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Monday, December 18, 2006

BESTIE - my soul sista for eva

I had a great conversation with bestie today...and it reminded us on why we managed to stay best sisters for so long despite the non-keeping in touch policy (yeah, we never made the effort to sometimes:p )
But it doesn't matter, does it?
We can still somehow finish each other's sentences and also say what we have in both our minds....the same thing and the freaky part was, at the same time even!!

It's crazy, we know...but we are the type of besties who do not call each other, do not meet up during hols (school days), do not text each other, etc......in short, we don't keep in touch.
BUT the amazing thing is, we need not to...and our banter when we meet is sometimes so much more than the gathering/length of conversation with the combination of several other friends:)

Proud of that....yes, and we do have so much to say or talk about that during school days, our friends; particularly the guys, will never understand how much and what we actually talked about to blah for the whole day and never get bored of each other. In fact, our Add Maths teacher finds it nerve-wrecking sometimes that we just talk so much and not do our homework in class....hahaha.....

In fact, we can never stop.....we just go on and on from one topic to another almost effortlessly and seamlessly....it just seemed so natural.......

Sighhh....today was actually supposed to be a quickie to check on the gathering plans with her with some of our buddy pals...and also to inform her on her blog...and it somehow ended up with us talking for hours...hahaha....some diseases are just incurable...
BUT, it is the way and we are proud...and since she blogged about me, this is my bestie...the little Red LaydieBug.....
**Sorry if you don't want me to post your pic...but I kinda liked this one...looks cool *winks*
Anyway, I really can't wait to be back in KL and meet up with her....and of course the others lar....
Friday Friday Friday.....then Saturday Saturday Saturday.....hehehe.....