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Thursday, January 10, 2008

BIG Thank you for my Birthday!:)

I decided to do my Thank you list again this year to show my gratitude and appreciation of all the effort by everyone in their thoughts and actions in remembering my special day and also in carving all those sweet memories and feelings that I am always remembered:)
Thanks thanks....(in no particular order)

Design Integration team (DIM), for the surprise birthday celebration which I never expected!!:)
My beloved housemates for the lovely wishes:)
Sook Yee aka Big Sis whom I share my birthday with (can't wait to meet up with you!!:)
LifelesOne for remembering, a real surprise to receive your msg:)
Daddy, Mummy and bro, you are all the BEST!!!:D Missed celebrating at home with my family!!
Jes aka HotChick and Becky and Bestie !!! Miss and love ya lots too!!
Nick aka Good Friend, don't worry, I am getting 'younger'!!!:D
Yen...my sweet oldest friend/jee mui!!!:) Muacks!!
Bro again, thanks thanks thanks!!!! Very cute animatioN!!
Diana, another old and sweet friend!!:)
My dearest and favourite Uncle (Ah Pek)!!!! :)
Chin Sing, another big Sis whom I share my birthday with:)
Chun Hui, an old old friend!!:)
HY, heng dai/jee mui friend!!:)
Big Sis Jennifer, muacks!!:)
Doctor Liew!! my old old Kepong friend too:)
Yam....haha, Yam and Liew always go along:)
Jin Jin aka Maria, love ya lots!!!
Chee Loon aka CNN (hehe:)
BESTIE, again too:D
Larry aka MorbidAngel, my old DJ friend!!!:)
Eric aka Lau Pa
Mingchang, all the way from Shanghai my dear friend:)
YM, great friend from Intel!
Ken S'ng, all the way from Aus.....so sweet!:)
Teng Teng, my dear junior in school!
Julius, old Kepong friend
Evonne, pretty old Kindergarden and ex-housemate!Hope you had a great birthday too!
Chui Ping, MMU friend:)
Siew Mei, my pretty high-school friend;)
Sheng Sin aka Dj GuaiSau..old Dj friend!:D
DJ Wayne, old DJ friend:)
All my blogger friends....thanks for all the sweet messages!
And of course, MOST important (after my family), DearDear for the wonderfully planned birthday:)

There's lots more, recalling from my memory...hehe, I apologize for anyone I missed out:)
But in GENERAL, you know who you are and I love all of you lots...thanks for a beautiful birthday...

"It is not about getting older, but on growing in age and happiness with grace"
------ Angelstar aka ME:) ----------------