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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reunion Dinner

Yeayyy....mum and dad were finally here....and we headed to grandma's place.
We had a simple reunion dinner there of steamboat....hehe; it was a sweet and fulfilling reunion dinner for me; needless to say, very meaningful and a true reunion:)

I am with my family...yipppeeeee....that's the most important of all....and we sat down together waiting for the food to cook....to me; no matter how long it takes; it is a priceless feeling to be together with my family again *smiles*

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Staying back in Penang during CNY

I am in Penang this Chinese New Year; marking the 2nd year I celebrated in Penang.
Not that it's such a misery considering the huge crowd which flocked the little island; massive traffic heading northbound and man, a huge estimation of the population crowding Penang during the season was really amazing. In fact, you see traffic jams here and there everywhere on the island....especially downtown area; massive traffic congestion.
Then I hear those Penangites complaining to me...."You KL people..." (points at all the W-car plates.....chehhh!!)

Anyway, thanks to Laydiebug bestie for the Chinese New Year wishes....guess you must be busy as I was wondering how come you didn't respond to my sms:P
That aside, I must clarify that I was not exactly a workaholic....and that was truly incidental and out of my plan....and it's a long story...but since I am at it, let me elaborate a little more.
I was supposed to take off early on last Friday; having made my travel plans beforehand.
Then my friend wanted to go back early and since I didn't want to hold back his travel plans, I told him to go ahead.
Then on Friday, I tried to inform and at the same time, seek permission/help from a colleague to cover for me as I need to leave early. However, my request was rejected and I was told to do my stuffs myself and that's how I got stranded (yeah, that's the right word!) until 7pm that night; putting a stop to all my travel and holiday plans.
Sad huh...I am not blaming anyone as it was part of my responsibility but somehow, I was just hoping that people will help out those from other states during this festive season.
Come on, it is really a once in a year thing and admit it, this IS a family affair kinda thingy and all I needed was just; compassion or consideration but anyway, this is a confusing situation.
So, ended up, I had to work the whole day and was like, almost the last person to leave the office premises and I missed every single trip back to my hometown and I had to pick up the phone to call my family to tell them I will try my best to make my own arrangements to get back home.
Sighhhhssssss.....so sad.....
I even felt awful for asking to leave early in the first place...but a friend of mine actually empathised with me;
"Why do you need to feel guilty? You had every right to request to leave early...you are not local..."
"Yeah, but it's also part of my project...."
"Well, that's what a team is for....she could've helped you out...am sure that if you guys were in the reversed position, she will do the same...AND she is a local"
"I still feel awful and bad for asking to leave"
"It's not a big deal....if she was from KL and you were a local, you think she will not ask the same of you? Will you help her if you were a local?"
"Of course I will....it's CNY...."
"Seeee....so, why are you feeling so guilty? She should be the one feeling bad about you missing your hometown trip....."

*Speechless....this coming from someone who knows her better....I still didn't feel angered by that and I still felt awful over it. However, I soon felt more awful when I had to pick up the phone to inform my poor family down in KL:(
Mum and dad worried about me although they were really shocked to hear about my predicament....and I really pitied them coz they have made all the preparations for the celebrations and also in welcoming me home to KL. Mum bought all the stuffs for reunion dinner and was happily looking forward to seeing me back at home and I really felt awful for ruining and upsetting the plans....
However, they counter proposed as they know that I am unable to find any mode of transport home and the prices will be hiked up anyway, and since my parents will eventually come up north to visit and celebrate CNY with maternal grandma (mum's mum), Dad said they will only pull forward the plan and make an early visit to Penang so that I don't have to resort to driving home (dangerous driving alone and I had a bad experience before this on the highway and am still freaked out by that incident:S )
So, that was the whole of the story........and I was feeling empty and miserable that morning when I woke up early though I continued to check my emails for responses from my US counterparts (call me a workaholic)
I was filled with mixed feelings during this season as I was excited, happy and also sad and overwhelmed with anxiety over the success of my first design project (which is now pending approval from the suppliers and will soon end its design cycle and proceed to be built in actual products:)
Anyway, I had a long wait for my family and I was so sad that day....even shopping did not cheer me up...parents finally arrived at 8pm....and we had our reunion dinner at granny's at 9pm....my latest reunion dinner ever.,...but still, I was really glad my family were here....and as my friend put it, "The fact that my family came all the way up to see me despite the last minute notice meant a lot" and I am really proud and touched to have a family like this:)
I loved you, MUmmy, Daddy and Bro....for doing this....I know it was such a pain to bear the longest Kl-Penang journey ever and getting stuck in the traffic jam for the whole day, wasting the hours like that and also going through the heavy rain and praying to arrive safely.
I am sorry to put you all through this...I pray to God that you will all be safe and right now, I thank God that you were all truly safe and sound...thank you Lord!!!
So, to all who have not been appreciating your loved ones around you, remember to take a look around and reach within your hearts and realize just how much they care for you and love you.
To me, despite all the misery and disappointments prior to the festive season, I must say this is also one of the most memorable Chinese New Year (beside the most touching and meaningful) as I truly felt and experience the real meaning of family ties and reunion...*smiles*
And we can truly empathize with those who often travelled and rushing to attend their reunion dinners....this is one experience I will never ever forget...it is priceless...and I am happy it strengthened the bond between me and my family:)
Have a wonderful, blessed and Happy Chinese New Year with your family!!!
Love and you will be loved in return:)
Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Piggy Year

New Year's eve...and we are welcoming the year of the Pig...erm, Boar....and so, just wishing all of you a Happy Happy Chinese New Piggy Year (Boary sounds so scary:p )

Awake at 4am

It's the eve of Chinese New Year...and I woke up like, at 4am??
Man, I barely can wake up on working days and now, during my holidays I am waking up on my own and at 4am...haha, I must be insane now:p
I am still miserable....looking at the room and start to pack my stuffs for CNY, clothes, etc and tidying up the place a little...but yeah, I am still sobbing about my fate and the reality that I am still stuck in Penang for CNY:(
Waiting for mum and dad and bro to come up today...but nah, it's no longer the CNY I looked forward to...not that I really looked forward to CNY most of the time...but this CNY I was actually kinda enthusiastic to be back in KL and meet up with my friends...
Even AL is back!! Then there's LaydieBug bestie, CapriJan bestie, sistas, Uncle Chan, KL-jee muis, KL-guy buddies...BASS-ians....MMU-ians...Ah Pek and cousins...etc etc etc...and NOW, all that won't happen anymore....*sob sob*
Mixed feelings though...at least I don't have to hustle about packing and worrying about leaving stuffs behind...and I get to blog if I am in PG and I can check my Outlook periodically...OOPS:p
Hehehe...but still, nothing beats home in KL.....*end*

No KL for CNY..

Called Mum and Dad to tell them that I already missed my friends' car trip back to KL....and I won't be back on Friday anymore. I will need to figure out my way back which will most probably be Saturday morning (if I manage to even find someone).
Sighhhs...Dad's first reaction was "WHAT? Still working?? No one else can help?"
Yea....I wanted to ask someone to cover but man, I felt even awful asking my buddy in the morning that I may need to go off early as I need to follow my friend's car down to KL.
But, it was really so dumb of me to actually say that out aloud....of course no one is happy to do in your place!!.. *smacks forehead*
I really pray that she won't be MAD at me....I really didn't mean it...and I am still feeling awful about it:(

I got a call from Daddy and he told me that the best solution would be the family head up north since they will be coming up to visit grandma anyway...and I was like, BUMMER....I have to be stuck here again??? For another year?!!!
I was here last year; also waited for my family to be here during CNY...which was why I proposed that this year, I want to go home...it's more CNY when you are HOME...at HOME....
Mummy was the one who initiated the proposal as she knows I'd prefer KL anytime and any day!
BUT now...seems like I am left with not much of a choice...STUCK here again...miserable...CNY in PENANG??? *sob sob*
*No more KL, here I come*


CNY is coming soon...yeah....not because of the festive season but because I finally get a well-deserved break!!!
Anyway, I was quite busy with my current project and we are rushing to get it out to the suppliers ahead of schedule...but man, this requires hard work and dedication and also teamwork to get this done. I have been working and following closely with my designer to make sure that everything goes fine...he's still kinda new but I am glad that there was such an experienced mentor (guru-kind) to coach him to make it in time.
As for me, I have my buddy who guided me as well as this is also my first project in this kind.
Man...I am working and working....and everyone is leaving and leaving....
It was Friday yesterday...my half-day workday of the week and I am supposed to leave for KL but look, I am still working....and I had to give it a pass first to ensure that everything meets the schedule.
Not that I am grumbling about it; it does feel good to have done all your stuffs before you leave for the holidays...that's just part of the responsibility.
Tick tock tick tock...it's almost 5pm...then 6pm...YEAH!!!! Uploaded the files and click Send in the outlook email window...I am FINALLY DONE!!!
Time to go home....man, the office is freakingly empty and quiet and the opposite cub guy was laughing and saying that "Shouldn't you already be gone for the holidays?"
Yeah, wishful thinking...hehe, he's also leaving at that point I was leaving and he was like,
"So, you finally decided to go home huh?"
"You work really hard, don't you...haha, chill, it's the holidays!"
Hahaha.....you work just as hard as me, only that you are not celebrating the CNY season:P

I missed my journey back to KL; needless to say...coz my friends couldn't wait for me and I told them to go off anyway....
I was walking towards the elevator when I saw that guy again near the phone and he was like telling me..."I still need to go down to the lab..."
POOR him....sighs, me, I am done for the day....sun setting soon.....at least now I only need to cross my fingers for the review results of my project....go home.....

The Holiday

Weeee...I was on a pre-valentine date with this good friend of mine aka working colleague...ahaha, as he so called it lar...where we went for dinner and also a movie at the Queensbay GSC.
The movie we watched was really nice and really sweet cum light-weighted script; pretty enjoyable watch.
Okay, I am not gonna launch into some kinda lengthy or long-winded grandmother story about this story or even provide the synopsis, gist, review, etc.
All I want to say is that I read The Star when this movie first came out and they gave a really good review but I was just going to go for a watch and did not held my expectations high...but hey, I was really relaxed and surprised by the flow of the story; which I so agree with the Star reviewer that it is just not your typical and corny type of story but it was actually sweet and I really mean light and sweet.
Nothing heavy-weighted; it's just a simple journey throughout that 2 hours....a simple story about 4 people's love lives; Amanda, Iris, Graham and Miles played by an astounding cast of established actors and actresses like Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black.
It is really that simple....it was about Amanda and Iris; two young ladies with pretty messed up love lives.
One is an American and the other is English (not the red-headed ang mohs as you translate it); they are both blondes. And both wanted to get away to put their mind to rest.
So guess what they did?
Amanda somehow googled Iris up; as in searching for Holiday and she found Iris's house or rather cottage in the suburbs of England; I didn't even know these stuffs exist.
Well....long story short, they ended up in each other's territories....Amanda went to Iris's place and Iris got the luxury of staying in Amanda's bungalow while Amanda had to put up with a little cottage.
It was kinda funny; but then their love lives set in; Amanda fell in love with Iris's widower brother, Graham and Iris fell for Miles; Amanda's colleague.
Simple right....I only have one comment; I felt the focus and highlight of the show was more on the relationship between Amanda and Graham (Cameron and Jude) and Iris and Miles was more of a rushed thing.
Only flaw...but otherwise...pretty sweet for a romantic watch....
As I have said, made a good pre-Valentine's movie, so thanks to my good friend.
And I am wondering who is offering their place for a holiday?:D

1st Visit to Queensbay Mall

I finally made it to this "largest" mall up north last weekend!!! It's been open since like December and this is only my first visit...haha; weird, huh?
I am even staying in the Bayan Lepas area...and oh, well.....it's still my 1st visit....okay...
Well, anyway, shopping malls aren't such a huge deal since we have like tonnes of them from where I came...hehe, obviously the capital of Malaysia...yups, "orang Kay-el":p
I am not the only one, okay.....there's my other colleagues from KL who have also not visit this mall yet....and yeah, seems like KL folks are just plain not interested or ignorant...but the point is, it's just another shopping mall...no need for such a big hoo-haa....unless it's like the first of its kind and I guess that's it for the north.
This is the first mall which they boast is of the status of the malls in KL city....haha, don't even mention the Megamall in Prai as a mall:p
I was to meet up with a couple of friends there....and so, I get to walk around the mall and checked this place out. Hmmmm.....not all the outlets are there yet but my first comment would be; "This is the mall they compared to our KL shopping malls....note; MidValley and 1U?"
Angelstar's not being sarcastic but I kinda find it on the average and man, the floor layout is a little confusing and not so shopper friendly...hmmmmm.....
My other comments would be as follows:
1. Spaces were not fully utilized...you walk from one end of the mall to the other end but you find the row of shops just kinda end before that point...get what I mean? Yeah, I know most of the outlets are not there yet BUT still, you could see the distance and empty space which is clearly not meant for any outlet to be there.
2. Shops are not in an organized manner...not that you have to be alphabetical or chronological BUT at least, it should be more shopper-friendly. This is really confusing...and I don't really know how quite to describe but it just doesn't click with the mental picture
3. Now this one, the shops are NOT labelled properly!!! Yeah, you can get a copy of the directory/floor plan but take note, you will need to have a good memory to remember what shop was there next to which and then roughly estimate the location of the number you are looking at...BUMMER.
4. Information counter was not informative at all. You know, at one point, my friend and I was looking for some eating outlets and then I suggested to look up the directory board(you know, the kind we have near the main concourse area in our malls in KL), we took a long time to find it. It was practically hidden downstairs....and this is the funny part. We stood at the information counter which had 2 ladies staff and we were hovering over the directory/floor plan which was stuck on the counter and pointed and scanned through.
At this point, guess what the staff were doing? They seemed oblivious to our existence when we were right in front of them; just a few inches away (I am not exaggerating, it's like practically standing face to face) and they were busy chatting away!
Then suddenly, one of them pushed a leaflet to us, "Here, you can have a copy of the floor plan".
There was 1 stack right there....aikkks, malu-nye....but as my friend says, "She could've told us earlier..how'd we know???"
Agreed.....and to think we had to hover and squint through...man, ergonomic issues:P
5. JUSCO is so UN-Jusco!!!! I was kinda little disappointed with the Jusco impression...it just doesn't seem Jusco...the lights were not as bright as the ones we have in KL, for one...and I don't quite know how to say it....

Hahaha...you must think that I am rather biased on my comments since I am comparing it to KL...but seriously, if I were to rate it or even base it with our KL counterparts, I am saying this cannot be the MidValley or 1U category as it's obviously not there yet. Frankly, I think Gurney Plaza rates better than this outlet. But anyway, hope that this will improve along the way, perhaps it's still new.
However, the GSC was not too bad....hehe, nice seats...but that will be in another post:p
So, KL still tops the best shopping malls in Malaysia..yeah, and go MidValley and 1U!! :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Long time no post

Finally have a quick moment to update my blog:p
Long time no post....sighhhh...I have been kinda busy for the past weeks...rushing and practically racing with time to get things done and I practically haven't been sleeping well due to my work stuffs as well.
Then there's this Cupid Day we organized at work where we sell all those roses giftsets for the workaholics...erm, I meant those busy people at work and to ease their burden on figuring out the right presents and stuffs to get for their Valentine or their other half :)
My my my....so much things on mind and right now, I am dealing with the tight schedule of my project which is also driving me at a high speed.
So much to do and yet so little time....sighhhhhhhh....and Chinese New Year is also coming...time to break soon.
One of my friends actually quoted that "Shouldn't we be a little bit more relaxed this week since CNY is coming and considering we are the celebrants?"
Sigh....nice try, Jennifer, but somehow,it's just not the case when you work with US folks and there's lots of changes going on in such a fuel-driven organization. So, we just need to learn to deal with it whether we like it or not:p
Just a quick update; and since today's the day of St Valentine, just want to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Yen!!

Happy Birthday to my dearest and longtime "sista pal" aka ji mui!!!!
May you have many happy returns of the day and all your wishes will come true!!
*This is one jimui whom I have known for more than 10...I think coming to 15-17 years.....
Friendship Forever!!!
Hehehe....missed those good ol' days with ToughGal and Jellie....

Anyway, still Love you lots
Stay pretty....
Miss you lotssssss

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Movie Blunders!!

A friend forwarded this to me through an email.....(Please advise if you have copyrights on the images:)

The 5 mistakes captured from movies...see if you can find them!!! HAHA....

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I was just listening to this song and I was like observing the lyrics...I don't know why, somehow this song always struck the chord with me and I kinda liked this song a lot.
Very meaningful and so describe our lives after graduation...brings me back to those nostalgic memories from primary, high school and also my uni...*tear twinkles in the eye*

Graduation (Friends Forever)
by Vitamin C

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back

No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day

Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon

And there was me and you
And then we got real cool
Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

As we go on, we remember

All the times, we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule

Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can Heather ever find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's our time to fly
And this is how it feels

As we go on, we remember
All the times, we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be Friends Forever

La, la, la, la…
Yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la…
We will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's our time to fly

Pleasant surprise from the Lion City

While I was busy staring at the screen of my pc yesterday at work, suddenly this email pop up in my inbox which caught my attention with its header, "Friend from Singapore"
I was like, huh? Probably another software vendor reminding me on the update for the department.
I casually clicked to open the email and was like, hey, this is no client nor vendor I am talking to...it's actually an old friend....more of someone I met during my training in the Lion City last year...and I am amazed that he still remembered me!!~
Yes, met a bunch of interesting and diversified group of people back then....looking back, even I didn't realize it's a year already and I have been quite bad keeping in touch *embarassed*
And yeah, he was asking when will I be going to Singapore...and that he was up in Penang last month (apparently coincide with the time I was back in KL) but he was apologetic that he didn't call me up as he was only stopping by in Penang for one day.
He promised to bring me around or meet up when I do go to his homeland...how about that?
Very sweet....this guy's a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic...Engineering lecturer and pretty cheerful most of the time, as far as I can remember when I first got to know him :)
So....haha, should I start planning a trip to the Lion City soon? *dreams of a vacation*
Oh well...let's get things done first before I dream of any trip....*smacks myself back to reality*