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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Unveiled Deception

I wonder why some people lie can just lie without a conscience
(White lies are excluded from this)

The thing is, when you lie, you are bound to be exposed some day
At the same time, think of your own credibility if you were to lie
Isn't it worth some time thinking over before lying?

Some people just lie through their teeth
Which is why trust is difficult to build and to maintain

Being lied to is not the worst
But the worst is knowing that person is lying to you is the worst
The person thinks you do not know
But yet you know
And you marvel at his skill in lying to you, practically through his teeth
And yet he thinks you know nothing of his lies

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry
for being lied to
for being the target of such a pathetic lie
or to laugh for the stupidity of the liar in creating, directing and acting in his own script
It is just so pathetic of this person

Why did I know this person is lying to me?
Well, the credibility is one to begin with
Not one with a great or modest track record even
So, when he tried to tell me his story, I could barely hold back my own laugh

Was his lie ingenious even if I didn't know his track record?
Maybe, but it still has an air of suspicion

Sighs....what can we do about people like this?
I just can't say
Just when I was about to mend things
And the trust is broken once again...

If you want to lie, please make sure it a darn good lie...
A Deception should not be revealing, it should be deceiving..

There are some skills before you can deceive others of your deception...