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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beauty fads and commercials

What's with all those commercials these days about slimming, detoxification, anti-aging, botox, hair-less?
When you turn the pages of the newspapers, you will notice that you are greeted by Marie France, Terimee, or whatever names that have those celebrity faces with testimonials and also all those Before and After pictures of their clients.....

Fuh.......what's with all these fads and I am surprised at the number of people who actually seemed overwhelmed by it....
I mean, do you really believe in all those wrapping yourselves with plastic tightly or even aluminium foils to slim yourselves down? or even put yourself through a recommended diet, yeah, without pills or starvation or exercise but this is all mental...psycho...pronto.
It is amazing how manipulative the power of mind can be....and ladies, despite being highly educated, fall for all these tricks and marketing strategies.
I am just saying that proper healthcare and well-being comes from within yourself; don't go believing that all these can do wonders for you.
I have nothing against them; they can be there to help and guide you; but hey, there is no guarantee that it will restore your youth or hell, even making you look younger when you are like past your menopause?
To me, aging is an inevitable process; yes, admittedly enough, none of us like it (including myself); getting old is so not pretty.
But hey, we just have to accept it as part of the life process and that it is an established fact that we have past that pigtails and lacey dresses with ribbons stage and that we are constantly moving in phase with time.
Like it or not.... you have to see that as part of life. You can't expect to be an 18-year old forever...and go on and on wearing all those cute skirts,overalls, etc.
That being said, it also doesn't mean that you cannot be young at heart or you have to accept that you have sagging and wrinkled skin now and that you are...hate that word...OLD.
You can still be young; look young....with the proper diet and daily habits...nothing drastic really.
I was at Watsons' and Guardian the last few days and I couldn't help noticing these 2 ladies who were like these housewives, and they were discussing on the products to use....and then she mentioned that they need to use those teenage products; supposed to help to keep their skin smooth.
Then you can also see those old....erm, middle-aged ladies who look like some sexy or savvy young and hot chics from the back in malls only to find that they were even older than your mum and they are wearing those hippy tights and tops which look like what your nieces might wear.
Well....probably vanity had to do with all these; but my point being, we are creating opportunities for more and more to come; bust-firming, eye-lifting...what next....bottom-firming and lifting, eye-opening...do we need to open the mouth as well?
I rest my case....

No-orbit :)

Ahhh...too much of whiny tales these days; let's move back to something with a light note :)

I just wanted to share on this movie I watched with bro during CNY when he was in Penang; and it was kinda funny...a last minute thing to go watch a movie.
Oh well, Eddie Murphy, as usual was at his best humourous self and did you know that this movie actually was written, directed, produced and starred himself :)
Talented guy, ain't he?
And you will be surprised that he played multiple characters in the movie; one of it kinda took me by surprise; he played that Chinese old uncle who brought him up!
Now call that good make-up effects or what......:D
Anyway, it was another simple and funny story about this wimp who was dumped as an orphan...yeah, you got that right, his name was Norbit and yes, he was Eddie Murphy. He had this childhood sweetheart; a girl playmate who was later adopted.
Then he was heartbroken but due to his weak nature, he was constantly bullied by bigger guys and then came this big girl who called him her boyfriend and fought off those bullies.
Norbit ended up marrying her; Rasputia....haha, who had 3 thugs of a brothers whom the whole town feared.
Anyway, the story went that he was continuously stepped upon by that LOUD wife of his who even had the nerve to have an affair with her fitness instructor and screamed at Norbit when he caught them in bed.
Really wimpy; even girls felt like hitting him on the head to get a grip of himself and head out of the marriage which he didn't; due to his fear for his wife and in-laws(her 3 bully brothers).
Well, eventually, his sweetheart came back; engaged but then they unravelled everything to be a scam and they were still in love and so, yeah, you got it, happy ending.
Predictable but still okay for a watch.
Hehehe....I called him No-Orbit....hehehe...dragged the O's to make that effect; since he was such a wimp...so I reckon that No-orbit basically describes his restricted movement; no moving around, no hanky pankies.....sighs, I really find guys like these need to stand for their own rights; abuse do not apply only to ladies and guys do need to do something about it as well :)
AND, as the poster says it all....he made a very BIG mistake!!! Hahaha....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

24 Hours...or NOT?

So....I have been having this discomfort for the last couple of days...which I guess must be due to my gastronomical disaster perking up on me again.
Major discomfort and sometimes, the pain just comes in uninvited.
I was really into it; and no, it's not because of my weird eating habits or eating times....stop on that...this is just different. Even my normal medication is not helping; perhaps I was getting worried and also worked up on something.

Remember I used to mention that I do not go to a clinic here in Penang due to a couple of "unfortunate" encounters with those medical "doctors" (not to be mean, but those docs are not really that ethical...no offense to future doctor wannabes.

So today, after much self-convincing and persuasion and also to get some help, I decided to go see a doctor before I go to work.
I was pretty early this morning; since today is the day I have to get over to Kulim and so, I reached this 24 Hours clinic which happened to be the company's panel clinic and the only 24-hr clinic I know (last time I went it was not bad).
The door unlocked (security- equipped) when I reached the main push-in door and I walked straight up to the registration counter where this sour-looking middle-aged nurse with glasses and wearing a tudung stared at me.
I gave her my Medical card and she pushed this piece of paper towards me which I filled....hmmm, must be the early wake-up call.
Then she proceeded to push another piece of paper which I needed to fill in and then she just turned her back and went to the metal drawer cabinet and asked,
"Pernah datang ke?" which I answered aptly, Yes.
Then she just told me to take a seat and after a while, I went into the room with this doctor who looked like some Bangla/Pakistani rather than our Malaysian-Indian or Malay. Perhaps he was a mixed; Mamak maybe.
Anyway, that was the least of concern...apart from the fact that he obviously looked woken up from his sleep and his shirt was out and his hair was dishevelled. Whatever, let's just ignore the doctor's appearance.

So I proceeded to tell him that I was feeling uncomfortable and it feels like there is gastric which has caused discomfort for a couple of days. I told him I have taken my medication (which usually helps) but it didn't seem to help much. Then he stared at me for a while and asked me,
"So, you are here this early in the morning for? (and he stared at the clock, right in front of me he did that) and gave me this raised-eyebrow look.
I almost gaped....after what I have been saying, he didn't get any of it????
Then he said, "You're early, are you working?"
I was like, is there a crime to be early in the first place and I was taken aback and would have retaliated if I could.
I mean, HELLO? I am sorry that I have disturbed your sleep and to be here this early, it must have been my mistake.....I thought it was a 24-hours clinic.....or was that history? I am sorry, it must have been in the Francis Light generation that this hours are valid.
OF COURSE, i didn't say that out loud...in fact I only thought about it after I got into the car.....but hey, I am really bummed that this doctor was more concerned about his sleep than his patient.
Yeah, I just love visiting doctors once in a while and I also happen to love choosing wee hours in the morning....sorry if that bothers you but I think that doctors and nurses have to face that; otherwise, I don't think you are suitable for your positions anymore.
Arghhhhh....sorry if I sounded overly aggressive or if I overreacted.I was really uncomfortable and it'd be a great help if the doctor could sound more civilized in responding to a patient who is really in pain.

When I requested for MC, he looked at me and told me, I think it's okay; you look fine.
Yeah, like I said, I visit doctors as a hobby; since I have time to kill early in the morning.
To me, that was just plain unprofessional and no offense, you may think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill but the point is, you try your best to gain the trust and also at the same time, trust the patient and take him/her more seriously.
This could be a small case; but like my bro's case, he was already having the symptoms of Dengue fever that time and all the local GP told him was that it was just pimples (yeah right, with black stools....it's just pimples with a normal fever).
I may go for a check up; just wanted an assurance to make sure my tummy's fine....

**Sorry for my rambling and whining...just wanted to share with everyone on this story...no harm ya!~

Monday, March 26, 2007


Gosh, I have been having gastric for a couple of days; and it's really making me very uncomfortable....I feel bloated most of the time and just so...."gastric-ky"
I have taken my medicine and I still feel that way...guess it's time to see a doc soon :(
The slight pains and discomfort really made me feel so uncomfortable...using this word twice....(need to improve my vocabulary)
Point is, gastric really makes the worst of a person's day....arrgggghhhhh....
Can't tell Mum and Dad or they will probably say that I do not take good care of myself again....aiks:p

Wrong turns

Aiks, yesterday I was so blur.....remember I told you about that offsite I had in the golf course in Kulim?
Well, I drove there in the morning and reached there in good time; and when I was about to reach, I got bored of the CD I was listening to in the player and decided to switch to the morning crew on the radio.
Once I looked up (I know, dangerous driving...hehe, but there's not a lot of people driving in KM anyway and I had perfect control of the car), I noticed that I had passed that turning!!!~
Awwww.....I was like, why did I go and change to the radio? Does it matter what I am listening to since I was about to reach anyway?
Sighs....I had to drive about half or one fifth of a kilometre before I managed to make that U-turn.... and make it there; sighs....all for that CD..just ain't worth the trouble!

Well, then at the end of the day, when we were going home, I was already thinking that when I exit from the golf course, I will turn left to hit the highway faster....but when I finally reached that main entrance/exit gate (after traversing down the slope and hilly road), I turned to my right. I can still hit the highway from there but again, I missed another turn and ended up having to do another U-turn.
What's with me and all the wrong turns and U-turns yesterday????!!!

Blur case......
Anyway, in driving, when we make a wrong turn, we can still make a U-turn and hit back to the road we wanted to go to initially, however, in our life, if we make the wrong turn in our decision, we'd have to bear the consequences and live with it for the rest of our life.
There is no U-turn in life...sooooooo,
Moral of the story: don't drink and drive....haha!!
Or in my case, don't change the CD when you are turning :)

Offsite in Kulim

Yesterday was my team's offsite cum teambuilding which this round they chose to have it in Kulim (aiks, of all the places!! arghs:( )
Anyway, Sean (that's the organizer; who happens to be a rich kid...and pretty young guy with a PhD and really smart) was picked to organize this round's event:)
It was overall not a bad thing; but it was just a bummer to have it in Kulim.....I mean, not that I am so prejudice towards this little town but it's just that; you know, being part of the headcount in Kulim (means my designated workplace would be in Kulim and that I am destined to work in Kulim....and you get what I mean), when you talk about offsite, I think they should just organize it OFF site....hehe, OFF Kulim.
Not that I really detest Kulim, right now, since I am doing a different scope, I spend more than 50% of the days in a week in Penang but still, hehehe.....okay, I rest my case.

Overall, there were pretty good sharings and presentation from our managers and also, the Dept Head who's always had this gift of the gab and this speaking charm...he can really talk and go on and on.
And he even gave us some of those questions which were really testing :)
Then the overall sharing was also pretty good.
Despite my earlier resistance due to the incident I earlier mentioned, I still enjoyed my time there and had a pretty great time myself :D
Though there was this question which some raised which made me think of some really spontaneous responses in my head and I would have slashed out those thoughts in my head (no, I have nothing against the person though he has made me miserable before).
Well, I have my quick and sharp side of my tongue and also my mind which sometimes make me reflect really quick on answers.
This guy really displayed immaturity when he posted those questions and I was surprised that the another 2 people who were in that group kinda raised up the same thing as well (there's only 3 of them anyway currently left in that particular group).
I find it so ridiculous that you are questioning something which you yourself should get your heads clear before even bringing this to the bigger parent group and make a fool of yourself, group and also, of course, your manager.
Just my thought.....oh well....

I will wait for those pics from the organizer to be posted on my blog ya! :)

Meaning of life

Sorry for the long-time no post again; I have been pretty busy and rushing here and there to get all my stuffs done.
Don't really know why am I being pushed here and there for this and that; just when I am rushing for this assignment, then another one asked me whether I have completed the other. Imagine, some of the requests came from the same person, after asking me to do this and that, she will still ask me whether I have completed task X and Z.....
Sighs....guess that's what working life is all about.....sometimes you just wish you can throw everything away and just relax through your life.....
I mean, look at us....we are slogging day in day out.....working like dogs and worrying here and there whether we did it right or whether we are gonna make it work, etc.
All for one simple word; MONEY.

Everyone wants that; whether you are rich or you are poor......the rich wants to get richer and the poor, of course, wants to be rich.....like duuuh!
However, let's just stop and think about this; why is money so important?
Well, a simple answer, ain't it?
This IS a realistic and money-driven world....not like the money-less world we see in Doraemon, where you go into that phone booth and come out into a money-less world. We have to face the fact that everything you want or set your eyes upon require money.
We want to be able to travel....shop....buy houses/shops/cars, dine luxuriously, pick anything you want without looking at the price tags, setting your hair, dressing up.....etc etc...sounds like a dream come true.....a diva or a prince in making huh?
That's why we end up pushing ourselves to the limit; some even go to the extent of working more than 2 jobs at a time; trying to earn that extra.
Sometimes, we end up damaging ourselves (health) for that reason and do we get to enjoy that money? No, we will probably just end up nursing our health with that extra money you earned by paying all your medical bills...ironic huh?
But without money, it is also a misery.....

Well, I was just thinking about this the other day; what happens if this world doesn't need money?
Sounds good; people don't have to work, there'd be no crimes, and one more thing, there'd definitely be NO life.
Think of it and picture the everyday scenario; why do people rush to the LRT/KTM to board that train every morning? Why do people get so nervous going for interviews? Why are we studying so hard and trying to get into uni? Why are we having malls, sales?
Why do we have people queuing up in the banks or post offices?
Again, because of money.....

You can say money makes you miserable (when you don't have any) but you can't deny the fact that money is the motivation factor that kept the world going. Without money, there'd be no factor that pushes people to move forward to do things and make full use of their talents.
We'd have no engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, bankers, accountants, etc today....what we will be seeing is a society full of slackers and lazy bums lying around who do not have a direction or meaning in their lives.
Even robbers and thieves may find themselves jobless!!! And do not know what to do next....

Money may be the root of all evil...but you can't deny that money does contribute to the overall factor of the continuous growth and development of the human minds which continue to contribute and conquer the world :)
So.....forget all that daydream and focus...again, back to earning money :)
Well, sometimes you just miss those days when you were a kid and not having to worry about money...hehe....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Chicken Pox Alert

One of my colleagues actually had chicken pox(got it from his kids, he said) a week before the Chinese New Year festive season. Poor him huh, can't really enjoy his Chinese New Year goodies. If he's like me, then he will be fine....hahaha....reason is because, I do not touch any of the CNY stuffs; in fact I kinda dislike all the CNY stuffs including mandarin oranges as well.
I get sick when I take heaty stuffs and I really take care of myself. Since young, I have been a weakling and on strict supervision due to my health.
Anyway, it has been 2-3 weeks since I last saw him until early this week.
I was leaving my office after completing my work; calling it a day, I walked towards the elevator, waiting for my turn when he came behind me and said hello. He's always been a close friend and a very very friendly and amiable guy. I even called him my Papa....haha, he's not that old (has a son and a daughter; both are only toddlers).
So as I turned and we entered the elevator together, I noticed some spots on his face and recalled that he was the one with chicken pox before the Chinese New year (all those work made me forget everything:p )
I was a little shocked; but of course, I did not show him that - it will be an insult; furthermore, he is my Papa. However, I was worrying inside but he was hanging onto my bag and even sent me to the main concourse area and to the parking space until we departed in different directions to our cars.
I freaked out and I was like, is it still contagious? Sorry ya, didn't mean to be such a wimp and a worry wart. But I do know that chicken pox typically is in a contagious stage when it starts to dry. His looks dried up and some even told me that he is in the healing stage which will dry and fall off. I am not sure whether this is a contagious stage; some told me yes, not sure.
So, Dr Liew, any info to share on this?
How long does it take to heal? If they claimed he already recovered, why are there still dried dark spots on his face? Some told me not to go near or have any of the debris from the spots fall on me, etc.....myth? How long is the recuperation period for this?
Confused at the moment, I saw him yesterday again.
I did google up some info on this and it seems that a person will take 10-21 days after contact with a person to develop this.
AAAAHHHHHH!!!! freaking out.....:p
Will take EXTRA EXTRA good care of myself in this month:)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Lent is here; time for repentance and reflection!!
Ash Wednesday, which falls on the 4th day of CNY this year, marks the beginning of the 40 days abstinence period.
This is a season which will prepare us for the Resurrection of Christ; the time of redemption and also newborn life as Christ died on the cross for us and our sins.
It is a solemn period and also a time to reflect on ourselves.
On Ash Wednesday, we will be blessed by the holy ashes which are actually from the burnt remains of the holy palms. This will be marked on our foreheads in the sign of a cross to remind us that we originate from ash and unto ash we shall return.
This year, I attended the mass in the Church of Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus. The parish priest actually brought a new twist to the meaning of Lent. Instead of being a solemn period, it should be a time to rejoice as we should be happy that Christ is coming; HE has risen.
He commented that people are often frowning or look really sad when the word Lent is mentioned and that this should not be the way.
Lent is not a sad season; we should be filled with joy and enthusiasm that the Son of God is here with us. We should acknowledge HIS presence; treat him as our friend and welcome him into our lives as how we would with our friends.
He even talked about story on an innocent kid who annoyed an elder in the church as he is always screaming and running around in the church. The elder complained to the priest that kids nowadays are not brought up properly and do not know the meaning of respect.
He clearly sees the kid as being disrespectful to God and he was disturbed by this fact. He complained to the priest every single week (the priest then started to make up excuses to get away from him...haha, bless you Father, for the white lies:p )
One day, he urgently wanted to talk to the priest and told the priest that he needs to make time and no more excuses; and the priest agreed.
He started telling the priest the same thing about the little boy still running around and yelling at the top of his voice in the church and in front of the altar. The priest was about to get bored until he said that this time, he went and reprimanded the boy.
Man: Boy, do you know where is this?
Boy: Yes, of course. This is the house of God.
Man: Do you know what we do here?
Boy: We come here to talk to God...
Man: Then why are you still running around and shouting?
Boy: Because God is my FRIEND!!! This is also my home.....(running off again)
The elder was taken aback by the reply and he started to sit down and think.
He had been praying all this while and been a regular church goer and he respected God and also see God as the power above. In a way, he feared God; yes, he feared God. All this while, he has been a devoted Catholic but it was only simple; as the kid interpreted it, why distance yourself from God?
God is a FRIEND and we should have a friendship with him instead of seeking him when in need and praying when we are distressed/in trouble and going to church regularly on Sundays.
Kids only think in a simple way; God is a friend and that we can always talk to him. I truly agree with that; I have experienced this before when my grandpa passed away more than 10 years ago. At that time, I got closer to God and though I was unhappy and couldn't understand why, I talked and prayed a lot at that time. I started seeing things; it may sound ridiculous scientifically, but I always felt that God is always around and HE can hear me. HE answers my prayers and HE does respond; in many ways. Sometimes, when you are unsure, all of a sudden, you feel relieved and you have that feeling that God has answered; it's inexplicable but as time goes by, I know that GOD is my father and also my best friend:)

Kids may say the darndest things; but hey, this is darn right....take some time and think about it. Perhaps we have been seeing Lent in a different light....and Daddy told us that during the olden days (grandma's time), they used to be strict on abstinence and fasting in churches. Perhaps we need to be happy that God loved us so much that he sent his ONLY son to redeem us from our sins and gave us a new life:)
So, the kid is right....let's observe the season of Lent with an open heart and include HIM in our prayers and TALK, yes, talk to Him:)
So, Have a blessed Lent everyone!

Decorations for CNY

Just captured some of the Chinese New Year paper art decorations which looked so cute and glittering...haha!

Wishes for everyone for a good year ahead:D
It's the Spring now; welcoming wealth and luck into your homes:)
May everything you do be smooth and promising :)

Prosperity all the way...yeah

Gong Hei Fatt Choy ya!~

Welcome the Lion Dance

A normal tradition in granny's place; they will always engage a lion dance troupe to perform each year. It is a practice to bring happiness and prosperity to the family...haha:D
Remember how lion and also the noise from the drums and firecrackers cast away the monster Nian last time from invading the villages?
This is still a common practice until today in the Chinese community; businessmen practised this to ensure good business flow and wealth.
It is also a skill and a unique martial art to be able to perform the lion dance well though there are many out there who are just there to earn a living (some do not even know the steps, etc). It is a dying art and we are getting more and more amateurs and youngsters who do not even know the skill just doing it for the sake of extra pocket money/allowance.
Granny engaged 2 troupes this year; one was just a last minute call-in and comprised of a bunch of really young boys who were even nudging and talking to each other during the performance. They wanted to have a go at performing with the lion head; justification came later from my aunt that those performers with the lion head typically get slightly more in their allowances. Hahaha.....young boys; they really want the lion head that they kept nudging and motioning to their friend to let them have a go.
This first troupe was really amateur and the entire performance was kinda short; about 5-10minutes. (More pics to be shared later)

The 2nd troupe was more professional; with 2 lions this round and they gave a really good performance. Turned out that the supervisor of the troupe was an old family friend of granny's...haha, what a small small world:p
They even formed words using the mandarin oranges offered and it was pretty nice.
However, due to the length of this performance as well, I was late for my meeting with my uni friends who came to Penang :(
Will share more pics on the lion dance soon...

Sang Choy(Lettuce) - an essential for lion dance....haha, vegetarian Lion?

2nd Day of CNY

The start of the New Year typically begins on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.
Now, that statement sounded a little awkward huh? We have the first day and we say that New Year only begins on the 2nd?
Haha....if you are getting confused; well, explanation offered was that on the first day, we are usually bounded by the taboos and superstitions; do's and don'ts here and there.
1. No sweeping the floor - sweeping away all the luck and wealth
2. No un-auspicious words to be used - "die" or even saying No.4 in Chinese is forbidden; and any other form of words bringing negative meanings.
3. No sharp objects allowed - yeah, no knives, scissors, etc.....that's why they typically don't cook on the 1st day, they consume those leftover food from the reunion dinner. In Penang, they made it into Chai Boey (mixture of all the vegetables in a sweet and sour soup type). However, these days, most people are vegetarians on the first day anyway:D
There are lots more of these rules; and thus it was really a solemn and strict day of observation on the first day.
The 2nd day though, most of the things resumed to normal and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief (from being scolded if you accidentally do something against the taboo:p )
Hahaha....actually, the 2nd day relaxes more on the taboos (not to say there are no more); but you are finally allowed to sweep the floor, clean the house and also get down to work with your knives...haha, cooking finally and fresh food for the family (instead of leftovers:p)
Also, the 2nd day is marked as the day where married daughters return to their families with their husbands and children and typically, also a day of reunion with their own families. As such, the 2nd day is always a merrier celebration; even more so for my granny since she has so many daughters :D
That is why the 2nd day is the actual welcoming and start of the new year and Cantonese typically call it as "Hoi Nin" (Start/Opening of the year).
As usual, being the devoted follower of her religion, granny typically bustles about on the 2nd day; getting her prayer stuffs ready for the worship of the deities.
She lighted all the joss sticks and candles (usually the house will be filled with smoke from the joss sticks which I am slightly sensitive to)
Then she will burn the papers outside the house to the deities above.

Kitchen God

And this is the plate for the worshipping of the deities.

Jojo Dog

Some snapshots of my cousin's new baby; haha....a little puppy....which she called Jojo :D
So cute....seems like everyone is owning this breed of dogs recently; there was such a frenzy over this little dog.
Anyway, it looked pretty adorable though and she sure had a busy time with this dog....haha :D

First Day of CNY

As usual, the first day of CNY starts with mass early in the morning.
I miss Jesus Caritas in Kepong and all my friends there!!!....it's not too bad though in Cathedral of the Holy Spirit:) Thank you Lord for bringing my family safely despite the rainy and rough weather conditions they had to go through during the last minute rush for reunion. Thank you thank you Lord; praise the Good Lord for HIS grace and mercy!:D
The Cathedral was beautifully decorated with big red lanterns and fire crackers lights everywhere. There were even Chinese calligraphy paintings on both sides of the altar. Kudos to all those who decorated the church:) Even the parish priest; Father FA (Francis Anthony) was adorned in red :D

And he gave a very good sermon sharing on that day; talking about life and consideration. To sum it all up, his teachings basically revolves around: DO not unto others what you do not want to be done unto you. Very very meaningful; it is true sometimes we are often self-centered and also selfish to a certain extent; which is normal of human nature. However, it is a good thing to take some time to think about it and reflect on how we should treat others. It all goes in a circle; what goes around comes around (this is what I always believed). There will be a day when the same thing will come back to us.

That aside, Father Anthony was also pretty funny as he was trying to pronounce a couple of Chinese words on the calligraphy and also in wishing the parishioners a prosperous new year. He even talked about Spring and how everything is new and bright for a new start. Mass ended on a happy note with an English rendition of the Gong Xi Gong Xi and also, distribution of the oranges which Father blessed earlier.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone! Have a blessed year and a wonderful time with your loved ones!! :D