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Monday, May 08, 2006

Farewell My dear housemates....29th May 2006

Graduation...how far away that seems from me now..hehehe....and I am definitely not referring to my own graduation anymore. Last two weeks were my housemates' finals....and not just any finals..it's the FINAL finals....hehehe.....for the final year students, this is the triumphant moment for everyone as yeah, you have finally fought the battle to victory...ermmm....at least almost to victory. (You still gotta wait for the results *winks*)
Most of the time, at this period of time, if you were to ask anybody on their feelings on their approaching graduation, they'll probably answer you that "yeah, I'm graduating soon...HOPEFULLY".....hahaha, haven't we all been through that, after all, nobody knows for sure until everything is set. Some people went through the finals and thought they are finally free and packs for vacation only to find that some mishaps occur at the examinations unit and boom, they'd have to resit the papers again for the results evaluation. Yeah, I know...total bummer experience but it's inevitable sometimes and as we often heard when something happens as to be of the nature where it's all "acts of God":P
So, my dear housemates, mostly USM students, were busy studying during the study week, where I was also away on a business trip and the week I was back, they were sitting through their finals. The house was totally in silence except during the entertainment peak hours....for the all-time favourite TVB dramas...and yeah, my housemates love the TV...they often told me they are couch potatoes...glued themselves to TV...hahaha:D
They told me that they kinda sympathize me that I have to put up with such a noisy and rowdy bunch and they tend to be loud too much of a time. Well, I believe that only adds to the existence of the atmosphere...I mean, the more the merrier, right? *winks* One thing's for sure, I'd definitely miss all of them.
SO, to cut a long story short,....we planned a farewell dinner on May 29, 2006 for the whole house...and we went to this nice little cafe with a nice atmosphere...as they call it, very very romantic and with a pleasant ambience. All of us were there except one housemate...bummer, but it was too bad as she already promised her classmates way long ago on their farewell dinner. So, we were the only ones left....hehehe and we went for our dinner. Initially we were supposed to go for steamboat...but since most of them wanted to catch the finals of the Superstar and so they opted for something faster :D

Let me wait for another batch of pics from my housemate before I upload them into my blog....awww, I am gonna miss them all so much...they've gone for a trip to Redang and most of them are home for the holidays as well. So, the house's pretty quiet without them now...but expecting some new housemates soon.
Althought everything's been said in the autograph books signing and reminiscent notes, I would still like to wish all of them the best in their future career paths here from the bottom of my heart:)