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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

Yippee....it's that time of the year again!!
Do you smell the whiff of the snow?
Do you hear the sleigh bells?
Yeayyy...Santa Claus is coming soon...and it is Christmas time!!
My favourite time of the year..(besides my birthday, that is) and this is the birth of Christ; our Saviour, our Lord and the most trusted friend in life. I always view Christ as my bestest friend in soul as well; someone I can always count on whenever things happen and I know HE will never desert me:)
A little religious sentiment on my part; but that's the power of faith:)

Back to my excitement for Christmas; it's just so magical...I started loving Christmas since I was young and have been dreaming of a white Christmas (as sung by Jim Reeves - a singer whom I am only too familiar and grew up disliking over the sound of his voice on the cassette player on Sunday evenings over the years:p )
But, really, White Christmas is such a beautiful thing and my bro has seen it himself; a couple of years back in Japan....gosh, I am envious of him:p

Hmmmm, perhaps I am picky; but if I were given the opportunity, I would choose to have a White Christmas in a western country compared to the East and no, I am not practising any form of discrimination nor am I just being those perks who only look up to the West and belittle the East.

Perhaps in my mindset and also those years on the black box which constantly depicts the spirit of Christmas and the atmosphere in the West which definitely surpasses any in the East and you can actually feel the true spirit of Christmas in their celebration.
Of course it helps that in the West, the majority of the Population are actually Christians or Catholics and thus the spread of Christmas is much grander as compared to us in the East here.

However, having said that, I do know of places here in our Asia region which also upscales their Christmas decorations on the streets in creating the festive atmosphere. In case you are wondering, Hong Kong is one of them which definitely celebrates Christmas in a trendy manner.
The street decorations are amazing....beautiful sceneries and brightly lit neon lights hanging everywhere...
Besides Hong Kong, another nearer location to look out for will be our neighbour, Singapore, the international port which is profoundly renowned for their Christmas Decorations on Orchard Road which is also one of the most famous and reputable shopping alleys in Asia:)

Weeee....Christmas's coming...You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus is coming to town....hehehe
Christmassy mood now.....and I do know Santa Claus's story since I was young and yes, he doesn't exist...he doesn't come from the North Pole to bring me presents, doesn't climb the chimneys/rooftops (as if we have chimneys anyway here in Malaysia), doesn't creep into our rooms on Christmas Eve, and doesn't put in those presents into our little stockings hanging by the fireplace or bed poles. Hahaha...we don't even have those fireplaces in Malaysia...we have the air-conditioning pipe hole...:p
There's also no such list as the good and bad list so:p
But, this all comes down to the intention of promoting the spirit of Christmas - Santa Claus may be a myth or fantasy; but in fact, there is a St Nicholas who is actually the precedent figure of the prominent and mythical Santa.
Also, about giving presents and also the checklist on good behaviour is purely good in intention as well - to instill good character in kids and also to foster closer relationships in the family through the giving/exchanging presents which will make every family member feel remembered and wanted and also cultivates a sense of appreciation within.
So, who cares about myths or facts...let's just continue to elude in the world of fantasy sometimes...hehe, there's a child within us anyway:D

No snow here in Malaysia...well, it's been raining lately, White->WET Christmas then :)

No sleigh bells ringing? Haha....you can look around for cars honking, trishaws, bicyles hooters...whatever pleases your imagination.
All that being said, main point is, happiness is within our reach - it is all in the mind...so, continue dreaming....of a white Christmas *winks*