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Thursday, September 06, 2007

And the screens go BAAAAA

Anyone watched Black Sheep? The supposedly horror movie or highly grossed movie focusing on some mutant lambs and sheeps which reportedly go about on a killing spree...sounds gross right?

I am with you bestie; I gotta give horrors a pass....I get nightmares each time watching and scare myself silly...haha, everyone is telling me to stop watching all these movies:p

However, I kinda heard a couple of reviews from my friends that this happens to be a horror+comedy...people ended up laughing through the movie!

I am still wondering how can this stir laughter? Either it's too silly, or the producers/directors were too unrealistic with their graphics or one more, audience are getting more and more intelligent to be taken away by some silly recycled idea of mutant animals feasting on human beings following the trend from their predecessors; 8-Legged Freaks or some Spider movies which also was a case of mutant spider. Then there's those with the snakes, etc.

Is there no other idea for a horror or gross movie that they had to move from those predator-mutants to now the breed of domestic animals and freaking us or possibly the younger generation on these tame animals? So unjustified, huh?

What next, mutant puppies, kittens, tortoise? How about Goldfish...haha, they can add more animation to jumping goldfishes out of their bowl to bite the humans who walk past their bowls and then die after the bite:p

Sighs....the moviemakers seriously need to rethink the wave of the movie trends they are setting these days...YAWNS!

That being said, I have not watched it myself:p
Appreciate if anyone of you has and are willing to share your thoughts with me:D