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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and went out to the bathroom when I suddenly felt a rush of air and also distinct sounds of cars, etc from the balcony.
So I slowly walked towards the balcony and hey, I saw the balcony open....erm, I mean, the sliding door leading to the balcony open.
(*Sorry, maklumlar...blur when you just wake up right?)
Doesn't matter whether I am writing this now......:p

Anyway, back to my story, I was shocked...like big-O of surprise when I saw that.
I thought probably my housemate was out there with her bf; but no, there was nobody there at the balcony.
I swiftly closed the door.....and when I woke up this morning, I wondered whether it was a dream...(seemed impossible; since I woke up like 2-3 hours before I woke up to get to work).

So I asked housemate#1 (the main tenant and the first to move in) whether she know anything about this and whether she left it like that....not accusing or anything like that but just thought that everyone should be aware in case someone climbs in (also unlikely since we are like n stories above in the skies..haha:p)
Housemate#1 said she doesn't open the sliding door; quite true....she rarely comes to the hall (she has the master bedroom to herself).
Then we discussed and she mentioned it's probably housemate#2 who forgot about it; since she came back quite late last night and she and her bf were assembling the wardrobe together.
Okay...so done...then she brought up that we need to keep it closed to avoid the lizard coming in again (this housemate is super freaked by lizards....she didn't sleep the whole night the other time when there was ONE..yes, ONLY ONE lizard that somehow got into the house and she was so worried it will get into her room which was like the innermost room compared to all...mine was like the first one:p).
So I told her no, somehow I got it out the other day (accidentally actually...I am no lizard-wizard) and she was like jumping for joy (literally).
I was just hanging out my clothes and it so happen was out in the balcony so I just hurriedly closed the doors so that it cannot come in again.
And she was like thanking me like I am a saviour or something....haha.....

Then I told her about the roach today and she went like, Oh my.....and I told her it also exited the house already...also took me some time.
*Personally, for me, I think the roach freaks me more than lizard....coz to me, lizards are usually the friendly ones which clear mosquitoes and any annoying insects around...and they are not usually such pesky creatures...but roaches are like YIKES...BIG TIME!!!

Anyway, housemate#1 ended up linking the recent appearances of all these creatures to housemate#2 and her stufffs.
Can't really blame her though, since she moved in, there's too much things compared to when I was there along with housemate#1.

After the discussion and asking me to talk to housemate#2, we ended our conversation windows.
Then, almost immediately, she sent out an email to housemate#2's boyfriend (he's from the same company as us) and she mentioned my name that I was the one noticing/mentioning the sliding door, the roach, etc....and asking them to adhere to the closing of the door, etc.
Now, talk about the nerve!!!
Wow....I am really speechless.......what a double-head!
Why do you need to pinpoint? I just told you what happened; you were the one who linked it to her!!! I didn't even mention housemate#2's name!!!

As if I am such a trouble maker.....housemate#1 is the one who sets all the rules and expects us to comply with this and that...and now, she's saying it's me....
"Yuen WONG!!!"

I sent an email to reply to her email and told the bf that we felt it that way....so cham hor....
Sad...sad, direct backstabbing......*sobs*