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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Valentine's Day (V-Day)

Flowers, chocolates, candlelit dinners, quiet moments....all these come to mind when the V-Day word pops out of the mouth. One thing's for sure, it's definitely romance and love in the air on this day :)
Dating back to history, there were a few versions on how this day actually came into the celebration picture. One of the versions is in commemoration of St. Valentine who actually helped to matchmake the young couples and also performed the marriage ceremony for those in prisons. Another would be the more popular version which entails the drawing of the names among the young boys and girls to find their match. Pretty interesting if you trace the evolution process back then to what V-Day is all about today; of course, let's ignore the present booming commercialization used to the full advantage of the traders.
In perception, it's actually a day to observe romance; (yeah, they only realize the people they love exist on this day, once in a year :P ) and also to make an effort to make this day as sweet and loving as well. For attached couples, it's a day to refine and rekindle the old flame and spark whereas for singles, it may be a day to confront the person you have been in love with for so long and to let that person know how you feel.
Gradually this was seen as an opportunity by the traders to market and promote their products used in this direction. However, I do think that it's a rather sweet idea to have little gifts or momentos from your loved ones or that special person as it makes you feel treasured and important...(guess the capitalizing on this trait in the commercial market may not be all wrong after all ;) What could mean more than to see that smile or surprise on your special someone's face when he/she receives the gift from you and also how pleasant and sweet for you to receive the gift from him/her :) It's proably a simple gesture but could leave a melting feeling in the heart.
Furthermore, the day reveals plenty of surprises as well, from simple wishes to intimacy...I mean the sharing and engaging in deep conversations, having those long heart to heart talks between the two lovebirds ( for those who rarely communicate all year long)
Anyhow, aside from the common perception that V-Day is only for lovers, it is also a day for your loved ones; friends, families, etc.
So, you do not have to feel left out if you are still single and unattached as there is still lots of people out there who loves you and it does not necessarily have to be in a romantic sense. To be loved is a wonderful feeling and to share it, you can also love others around you in turn. Maybe you can also tell yourself to forgive and forget those who may have crossed the wrong path with you before and learn to accept their mistakes to be buried in the past. That way you are also cultivating love and diminishing hate..isn't that already an accomplishment? :)
As for the lovers or are about-to-be lovers, it is a time to share and care and also let the person know how much you love them. Cherish the moment you have and make it a point that it should not be the only day you shower them with love and happiness; everyday is Valentine's if you love them and take note that you do not have to give them big presents each day; it's the little things which matter the most. Even a short sms or a call is enough to show your partner/loved one that he/she is on your mind all the time.
Treasure every moment you have and never be afraid to express yourself, tomorrow may never come and today is the gift....so, seize the day and to all of you out there, have a wonderful Valentine's Day and love as you have been loved :D