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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Day!!

Ooooo...my favourite time of the year (after Christmas that is) was here again!!!:D
And I must really thank every single of you who had planned or celebrated with me in person or still planning to celebrate with me and also, those who were far apart but still kept this date in mind. Those text messages and phone calls, messages on Friendster and Facebook and even MSN and Y! really touched me to the core and I really wanna say a BIG Thank you to each and everyone of my beloved friends and family!!!:D

Thanks to my colleagues for the early birthday celebration!! A real surprise!!:D
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My first Birthday cake for this year...hehehe:D (Green Tea Cheese Cake:)
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Happy Me:)
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Blowing off candles to another year:)
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My 2nd Birthday cake...actually should be FIRST too coz it was on the day itself!! midnight cake:)
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Blowing off candles again to a Blueberry cake!:)
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My Birthday Slice; Plain Cheese Cake with strawberries and peach!!!:)
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And another birthday slice; Chocolate Cheese (What's with all the cheese cakes this year? And I am not even a Cheese fan!!!:p)
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There were more pics....hehe, let's just keep at this humble number as of now...don't wanna be self-centered:p
Again, thanks for all the wonderful wishes and blessings:)