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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sean's Birthday

On a happier note,I have an update on one of my colleagues' birthday earlier this month which I organized and threw him a surprise party:)
Yeah, I am becoming a party organizer and birthday coordinator now:p
*Next will be my boss's birthday:)*

Okay, so to the birthday cake...I got a very unique cake from this nice cake shop...(been scouting the island for decent cakes...and since he requested for low calories cake...haha!)
I found this brightly coloured cake which caught my eye; a deviation from the normal chocolate birthday cakes or mocha, etc.
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It's a Mango Cheese Cake!!
Isn't it a nice colour?:D

Birthday Boy delivering his birthday speech...."Thank you for organizing....bla bla bla"
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Delighted with the cake; and the melodious birthday song sung by all of us *winks*
*This was the first time he had a birthday celebration thrown by friends as he has been studying overseas for the past few years and most of the time, he was alone.
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Cake cutting ceremony
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See, even he is fascinated by the cake - he couldn't stop snapping photos of the cake!! LOL!

A piece of cake for everyone
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Not bad; delicate and not too sweet....

Group photo!
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Happy Birthday Sean! Hope you will have many more of such birthday parties to come:D