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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When the cat is let out the bag...

Do you find it hard to keep a secret?

I often wonder what is it with people and the art of keeping secrets; or even one tiny little secret...

Have you noticed that when you tell someone something, they tend not to be so perky until you mention the word, "It's a secret, hush, don't tell anyone" and then they start to sit up...

Well, sitting up is not it....best part is when you start hearing word spreads about your so little "secret"....

And the more people whom you have told, you can be rest assured that the whole world will "know" your no-longer "secret"....

I am definitely one person who is clearly in the opposition of this; I think of myself a pretty safe secret-keeper...no kidding, I can seal my lips so tight that no matter what you lure me to say, it will never be out...:D
*You can try your luck if you want to:)

How about you?
Are you a keeper or a blurt-it-all?