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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Training Workshop @ One World Hotel

For the last 2 days, I had to attend a workshop and the venue was at One World Hotel; just right next to 1 Utama (one of my fave malls) *smiles*
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Anyway, time did not permit the shopping part as it was until 6.30 in the evening; being a 3-days course rolled into one.
My first time in One World Hotel (I know, don't call me jakun) and frankly speaking, I was a little less than impressed with the interior initially.
The parking was not that visible but I must thank God and my lucky stars that I went into the right carpark for function rooms. (One of my colleagues ended up in another carpark for VIP functions which costed him RM24 at the end of the day even with his parking ticket validated. The rest of us only paid RM5; flat rate for attending function in the hotel.

Not just that, getting into the hotel was like a maze and the interior did not help either.
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Anyway, I was really early and I finally found the venue - so no sweat! *winks*

This is so cool...a glass of water can be so welcoming after all the finding!
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Guess what's this?
Cute, ain't it? Our door gift and the course file
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How to open it?
Well...and this is what it contains!
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Thank you, One World Hotel for this nice pencil box with complete stationeries for a greeting! :)
Wow, I am starting to like this place!

Anyway, food for thought....something I noticed in the function room...
The chandelier
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Erm...no offense, but who in the right mind would design something like this?
I am really wondering at the amount of time and effort needed to clean this one by one:p
(The instructor mentioned this during his workshop as well....guess I am not alone!)

Typically people wince at the mere mention of training or workshop; imagining the convention of boring lectures and fighting to stay awake.
But seriously, I really enjoyed this training so much that I dreaded the last day of the training. Not that it's any difference since it's only for 2 days anyway...but I really missed the training, the environment, the learning part!
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Ooooh....and the food was good here:)
4 meals each day....although I don't take every of the breaks...but still, even pickyeater is giving the green sign for the food quality *winks*
Do check out my food blog on the lunch buffet~

I missed going there today...
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Thank you ACPSPT class!
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