

Those were the sweet memories from my choir days...I should probably get some of those pics, scan them and upload them somewhere.I really missed those times.....and the Relakan song is still in my head until now....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Imzy Mimzy

Since the conversation with Louise and the sudden realization that I haven't watch movies in a while, I browsed through the GSC website and lo behold, I saw a couple of interesting movies....besides Pirates (which I haven't watch by the way)...heard from Nick that it was good and think my jee mui gang is organizing the movie outing (wonder whether it was on or off:p)
Whatever.....I saw a movie which caught my eye....okay, some may say kiddo movie again (I am still kiddy...:p...."there's always a kid in us")...

I want to watch this! I want! :D

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This poster looks too sinister...I prefer the poster from GSC:)
This is nice...The Last Mimzy!!

Shrek 3!!

This morning I was greeted by my enthusiastic gal pal, hehehe....while I was working out on updating my stuffs before my meeting with my US boss later in the morning.
Conversation window pops up

shrek 3!!!!
when's it released?
but i won't recommend we watch it today though
yeap, agree :) you'd have to book ahead
are you still up for it?
of course, we can still go and watch it :)
talk to you later...I have a meeting with my boss and US counterpart

I am not really a great big fan of Shrek; but I do need some time out once in a while....and hey, it's always nice hanging out with Louise....cool gal and always so chirpy:)
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Man....when was the last time I went to the movies?
Can't really remember...probably the Mr Bean Holiday movie was the last....:p


I do not know how to name my post; but I wanted to use some mean words but I felt bad to use those words...and yet, I am so...frustrated (inside) that I just want to shout it out.
I hesitated whether I should post it out but...well, who cares!!! I am not the one in the wrong.

This lady...(naw, too nice), woman...(still polite)...okay, whatever, SHE is a big time double-faced.....Witch!!....with a capital B!!
Why do I say so? (Before all my old time friends who are reading this blog happen to faint or have a heart seizure that I am reacting this way:p )

Well, she has been a cause of everyone's misery (maybe I don't wanna talk about it yet since I have colleagues reading this blog as well) but hey, just a hint that I used to be from the same group and we used to hang out together until she had some mental problem on her own and wanted to darn my reputation....isn't that just NASTY and unethical?

The thing that makes HER so revolting is she acts so nice, innocent, sweet in front of everyone but in front of me and 1 or 2 colleagues, she is a MONSTER!
She wants to get people into trouble and mind you, she is such a two-timing WITCH....yes, I repeat, WITCH!
She thinks she's the innocent one...like, "Oh, poor me..." and tries to turn everyone against me....insecure and insensitive old witch!

She's not that OLD....(to be fair) but she's not that young either.
She thinks she's real pretty and photogenic, taking pics of herself everywhere she goes.....revolts me!!

I have had enough, if she wants popularity, she can have it...and I hope she drowns in it....whatever position/task you want, just take it...and I hope you "enjoy" whatever you snatched from others....

*God, I pray that you will forgive me for being so nasty today...I didn't mean to and I pray that you will grant me peace and forget about this"

Seriously, it's been a year of suffering in silence and misery....all because of a selfish moronic being.....
Whatever.....I will not pray for her downfall or anything evil....I will just let it be....
Justin Timberlake's song...."What goes around comes around...."

Peace be with me and all of you...Amen

Worry too much-LAR!

I just talked to my boss; a 1:1 session and he mentioned that I worry too much...haha.....well, ain't that the significance of me?
The worry-wart....
Haha....Angelstar is the WorryWart...:p
I thought I recovered, haha...still the same....patutlar always fall sick recently.....and stressssssssss!!!

Okay, I am sure I am gonna receive some comeback from bestie LaydieBug on this one.....
Something that goes like, "You ar, still so worrisome....relax lar...." Or..." !! Stop worrying or being such a workaholic!!!"

*I know that workaholic word is going to come about somehow....haha...and I know bestie may avoid using that...using her vast vocabulary to indicate otherwise (still contains same meaning) ...hahaha....

Single White Female?

If you have ever watched this movie which starred Bridget Fonda (it IS an old movie), you will know what I mean.
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*A brief summary, it is actually about this lady looking for a housemate and got a perfect one who turned out to duplicate her in whatever she does...so much that it becomes like looking at yourself in the mirror....haha, and extreme, can even end as a case of a doppelganger!
Dresses like her, same hairstyle, kills her puppy and seduces her boyfriend and even kills him....psycho!

Okay, my case is not so extreme-lar....remember my new housemate is in already? That's housemate#2...she's nice and her bf is also kind people.
I kinda like her...I don't really dislike anybody lar...anyway:)

Okay, but I do notice some quirks...she does use people's stuffs without asking, but she just moved in, so dismiss.
Recently, I noticed she is getting stuffs exactly like mine, it's like whatever I have, she will get it....^O^
Now, isn't that weird?
I would have thought she will keep her stuffs as minimal as possible as she is only staying there for 2 months....but well, she got a lot of stuffs recently...maybe planning for longer stay dy?
Whatever....I don't think she is that psycho...just that I always feel weird when people follow me in things I have/do:p

Haha....and I am not worried she will seduce bf, dress the same, kill my puppy....she's absolutely normal in the head :D
Maybe I am just being paranoid sometimes:p


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and went out to the bathroom when I suddenly felt a rush of air and also distinct sounds of cars, etc from the balcony.
So I slowly walked towards the balcony and hey, I saw the balcony open....erm, I mean, the sliding door leading to the balcony open.
(*Sorry, maklumlar...blur when you just wake up right?)
Doesn't matter whether I am writing this now......:p

Anyway, back to my story, I was shocked...like big-O of surprise when I saw that.
I thought probably my housemate was out there with her bf; but no, there was nobody there at the balcony.
I swiftly closed the door.....and when I woke up this morning, I wondered whether it was a dream...(seemed impossible; since I woke up like 2-3 hours before I woke up to get to work).

So I asked housemate#1 (the main tenant and the first to move in) whether she know anything about this and whether she left it like that....not accusing or anything like that but just thought that everyone should be aware in case someone climbs in (also unlikely since we are like n stories above in the skies..haha:p)
Housemate#1 said she doesn't open the sliding door; quite true....she rarely comes to the hall (she has the master bedroom to herself).
Then we discussed and she mentioned it's probably housemate#2 who forgot about it; since she came back quite late last night and she and her bf were assembling the wardrobe together.
Okay...so done...then she brought up that we need to keep it closed to avoid the lizard coming in again (this housemate is super freaked by lizards....she didn't sleep the whole night the other time when there was ONE..yes, ONLY ONE lizard that somehow got into the house and she was so worried it will get into her room which was like the innermost room compared to all...mine was like the first one:p).
So I told her no, somehow I got it out the other day (accidentally actually...I am no lizard-wizard) and she was like jumping for joy (literally).
I was just hanging out my clothes and it so happen was out in the balcony so I just hurriedly closed the doors so that it cannot come in again.
And she was like thanking me like I am a saviour or something....haha.....

Then I told her about the roach today and she went like, Oh my.....and I told her it also exited the house already...also took me some time.
*Personally, for me, I think the roach freaks me more than lizard....coz to me, lizards are usually the friendly ones which clear mosquitoes and any annoying insects around...and they are not usually such pesky creatures...but roaches are like YIKES...BIG TIME!!!

Anyway, housemate#1 ended up linking the recent appearances of all these creatures to housemate#2 and her stufffs.
Can't really blame her though, since she moved in, there's too much things compared to when I was there along with housemate#1.

After the discussion and asking me to talk to housemate#2, we ended our conversation windows.
Then, almost immediately, she sent out an email to housemate#2's boyfriend (he's from the same company as us) and she mentioned my name that I was the one noticing/mentioning the sliding door, the roach, etc....and asking them to adhere to the closing of the door, etc.
Now, talk about the nerve!!!
Wow....I am really speechless.......what a double-head!
Why do you need to pinpoint? I just told you what happened; you were the one who linked it to her!!! I didn't even mention housemate#2's name!!!

As if I am such a trouble maker.....housemate#1 is the one who sets all the rules and expects us to comply with this and that...and now, she's saying it's me....
"Yuen WONG!!!"

I sent an email to reply to her email and told the bf that we felt it that way....so cham hor....
Sad...sad, direct backstabbing......*sobs*

Roach alert!!

Yikes, I saw a roach the other day (like, 2 days ago) in the apartment and the thing is, it was like on something and wouldn't leave!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......I tried my best, swish swooshed here and there, it still is...and then it sat on my pink shower cap!!! Grrrrrr......

Okay, threw my shower cap out.... throw here and there.....that's it!!!
Leave my cap alone!!!!
I HATE roaches and this is a flying one!!!
Weird thing though, it wasn't the normal auburn brownish type; it's in fact a color of black and transparent...and it's like only round like an oval keychain.....but whatever, roaches are foes!!!
Get out....finally got rid of it....man....
Was so tempted to throw my pink shower cap along with it.....*sobs* and then I will cry my heart out since it's my one and only favourite shower cap (yeah, I even have a favourite shower cap...soo?)

Just noticed that recently there has been insects (unwanted/uninvited guests) in my new apartment....sighs.....earlier it was a lizard which freaked my first housemate out...and she's now linking all these appearances to the new housemate....

*coz most of these came about only after she moved in....and it came from her boxes; and also as a result of the sliding door to the balcony which was always left open.....*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bowling Day today!!

It's the next event for the sports carnival....Bowling, I almost forgot all about it this morning and almost put on a blue blouse when I remembered, hey, today's Bowling Day...need to attend to support my team.
Ahaa...this round I am not playing....hehe,I don't think I can bowl lar....lousy bowler:p
And Ah Ken already said am I going to bowl or be bowled? Jahat....saying that I will probably be bowled over by the ball before I can bowl!!

But bowling is actually fun; not for competition lar for me...amateur :)
Support my team!!
And TGIF too!!!~

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hold onto the nozzle!!!

Hey guys,
When you go to the petrol station to fill up your petrol tank, do you hold onto the nozzle while it fills up or do you just set it there; and put it on the automatic latch thingy?
Well, if you belong to the latter category, do be careful.
I received a mail about this real-life experience of someone recently who patronized a petrol station in PJ.
He put it in auto mode for it to fill up and all of a sudden, the nozzle flew out of the tank opening with the petrol spewing at full speed!!!
Needless to say, he was drenched in petrol all over and worse still, he even got them on his eyes and face!!!
Imagine the pain...he was escorted to the restroom immediately to rinse it off.
They reported the incident to the staff and asked to see the manager; demanding an explanation.
And the manager actually refused the request!!! He only asked his staff to accompany them to the hospital!! Mean....
Well, according to the staff, this was not the first occurrence....it has happened before. But this was the worst lar....

The top layer of the right eye was damaged (dunno to what extent) and the area around his eye was burnt!!
He had the eye bandaged for 10 days!!!
Poor fella!!

All this due to the nozzle which was lighter than of the standard one; and the speed far surpassed it....
sad case huh...if you are freaked out by this...take note to hold onto the nozzle ya!!!
Be careful!!


I have been especially tired this whole week!!
I almost had a heart attack when I came to office on Monday morning; to be greeted by an email which state an issue.
Sighs...I was like, what? Issue....no no no.....
And I have been tired with this and that, working on this and that; and this!
I was drained out of energy especially on Monday and Tuesday....so tired; I practically almost flopped on my desk:(
And someone, the offender initially insisted it was mistake on our part to cause the whole issue or rather the error!!WHAT!!!
I had data to back my team up and well, in the first place...it was their mistake.
So everything is fine...they admitted it was due to their human error....the nerve!!

Anyway, finally managed to close it by Tuesday evening and presented in today's meeting...all done....
Not so tired anymore....peace:)

Mood for the week

Received a couple of funny mails this morning....haha, yeah, they managed to put a smile on my face!!
Thought it was pretty interesting....so decided to blog on it.
How do you feel each day when you come to work?
Does it vary or differ according to the days of the week? I bet it does!!
Haha....so how do you look like on the respective days of the week?

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

And this is the ultimate...hahaha....SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

This is so not true for me...haha, I still wake up early on weekends!!!
But anyway, isn't this just cute!!
Enough to put a smile on your face...haha, back to work...and hey, we are supposed to be smiling adorably on Thursdays already!!
Happy Thursday and chill out:)

Ascension Day

To those of you who have forgotten, today is Ascension Day!!
There's masses...and take note, it's actually a day of obligation, haha...so no excuses:)

Well, to make it short, Ascension is the day when our Lord Jesus Christ rose to heaven to assume his position as the Son of God and immortality and also seats himself at the right hand of the Father.
It is a joyous occasion as we celebrate the glory and triumph of his Majesty.
So, Happy Ascension everyone!!

For more info on this event, you can refer to my other blog on the story

Fire Drill!

I was busy looking at my screen and preparing my presentation for the meeting when suddenly this alarm went off; behind me.
I was sitting near the emergency exit area in the Penang building and I heard its shrill scream.
Then it hit me, we received this email from our admin last week to be alert for the fire drill this week.
*Slaps myself on the forehead*

Then came another shrill sound as the crowd made their way towards the exit; and everyone walked past my cube...haha, and they pushed it off to get out.
The thing about some of our doors here is; it's not meant for you to get in or out; they are only for emergency exits. We follow the standard entrance and exit doors; so if you happen to so much as touch or push it accidentally; haha...there goes...you will be famous in no time.
The alarm will go off; triggering the sound in the whole company.
And then, you will probably be held and questioned why you used that door.
Name will be noted and a mail will be sent to your manager...haha, how about that?
All just because you pushed a silly door!:p
And if outsiders (vendors, contractors,etc) are here, sometimes, they may mistakenly push this door and trigger the alarm. (Oh ya, this alarm, when triggered, will also signal evacuation of the building...after all, it's the emergency exit, right? hehe....so, when you hear the silly noise; get off whatever you are doing and get out!)
So, if these outsiders accidentally did this, haha, whoever is responsible to bring them in will be held....(policy: no outsider is allowed in without any escort from the company:)

Okay, back to the fire drill story, while everyone was making their way towards the exit, I was going against; haha....asking me why?
I had to lock up my bag in the pigeon hole!!
Hehehe....lucky me that it was not a real fire...but if it was real, I won't have to keep it in the little pigeon hole anymore....I will be grabbing my stuffs along with me and run!!!

So we went down; with everyone taking their own sweet time, strolling out of the building.
Yeah, they really strolled; discussing and chatting at the same time.

Soon, everyone in the entire building was assembled at the car park.....and may I add, under the hot sun!!!!
Aishehhh......this is more like the fire rather than in the air-conditioned office.
Also, another thing, one of my colleague even said, if it was a real fire, think most of the people will still take their own sweet time, thinking that it's a drill.....or another false alarm.
Now, how true that is.....isn't that food for thought? :)

After that, *burning us in the hot sun* for about 5-10 minutes, we were allowed to re-enter the building.....sighs.
Back into the realm of the cool air-cond world!! Haha....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day this weekend!!!
To all the great and loving mothers out there, wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day!!
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It is a great day to remember and show your full appreciation for your mothers; who have done a great deal in our upbringing and molded us to who we are today:D
However, important though Mother's Day is, it is also one of those days like Father's Day, Teacher's Day, etc etc.
It marks the commemoration of mothers' sacrifices but it is not the ONLY day in 365 days that we should appreciate our mother, right?
Mothers are there for us since our birth and have gone through the hard days of raising us and also ensuring the best for us.
Most of us take our parents for granted sometimes; and if you are an avid listener to Mix FM, you would hear Serena C mentioning about being an excusaholic...where we always find excuses for everything and can spend time with friends; prioritized over parents.

Why do we wait for this one day in May every year to splurge and spoil our mums?
Do it every day, show our Mums how much she means to us and that we do know how much she has done for us.
Tell your mom you love her today...

To all the moms, you are the BEST and greatest!!
This is specially for my mum as well; you rock my world, MUMMY dearest and I really LOVE YOU!!!
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** The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world**

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Boyfriend Award

I am going to have a new housemate; the latest addition to the house.....but she's gonna be here for only 2 months.
She's due to move in this week; Friday (today) to be exact.
However, I have yet to see her yet BUT, I have seen her boyfriend.
Yeah, he works in the same company as me, but I don't mean seeing him around in the company (although I did see him yesterday:p )
I have been seeing him in the house (or rather, in the room) for the past 2 days since Wednesday.
What is he there for, you may ask? (My housemate, the master tenant, does not allow guys staying overnight).
Well, he came over to the house on Wednesday night, after work; with mop, broom, pail and cloth and yes, he cleaned up the room.
He was so diligent and he spent hours there. He was alone, mind you.
I was impressed and wowed that a guy would do so for his girlfriend.
And yesterday, after work, I went home and took my bath and was resting and heard the main door clicked.
Thinking it was Sara(the master tenant), I didn't bother to go out until I heard the alarm being switched on.
Surprised that Sara will never make this mistake(in fact, she was the one who reminded me not to activate the alarm or trigger false alarms for the security office), I hurried out of my room and saw that it was him again; he thought nobody was home.
One thing he didn't realize was he had turned on the alarm instead of turning off (his intention was to turn off when he comes in).
Hahaha....don't blame him:)

He was there again in the room, cleaning and I think he was setting up some stuffs for the room.
He was there until late at night again....
Wowwwwww....and all this when the gf is not here yet; guess I will see her today :)

Now, this is really one great guy.....so caring for the welfare of his girlfriend, cleaning up for her before she's here?
Extinction....haha.....he really deserves the Boyfriend Award....haha, too bad, my dear friends, he's no longer available for all of you:D

Can't wait....

I was in Guardian the other day and as I was queuing up to pay at the counter, I was surprised by the long queue.
The cashier soon realized that the queue was building up and redirected us to the other end; the pharmacy counter to pay.
I was making my way and reached the counter (I was almost the last in line earlier...you know, as in, the LIFO(Last In First Out).
As I was approaching the counter, I noticed the lady in front of me earlier...just "inserted" herself quickly in front of me.
Such kiasu-nism!!!
Does it hurt for you to wait a short while?
Looking at the aisles, I guess she must have ran to beat me to the counter.
Some sicko..... I am not interested to bag the first-person-to-reach-counter award-lah!
Furthermore, there's only 2 items to pay up for (her).....sighs, some people!


It's finally FRIDAY!!!
Thank God for Fridays:D

Well, sometimes I start to think, if any other day were to be the end of the week, would I still love it so much? Hahaha.....a thought to ponder upon!
Fridays and Saturdays have always been my favourite days of the week.....
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hit by a DOG

You didn't read that wrongly; I just recalled that I haven't blog on this yet.
I was in my friend's car the other day; he was driving and we were at this marketplace area.
He was driving real slowly (I can vouch for that:) and as usual, you can see those stray dogs around.
As he was making his way through the narrow road, all of a sudden there was this medium-sized dog (mongrel type) which rushed towards the head of the car and my friend hit on the brakes.
I heard a loud thud at the front of the car....and since I was the front passenger, I could even feel the dog hitting the rim of the car.
He stopped the car immediately while I watched the dog ran off; and he was so kind to get down to check.

Take note that there were a couple of hawkers gawking as they witnessed the whole incident.

Anyway, my friend spoke to them in Hokkien to enquire about the dog's condition and they laughed and pointed that the dog ran off already; don't know where to locate him.
So, yes, we got HIT by a dog.....no, we didn't hit it, IT hit us!

*Now I remember the frustration Rory Gilmore felt in that episode where she got late to the class and was banned from sitting for the English paper because she got HIT by a deer and the teacher insisted she hit the deer and it must due to the late night studying....aaargggghhh!*

Anyway, I was telling my brother and he also shared a similar story about his roomie driving them back to campus and there was this dog which was ran over by their car (his roomie is also a careful driver).
The dog also ran off, and it seems that they had this theory that dogs (or animals alike), when injured, will never stay on the spot. They will find a good spot before they lay themselves to rest.
Interesting huh?

I really pray for the dog that he will be fine....hope he is not too badly injured :(
But with that thud, I am worried about internal injuries thought.....poor doggie :S
God bless you...

Working Day or NOT?

This morning I was dragging myself out of bed; sighs, after a nice weekend at home (in my own princess bed), I have trouble sleeping last night. Furthermore, my housemate was still out of town.
Anyway, I drove all the way to Kulim (yeah, today's Kulim day again) and when I reached the car park compound, I was surprised to see so few cars in the area. I blinked, am I still dreaming or what?
I got down from the car; still very much amazed by the number of cars....seriously, usually when you reach the site, there's plenty of cars and motorcycles (remember those manufacturing operators who work in the production floors?)
I am not kidding; I barely see more than 5 of either cars or motorcycles.

Is this a joke? Was there an announcement that we decided to take an extra day off today as well?
I am pretty sure that my company took Monday off instead of Wednesday as other companies do to compensate for the double celebration of Wesak and Labor Day yesterday.
Well.....I just got myself to work and soon, people start coming in.

As for the factory folks, I recalled their replacement is based on rotating shifts from today till Friday....
Haha....all for the working day for engineers :)