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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Poem is in The Sun!

It was a happy day yesterday when I was notified of this news!

The poem appeared in my blog already and right now it is in the papers

It's not a big feat; but I am happy to share it with everyone who liked it :)

To the person whom I dedicated the poem too; may you rest in peace and I'm sure you're smiling down at all the people who will always remember you for your good and the great accomplishments you've had while you're alive.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Legacy Lives on...

While most of us are combatting with accepting the truth of the death of the King of Pop last Friday, most of the music stores are enjoying rapid sales volumes in the midst of their grief as crowds rushed into the stores to purchase copies of the late Michael Jackson's albums.

I was in shock and a grief as well over the death of this legendary pop icon and could not help feeling sad; lamenting "What a loss it indeed was!"

At the same time, I was so surprised to see the fast-selling copies of his albums that even the pirates must have taken an extra shift to print the albums to push to their own market.

When Michael Jackson was alive, he had already topped the Billboard and the bestsellers' list several times.
After his passing, his albums sold much faster; so fast than you could say "Aye!"

This goes to show that he has not died in our hearts and our minds; as people still rush to recall his legacy.

He may have left us to join the King of Rock & Roll; entertaining the angels and saints in Heaven, but his legacy stays with us for centuries to come... a fact which will never change...for he is indeed a rare prodigy the world of our time has ever seen...

May he rest in peace.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute: The King of Pop

I have been sick for the past few days; and was looking forward to work this morning after being confined to rest.
This morning however, I was greeted with a lovely cloudy weather (clouds and rain are always termed as lovely to me); and I was driving to work when I heard the familiar tunes of Michael Jackson being played on the radio.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
When the DJs on Hitz.fm came to the microphone, I was shocked when they announced the news of Michael Jackson; who had passed away earlier this morning at about 5.20am Malaysian time.
He suffered a cardiac arrest, was sent to UCLA hospital where he went into a deep coma and then, pronounced dead.

I couldn't believe my ears; and I thought to myself, is this true?
It was then that listeners called in, and a few were crying; as they relate how the King of Pop had touched their hearts and their music.
Even the DJs were recalling the notable events and albums and how the pop idol himself has made his mark in the music industry/history.
Indeed, despite his many scandals and ugly cover stories, this man remains one who has touched ALL; millions around the world and will continued to be remembered even as he had passed on.
In fact, although he has left the living, he remains very much alive in everyone's hearts and is definitely the pulse of the music industry.

Hitz.FM is celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson and will be playing a whole day of songs to pay tribute to the great King himself.
He is till today, the only man who had broke the record in the music industry and the billboards, and no one has ever yet come near his records.
I heard from the radio that he is the only one whose records sold more than a 100 million copies worldwide; wow! that is a whopping number, and believe it or not, he is the only man who has done it!
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Besides that, if you were to 'Wiki' him, you would find the following amazing achievements by the man whom we refer to the King of Pop!
- Twice inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
- Multiple Guinness World of Records
- Most Successful Entertainer of ALL time (BRAVO!)
- 13 Grammy Awards
- 13 No.1 Solo Singles - way surpass of those other male artistes in the Hot 100 Era
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I guess his high profile has casted a lifelong limelight onto his personal life; where all his activities are under constant supervision by the media and the public.

However, we have to admit; despite all the good and bad news, today his death has shocked many and brought those fond memories of his hit songs.
His style of music and his unique voice set the standards for the current R&B, hip hop and classic rock today.
Of course, who can forget the trademark of his famous 'Moonwalk'?
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

He is also the first one to introduce MTV; 80's babies shall forever remember those times when we watched all his MTVs of Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, Black and White, and countless others.

The King has been involved in various scandals of child sexual abuse, and also his constant facial refurbishing has garnered criticisms and unwanted attention from the world.
However, Michael Jackson came from a very sad and abusive past himself and most of us must have remembered his noble deeds where he constantly donates his money to charity and how much he loves children?

At the same time, most of his songs contain the themes revolving social issues.
Heal the World, Earth song, They don't really care about us, are all such notable examples.

In fact, my personal favorite song which I used to sing was Heal the World...
Heal the World
Make it a Better Place
For you and for me
And the Entire Human Race

There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make it a better place
For you and for me

I'll be there, I just can't stop loving you, You're not alone are the other ballads that I enjoyed as much

Black and White, is another one which highlights the racial issue and to tell everyone that color doesn't matter
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Truly, he is the King of all the Kings of music
He has inspired people of all ages and touched us through his music

I have met countless people who are fans of the great King; including my own best friend (whom I am sure is just as distressed at the moment), and I myself, although not as devoted as them, I can't help expressing my grief at this loss of the Music World's greatest legacy.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
It is so funny that while he is alive, we just never really paid much attention to him; well, assuming that he will always be there.

Of course, off and on we are entertained to the news of his scandal, which we just respond, "Oh, that's MJ again...what, another scandal?"
Sometimes, it's hard to believe that he's a maniac who goes around sodomizing children; maybe because I have seen too many of his good deeds which made it really hard for me to believe that he is such a person!

Today, once we have all heard he has passed on, we start to experience shock and grief at the same time, as we realized he is no longer there and we only have his records to relive those memories of his glorious days.
How pathetic and superficial human beings can be sometimes!

When it's there, we will never appreciate it
When it's gone, what's the point of crying over the loss?

Today the weather is gloomy, perhaps even the skies are mourning the loss of this great person who has done so much not just to the music world, but the planet itself

For this, I must dedicate the following poem to him

A talented child t'was
Above others his talent soars
Starting from the Jackson Five
it was music for his life

An icon in the music industry
He has inspired thus many
From Moonwalk to anti-gravity
He is indeed a born prodigy!

The King of Pop we hail him
A performer who uses every limb
Belting scores of record-breaking hits
Enticing music lovers to every beat

MTV was his brainchild
where his dances arranged in style
The story of his songs briefly told
in choreography of multi fold

The most successful entertainer of all time
A record holder through rain and shine
Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean
Songs fondly recalled from our TV screens
Remember Heal the World and Earth Song
issues of nature that we sing along
With intention to unite the universe
he tells the world with every verse
For the better or for the worse,
it is a choice made by all of us!

Racial discrimination is of concern
A nation gap widely discerned
Black or White it does not matter
As long as we all get together
Come, every boy and every girl
As we proudly sing We are the World!

What a great loss t'was,
the world marks the date today,
the King of Pop we lost,
but in our heart his legend stays!~

Friday, June 19, 2009

Working on weekend

I have to work last minute on a Saturday morning...
Because I had to help out... when nobody helps me, and nobody bothered to follow up
And my customer needs help, and requested for my support
I just felt so much towards helping them

I received the text message last night
And I decided, I am going to do what it takes to find them the answers
Even though it is not my expertise
I replied their text at about 7am, and then proceeded to turn on my laptop

Spending 2 hours to search within those pdf files
and having to compile and screen capture all the technical specs and requirements and providing answers to them as much to my knowledge
It was not a easy feat, but it's not as difficult as I thought either

I rushed to compile everything for them
They are working today, and I am not
Neither are my colleagues who can help me out
However, I didn't want to bother my colleagues on their weekend
(furthermore, this is within my region, and they may not be happy that I am extending the responsibility to them...it's complicated I know)

I finally finished it before noon, yeayyy....
and sent them the email with the info and screen captures which I have so carefully compiled and extracted from the pdf books

Felt a great sense of satisfaction....

And I am ready to support them should they need any further assistance...
Haha...sounds like I am so at work....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Haze or NOT?

One day there's haze
then it rains
Then the sun disappears
then the sun shines like there's no tomorrow

Then it goes cloudy
then the haze comes back
slightly covering the visibility (but not too bad)
then the sun comes back

Okay, that's it!
What's the verdict?

Is there haze or NOT??
My nose and mind is going crazy with these undeterminable patterns!!

Crazy crazy weather, please decide, Haze or not??

My Dad is MY Gem

My dad is my gem because he is my dad alone; and no amount of money can buy the years of his sweat and hard-earned money he devoted entirely for us.

It's been a while since I've won anything, and I didn't believe my luck when a simple entry like this won something.
I am not going to reveal much, but it's not the main point and it's not a grand prize or anything like that but it gives me an opportunity to say something about my beloved daddy, of whom I really do believe is my gem; in fact more than a gem.

My Daddy is definitely a man who has been there for me all these years; in fact for the entire family.
He has sacrificed a lot for us, I know and he did it for our happiness.
He had to go through a tough job; and yet he did not have a word of complaint in front of us kids
To him, our happiness was his ultimate aim and he did so, providing for our every needs and demands.

I still remember my daddy telling me stories about his childhood and I have seen with my very own eyes, how he never raised his voice when he speaks to his own parents
He has a strong and close relationship with my uncle, his elder brother whom he looks up to and speaks of fondly
He often tells us that we only have our siblings and our family who are closest to us, and that the trust and faith is vital in every family member
He reprimands us when we have arguments with each other and yet he rewards us with praises when we obey him and mummy

We often looked forward to him coming home from work after 5.30pm every day and we feel sad saying goodbye to him when he leaves for work early every morning
He will watch tv with us and have dinner together
'A Family who eats together, stays together' he always says
He sits on the same sofa with us and watches the 7pm family Hongkie drama, then religiously tunes in to the 8pm news on his favorite English channel
He then helps us with our maths homework and patiently tells us what is right and what is wrong and how should we do our calculation
He encourages us to think, and not to be dependent on answers given directly

He supports my bookworm reading habits and encourages me all the time
I still remember how Daddy will tell me to study hard and that I will receive my reward when I get good results
He brings me to bookstores when I top my class where I can pick any book of my choice (now that's my motivation back then, even until now!)
My daddy never stops me from buying any book of any price, as he keeps to his promise
But I know my limits and I've always toed the line
Thanks to my Daddy (and my own results), I have steadily built my own book collection over the years :)

Daddy has always stood up for us; and protects us to his best ability
I still remember feeling sick in school and Daddy will dutifully come over to school to bring me home (all the way from his office)
Even when I have gone to university and when I was doing my internship, my daddy still send and pick me up with his car, regardless of the amount of time and distance it took
I can never forget the time when Daddy stayed the night with me when I was admitted to hospital at ten for a high fever
I could also not wipe out the image of my anxious Daddy and Mummy when we were both very sick a few years ago and had to be admitted to hospital

The image of my daddy going to the bank and almost slipping his foot in the rain on that Sunday night is still very clear in my mind
He trusts us with the amount of pocket money we need and often told us to take from his wallet every single day
He never questions us whenever we want to go for any school excursion; and most of the time he approves of our requests (unless it's too expensive or unreasonable)

He is careful with his own spending, but always lavish on our needs
He saves money and does not even spend a dime on clothes or unnecessary stuffs, but yet, the moment we ask for something we really want (especially if it's related to education and school), he will give unconditionally

He never let us feel any less sufficient compared to those rich kids with super rich dads and taught us the way to live within our means
Never show off, he says, and never compare
Be humble and live within your means
He showers us with good living condition and make sure we are comfortable with our clothes and necessities
Even a hole in the sock will make him say "It's time to get a new one"

That's why I said my Daddy is not just a gem as there is no price tag worth enough to state his worth
He is priceless because he is my Daddy alone and only to us
He is unique because he belongs to no one else but us
He is more than a gem because there is no amount of money and time which can buy the years he has sacrificed and devoted entirely to us

He is everything a gem would be like, Sparkling, wanted, priceless, valuable, attractive, the best gift for every heart

And much much more
It is finally his time to enjoy his golden years and yes, we are both his pride now
We have both graduated and found our careers, and we can bring him to enjoy luxurious meals (which he loves and yet, declines, with the excuse that we should not waste money unnecessarily and that we should save whenever we could)
Yes, money can bring him comfort and luxury now
But he still saves like the old times and told us never to forget where we came from
He never nags but he constantly reminds us of our spending
Dutiful as ever, those hard and long years have taken a toll shown evident on his face, with the lines and wrinkles and graying hair
He may not be as youthful as before nor look the same physically anymore
But the true gem is not in the physical appearance alone

Even as he age, my dad never lost his sparkle in our eyes
And I definitely cannot compare my Daddy to a gem alone
He is more than what I can define
His sparkle shines ever more brightly with time as we constantly remembers in our mind his goodness and ever wonderful things he had done for us through all this time

I LOVE YOU Daddy and I must tell you that
It is not only on Father's Day I remember you, but everyday I have, I never forget to thank God for a father like you
You are my one and only
And no one nor anything can replace you

Everyday is Father's Day to me and to you!
Have a wonderful day every single day, for being who you are and for being who you are to us all!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something's burning!

I was sitting at my desk this morning and suddenly, there was a sudden 'POP' sound and the power in the whole office just went out like that.
Then there was a burnt scent in the air...

There is something burning
Something must have tripped the power surge in the office
Overload of power usage?

Perhaps, well, I'll leave it to the vendors to figure that out!

Burning scent is not good for me, and I just want to get back to my work! :p

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Career and Love

I reached home yesterday to find my housemate cooking in the kitchen; and I mean as in frying vegetables and eggs kind of cooking..
There was a whiff of the fragrant cooking which filled the whole house and even the staircase before I reached the front door.

She probably heard me at the door, and when I walked past the kitchen, her head popped out from behind the kitchen doors (those sliding ones which she closed behind her to prevent the smoke from infiltrating the whole house)
She smiled at me, and asked in a friendly voice, "Have you eaten yet?"

I smiled back and mumbled, "Oh ya..."

She looked slightly disappointed and told me, "I've just cooked some vegetables, was wondering whether you mind trying out and help me to finish at the same time"

I smiled, and felt a little guilty, nodded and told her, okay

She continued frying and brought out two little metal containers (taken from the tiffin carriers), filled with her newly cooked dishes.

One was the stir-fried broccoli with carrots and shrimps, and the second was her 'failed attempt' at egg omelette with prawns (as she allegedly claimed).
The egg omelette turned out to be like scrambled eggs; but nevertheless, I assured her it tasted good (from the bottom of my heart, I didn't lie!)

Anyway, while we were sampling and tasting the food, we had a nice conversation; delving into some of what we call those heart-to-heart talk (for girls).

She revealed to me about her working life and also her relationship; something which I would not share here, of course.

It made me think again, career and love, for a woman, must it be in conflict?
What happens after marriage?
There are so many things a woman has to consider since young
And as we grow up, we still need to think about our career and our long-term goals, and the effects on her family

She is a bright and promising university graduate and yet, I was amazed by her devotion and dedication to her boyfriend; whom she stood by ever so strongly
To her, he means the world and I don't think she will ever put the relationship at stake for anything

I don't blame her, their relationship was no easy feat as well
It has a rock-strong foundation and it has been so many years they have been friends before it finally developed into a relationship
I am impressed and to a certain extent, wowed by her strength and her feminine side too

It is a choice we women have to make sometimes
Whether to aim for a lifetime success or to prioritize the family foundation
Success is self-defined
For some women, it may be to establish a strong career reputation and to have their own financial independence
Some would prefer to stand on their own and not even depend on any men (they may not want men in their lives because they do not like to be dependent)
Some may look at educating their children and keeping the house spick and span and tending to each of their husbands' needs and that would be their main success

I am glad I am born in this 21st century when women are finally having their own rights to think of what they want to do
And at least, we have a choice
Unlike the past, where women don't have a choice at all
To them, the minute they were born, it is a fate they have to accept
Their destiny is to learn whatever skills it is necessary to attract the right suitor and to marry into the right families and then that's it, their life is devoted to being a wife
Their success will be indicated by the upbringing of their children and taking care of the household (childbearing, husband's happiness are their objectives)

Today, it is all different
You can choose what you want to do
Nobody can tell you what to do

Of course, there are still conservative people, but it is our choice now
So, who cares whether you choose career or love as your first priority?
It is most important you make the right decision
And of course, if you have a partner already, you will discuss with him

So, career or love,it is all merely a perception

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Monday I had to work

The title is not indicating that I don't have to work every Monday ...lar!

Yesterday was a Monday which was meant as a replacement holiday for lots of companies; in conjunction and with due respect to the ruler of our country since we celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

Sighs, while people are busy karaoke-ing or travel-ling, I have to be work-ing! (pun intended)

If you think my company is cheating us of our holiday, not quite so
It's because they have already placed the replacement holiday elsewhere in the calendar...

nevertheless, it's still not so fun when everyone else around you is not working and you have to go to work...
But I didn't slack on my job...I still went to work
Shows discipline....

Monday is now over...haha, and everyone has to work...

But bother, I just noticed in the calendar that there is no holiday for this month anymore and until next month!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Unveiled Deception

I wonder why some people lie can just lie without a conscience
(White lies are excluded from this)

The thing is, when you lie, you are bound to be exposed some day
At the same time, think of your own credibility if you were to lie
Isn't it worth some time thinking over before lying?

Some people just lie through their teeth
Which is why trust is difficult to build and to maintain

Being lied to is not the worst
But the worst is knowing that person is lying to you is the worst
The person thinks you do not know
But yet you know
And you marvel at his skill in lying to you, practically through his teeth
And yet he thinks you know nothing of his lies

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry
for being lied to
for being the target of such a pathetic lie
or to laugh for the stupidity of the liar in creating, directing and acting in his own script
It is just so pathetic of this person

Why did I know this person is lying to me?
Well, the credibility is one to begin with
Not one with a great or modest track record even
So, when he tried to tell me his story, I could barely hold back my own laugh

Was his lie ingenious even if I didn't know his track record?
Maybe, but it still has an air of suspicion

Sighs....what can we do about people like this?
I just can't say
Just when I was about to mend things
And the trust is broken once again...

If you want to lie, please make sure it a darn good lie...
A Deception should not be revealing, it should be deceiving..

There are some skills before you can deceive others of your deception...