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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thou hath thy foundeth

I am really happieeeee today!

Not just because I have packed most of my stuffs from my office but also because I found the black document bag I allegedly lost.

Yes, miracles do happen and I strongly believe in the power of that and of HE who rules above.

You will not believe it until you experience it and I am a definitely a believer!:)

I misplaced my black document bag on Monday in my Kulim office and I realized it only at the end of the day! I was frantically searching high and low for it and left the office to avoid the bridge traffic with a really heavy heart:(
I was in Penang on Tuesday and my mind was already running all sorts of mental pictures of what if's (someone took the bag, it was misplaced elsewhere, I will never see it again, etc).

And I was praying hard that I will find the bag...
(Okay, you may think I am over-exaggerating over a black document bag that contains nothing but network and lock cables and a CD, but seriously, I will cry even for a small button:(

When I reached the Kulim office in the morning, I went to the security post and again, walked away disappointed since no such item was reported.
Then I decided to give it one last shot and went to all the meeting rooms...and guess what, I FOUND it lying beneath the table surface!!

Now isn't that a miracle? I have already gone through those rooms endless times...
Thank you thank you so much....*relieved*!