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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hit by a DOG

You didn't read that wrongly; I just recalled that I haven't blog on this yet.
I was in my friend's car the other day; he was driving and we were at this marketplace area.
He was driving real slowly (I can vouch for that:) and as usual, you can see those stray dogs around.
As he was making his way through the narrow road, all of a sudden there was this medium-sized dog (mongrel type) which rushed towards the head of the car and my friend hit on the brakes.
I heard a loud thud at the front of the car....and since I was the front passenger, I could even feel the dog hitting the rim of the car.
He stopped the car immediately while I watched the dog ran off; and he was so kind to get down to check.

Take note that there were a couple of hawkers gawking as they witnessed the whole incident.

Anyway, my friend spoke to them in Hokkien to enquire about the dog's condition and they laughed and pointed that the dog ran off already; don't know where to locate him.
So, yes, we got HIT by a dog.....no, we didn't hit it, IT hit us!

*Now I remember the frustration Rory Gilmore felt in that episode where she got late to the class and was banned from sitting for the English paper because she got HIT by a deer and the teacher insisted she hit the deer and it must due to the late night studying....aaargggghhh!*

Anyway, I was telling my brother and he also shared a similar story about his roomie driving them back to campus and there was this dog which was ran over by their car (his roomie is also a careful driver).
The dog also ran off, and it seems that they had this theory that dogs (or animals alike), when injured, will never stay on the spot. They will find a good spot before they lay themselves to rest.
Interesting huh?

I really pray for the dog that he will be fine....hope he is not too badly injured :(
But with that thud, I am worried about internal injuries thought.....poor doggie :S
God bless you...