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Monday, September 19, 2005

Graduation Blues

It's been more than a month since my last entry and I have been pretty occupied with the happenings. Working now....pretty busy with meetings and stuffs related to work which explains the reason behind my idle updates..haha.
I've graduated last month....and yeayyy...convo was great fun!!;) Hip and happening...it was just so cool to meet all my friends and coursemates and yeah, I do feel proud of my university...kinda felt "patriotic" towards my uni that I sang the theme song ever so loudly.
The above pics are the scenario of the convo; on the below left is the set up of the stage a day before the actual convocation and on the below right, was the snapshot during my session of the convocation. Yep, my university divided all the faculties into different sessions to accommodate the massive number of students and parents and relatives into the hall during the hounourable ceremony;)
Those on the stage were the academic staff; along with our respected Chancellor in the middle:D
A pretty solemn but memorable ceremony which ended on a happy note;)
Thanks to everyone...and let's keep in touch ya!
"We will still be...Friends forever"....quote from Graduation song by Vitamin C :)