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Monday, December 18, 2006

Privacy intruded?

I always felt that this blog was my coven; my hideout and cozy corner for me to write and post whatever I felt like.
Also, *no offence to those who chance upon this accidentally*, I only share the link to this blog with a few of my close friends whom I want them to link to me and share my stories.
Recently though, I have been trying to figure out whether there is a possibility people can search and stumble upon my blog through an accident.

However, today I found out that someone else found this hidden coven of mine....not that I mind...sorry ya, if you felt insulted. It's just that I was not aware that my blog can be googled; (believe me, I tried it before and I couldn't find my own blog....) and this friend (yes, it's actually one of my friends who found it) told me that he found it through some key search terms to my blog...actually why in the first place would you want to google and use so much effort to trace my blog???
Sighhhhhh.....somehow, I felt that my privacy was intruded as this *friend* read my blogs and started questioning...erm, rather, interrogated me on certain terms I used to describe my friend in my blog.
In fact, he even told me about finding my bestie's blog and reading it.
Hmmmm......you see, my bestie's just like me...we prefer to share our blog with people at an expanding rate...or rather, we select our readers' audience....not to say we are snobs or choosy, but it is a matter of preference.
Yeahhhh...I do know of loads of peeps out there who want their blogs to be so public and PUBLISHED.....I am starting to publish my blog too....BUT again, take a minute to ponder on this....what is a blog actually?
Blog is sort of some online journal/diary concept which allows people to write what they think and can go into their personal life. Do you want to have ANYONE to read your diary? Or do you even want people to be able to read your diary?
Logical right....

Despite the fact that I am going public slowly, I still kinda felt insecure that my blog has been tagged and found.
Which is the main reason I had to tell bestie that her blog was also found - sorry, it is just a privacy thing that I felt that bestie needs to be aware of although I know you have told me not to tell her anything about it.

Whatever....I don't really mind right now....as long as I am not questioned on WHAT, WHO and why I write so and so in my blog.
Again, this is my BLOG, my space and I can do what I like and write what I want.
You can choose to agree or disagree....(which was what Uncle Chan wrote in his blog)....if you agree and like reading it, you can continue; it's my pleasure.
If you don't like it, then sorry dude, I can't do anything to amend your thinking and also I don't see why I need to do that since this is MY Blog. You can choose to leave....I am still free to write and say what I like....it is after all a democratic country and besides...this is already the 21st century.
So, deal with it and nevertheless, to those who found this blog and started reading it, have fun and I sincerely welcome you to my blog:)