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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shop till you drop!

Chinese New Year is looming near; dang, it's just like a day away as I tap my fingers on my keyboard.

Yeah, it's New Year's Eve and the mood is abuzz in the air!

I have been hearing CNY songs that seriously bring me from those baby boomers' days to our Gen Y hip hop CNY songs which just emits that festive spring mood which came all the way from the days of our ancestors who celebrated over their crop harvest:)

And to top that off in modern day, we have Mega Sales...festive sales all over the malls that makes you wanna hog all the discount items and drag them all the way to the fitting room and making a beeline to the counter in the queue, beaming at your own great bargain buys and then grumbling at the time it took to reach our turn....
Typical huh?

But the best part is looking at those discount tags...haha, of course, a little common sense will help to ensure that maintenance of the pocket and plastic card are secure!:D

Anyway, as you are enjoying your shopping routine, here's to wishing you a Great and prosperous New Year:)