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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Misleading Track

The last post was about me on the right track about the dumpling festival and here I am, talking about a "Misleading Track"? hehehe.....this blogger must have gone out of her mind:p
Actually, what I am talking about here is the TVB series, Misleading Track, starring Bowie Lam, Louisa So and Deric Wan. Just finished watching it and I find it quite alright, in fact,better than what I have expected although I must say I watched it without any expectations...kinda bored and just wanted to watch something.
Frankly speaking, it wasn't exactly those type of series which would look sooooooo appealing at first glance due to the dull colours of the cover and also, the actors seem to have some kinda bored expressions on their faces which make it all seem so boring. However, I find that it was quite alright and definitely not too draggy in the pace of the show. Although I was kinda taken aback at the early revelation of the truth of the story, but it led to the guessing path of the more evil deeds the antagonist may have in mind.
Okay, before you start screaming at what I am talking about, basically the story centers on Louisa who plays Yan Teng aka Yen in the series who was unjustly imprisoned for about 5 years in Taiwan for murdering her husband, Lau Kai Chung (Deric Wan). Upon release, she went back to Hong Kong and sought shelter at her cell mate's house, Sister Kam aka Kam Jie. She did not dare to go back to her family as she has cheated her mum of her savings and deprived her brother of owning his own car workshop in the past for the sake of helping her husband and then flew off to Taiwan with him, while her own family disowns her.
Coincidentally, she ran into Bowie who was her mum's lawyer and then Bowie plays an important role in mending their family relationships. Bowie seems like a perfect man who has it all, a great career in law, a loving wife and an adorable daughter along with a gentle and understanding mum. However, as the series later reveals, he lost it all and was forced into a bitter and vengeful character, to Yen's surprise, as he discovered that his daughter was in fact his best friend's biological daughter and his wife only married him to spite her ex-lover who left her to pursue his studies. At the same time, his best friend tried to separate him and his wife and created hell for him in his career. All went bleak and then Bowie struck back, going into the corporate world upon losing his lawyer's licence and used evil means to get back at those who harmed him.
I shouldn't reveal too much as it may spoil it for those who have yet to watch the series, but the unique point in this series is that it really spins the harsh realities in life that beneath surface perfection, there's also lurking danger and that a good person with patience has their limits and also, the ongoing friendship between the two leads may have led you into believing that they will definitely fall for each other, as in the typical TVB formulas..but amazingly, it turned out otherwise. Definitely an interesting series which is different from the normal series and if you watch it without any expectations, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the flow and the results of the way the series turned out;)

I've also finished watching 'Lost in the Chamber of Love', starring Myolie Wu, Ron Ng and Michelle Yip and I must say that it was also quite an engaging series..which I may talk about some other time;)
Currently watching Split Second.....hmmmm...will reveal the plot another time although I must say the plot's starting to wear out for a supposedly exciting police story....hehe

Happy Dumpling Festival!!

Hehe...just on the right track...recently posted on the dumplings sold in Penang and now is the time for an official festival period, which is celebrated each year on the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calendar...yeah, none other than the famous 'Dumpling Festival' or more familiarly known as the 'Tuen Ng' among the local chinese folk.
I guess most of the websites, papers and blogs have gone into details on how this festival came about and pretty interesting to read about it in case you are still in the dark on the origins of the much-celebrated occasion. At the same time, another interesting bit is that in Penang, it is also the time of the Dragonboat festival if I'm not mistaken, or so I heard from some of my friends who are Penangites...correct me if I am wrong.
Alright, facts aside, wish everyone a Happy Dumpling Festival which will be two days from now...enjoy your feast;)

P.S: I am not a fan of dumplings at all...hahaha...in fact, I do not know why, I dislike most of the festive food and I just dote on the uniqueness and cultural origins of the festival...I know, that's the odd me..but hey, everyone is different, right:p