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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day this weekend!!!
To all the great and loving mothers out there, wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day!!
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It is a great day to remember and show your full appreciation for your mothers; who have done a great deal in our upbringing and molded us to who we are today:D
However, important though Mother's Day is, it is also one of those days like Father's Day, Teacher's Day, etc etc.
It marks the commemoration of mothers' sacrifices but it is not the ONLY day in 365 days that we should appreciate our mother, right?
Mothers are there for us since our birth and have gone through the hard days of raising us and also ensuring the best for us.
Most of us take our parents for granted sometimes; and if you are an avid listener to Mix FM, you would hear Serena C mentioning about being an excusaholic...where we always find excuses for everything and can spend time with friends; prioritized over parents.

Why do we wait for this one day in May every year to splurge and spoil our mums?
Do it every day, show our Mums how much she means to us and that we do know how much she has done for us.
Tell your mom you love her today...

To all the moms, you are the BEST and greatest!!
This is specially for my mum as well; you rock my world, MUMMY dearest and I really LOVE YOU!!!
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** The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world**