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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tsunami Alert

I was lying on my bed last night after completing my work (okay, I was working after office hours!)
I was about to put my mind to rest when I received a call from someone who surprised me; an old friend I haven't heard from for some time.
I was wondering whether I should use his real name but decided to follow bestie who used a pseudonym for him in her blog...haha, so ToughGuy called:)

It was really kind of him to call and to inform me of the tsunami warning issued following the quake in Indonesia and that people were warned against the seaside areas.

I even asked a silly question,
I am staying near Queensbay area; is that considered seaside?

Guess anytime past my bedtime really caused me to be so blurrrrrrr:p
And I really wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to ToughGuy....really remind me of how great my friends were...

Today, a quick browse through The Star online already showed several headlines on the tsunami warning
Penang seaside spots cleared for fear of tsunami
Quake felt in Malaysia
(CORRECTED)- OFFICIAL - Indonesia says 2 dead, 11 injured in Quake
Tsunami warning withdrawn

Still, THANKS THANKS to ToughGuy for the concern!!
It feels great to know that there's always great friends around whenever I am down:D