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Monday, September 28, 2009

My Raya weekend... Part 1

I had a great and tiring trip home last weekend; back to my civilized city (LOL! not that other states are not civilized lar=P )
I had in mind to meet up with a few friends; to catch up on the old times.

I was in 1U for three times in 4 days...yeah, that was like so crazy.
It was not in the original plan; I had planned a few places like 1U, The Curve, etc.
Well, you know what they say about planning anyway...it's sometimes better to play by the ear.

Furthermore, why am I the one doing all the planning when I am the one who was back in town? Arrrghhhh =P

In conjunction with the Raya festivity and cheer, 1 Utama had also done some festive decorations in the center concourse of the new wing (they should have it in the old wing also, I am not sure since I did not have time to go over to the old wing)

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I met up with a few of my uni classmates and some old primary and high-school mates; I even attended a Hari Raya open house and a birthday party!!
It was really exhausting, and I felt so tired when I reached home every night.

I think I have overbooked my own schedule this round....don't ya think?

(To be continued... )

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marriage - To wed or not to wed

Another of my friend is recently engaged; news which is worth celebrating and indeed, all of us, including myself are so happy and excited for him.
There goes another single status in the group.

Honestly, it’s been like this since the past year, peers are all announcing news of marriages and engagements instead of updating on whether they are in a relationship or single.
Life’s like that, we grow up, we have responsibilities, and then we move into the phases of relationships and starting families of our own.
Age catches up with us, whether we like it or not, and to be frank, of course I do not like it at all…but then, looking at the positive side of the coin, as we move into the different phases of our life (I am avoiding the use of aging or getting older…), we see different things and matters and we have adjusted our priorities.

Marriage is just another phase in our lives; where we mature and decide that we want to settle down and start our own family.
The question is just, When?

Funnily, I was asked this question by two of my close friends during my catching up session when I was back in my hometown.
People are asking me whether I am married or have any plan to get married anytime soon.
Don’t ask me why am I asked this question, before this I often get asked why am I not attached, or not in a relationship, or why don’t I have a boyfriend.
Whatever, sometimes I wonder why my relationship status interests people.

Well, I guess, it is another matter associated with the age, or rather, the general perception of our intended role, etc.
For ladies, we are often perceived with a link to our biological clock which ticks our age and youth away and to the public; it is a danger sign if we are not settled down yet.

Peer pressure plays an important role in all these matters as well; some people who are in a relationship rush in the same excitement to tie the knots so that they don’t feel left out. Some, on the other hand, probably fall to the pressure of the elders at home who remind them of their own biological clocks and how they would be at ease when their grown up children have their own families.

However, the question is not when or what makes us want to tie the knot, but to understand WHY did we want to tie the knot in the first place?
Were we ready at that time?
Have we thought of this as an eventual path in the relationship and just decided to do it to complete the full phase of the relationship like some kind of cycle?
Are we happy with the person and we have already pictured how we grow old together with him/her?

To my surprise, I was a little surprised when I was thrown that particular question on whether I had thought of marriage.
Oh well, I guess, every girl has, especially with the strong media influence on how beautiful those weddings are organized.
However, with WHO, remains a question and it surprises me that I am not sure myself.

My perception of marriage has always been rather simple and yet, complicated. I know, it sounds contradictory.
I have always seen marriage as a matter between two people who are very much in love with each other and it is a lifetime commitment; a sacred pact to seal two people with the bond of love.
That is why it is called tying the knot; it is a knot to connect two people together.

To be able to consider and to take that step towards marriage, those two people must have shared a strong and deep bond in their hearts, minds and souls to be able to be considered as one.
It is really pure and perfect to me (or perhaps I have watched too many fairytales in my lifetime?)

I don’t know, I believe that marriage is not just a legal piece of paper that pronounces two people as husband and wife, but it must be a marriage that comes from the heart.
To be frank, I don’t think some who are married or are planning to get married ever thought this far as well, as I have said, some just succumbed to the pressure around them or the biological clock. Some are even more unique to think of competing with their friends to bear children so that they do not lose out in the red packets or pocket money during festive seasons or even the age when their children grow up and can support them in time before their retirement.
I am not condemning their reasons; after all, everyone has a right to choose what they want and why they want to get married.
Definitely, don’t even make Sex as the main reason to get married; in that case, you don’t need a wife/husband, you need anyone who can offer you such services.

For me though, marriage is not just as simple as a relationship, it is a pact for life; like it or not. It is a sacred union between two soul mates; two people who have come to such an intimate stage that they are more than willing to remain so and take the relationship one step further to be with each other for the rest of their lives. They have realized that they have chosen the only one out of the entire world’s population and that their decision is set. It is that one person who will be the one to be with them and for them to only have eyes for until the day they step into the coffin.

Bear in mind, there is not just the event organizing that you need to think of when you want to get married; you have to realize that this includes one whole package. His/her life will be your life as well. It is not just his/her’s well being that will be of your concern; but also the person’s hard and ill moments, their temperaments and their sorrows which will be shared.
Beauty is only skin deep and fades away with age or sometimes with accidents.
If you only love him/her for their great looks which make the two of you look perfect when you stand together, you might want to consider further whether you are willing to stay with that person when they no longer look that way one day.

It is not about the wealth as well; as that too, tends to materialize away one day. Are you willing to go through hard times when he/she may have already lost that wealth you used to fall in love with?

That is why, for Christian/Catholic weddings, you have to read aloud and make that oath which goes along the similar lines:
Are you willing to be with him/her in good times and bad?
Are you willing to be with him/her be it sick or healthy?

It is not just the fashionable and iconic “I do” that you just read from the text. It MUST come from the heart; and when we stand in front of the altar in church, making that oath, we are promising not just ourselves but also families, friends, relatives, and most importantly, God himself who are all bearing witnesses to your words.

Remember, when you said YES to the proposal, or when you decide to make that proposal, you have already considered all these factors and don’t just let it be an event that you want to get married and post it all over Facebook, MySpace, Zorpia, etc.

You have two chances to think; YES to the proposal and I Do at the altar.
Of course, I am not encouraging runaway brides or grooms; but think again, if you have no confidence at all, and just don’t think this is the way you want it to be, say it and do something about it.

It is not about right or wrong; fair or unfair. It is a lifetime; and a promise that will last unto death.
Unto death do we part

Are you willing to do that?
Are you ready to do that with the person you are with now?
If not, why not?

These are questions that are ringing in my head as well; it really got me thinking, I know I think too much most of the time anyway but seriously, this concerns my life ahead of me until the day I die, I think I get to do more thinking, don’t I?

Most importantly, are we happy with the ones we are with?
If not, why not?
Are we comfortable with him/her?
Do we light up each time we see him/her?

Do we want to wake up next to that person every morning?

How about yourself?
Remember you have two chances to say YES/NO, so think carefully and don’t make the wrong decision…

(To be continued on further topics in my blogs…)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love this!

Thanks to the good friend, I am suddenly reminded of this lovely song that I've always loved...

I'm currently listening to it...over and over again....and I found a great and sweet video of it as well =)

I am loving it!!!

You and ME.....by Lifehouse...

what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up
and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

all of the things that I want to say
just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping inwards
you got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to prove
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

there's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
everything she does is beautiful
everything she does is right

you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to prove
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive

LOVELY SONG....I know, I have an endless list of favorite songs=P

Ladylike or Not?

Let me share a scenario on a particular lady; she does exists in real person and it's not a made-up person...

It is just something I found really interesting and I would like to see the general response to this behavior and let you guys be the judge...

Take note that this is a woman in her mid-twenties; slim and pretty light-weighted I should say, with long hair.

1. When she walks, in her shoes (be it flats, slippers, sandals, sneakers, or heels), you can probably hear her from a mile away?
Perhaps I am exaggerating a little bit here?
But it's like Clank, soft and loud thuds, Chomp, etc when she walks; from pavement to the cement floor to the staircase, she can definitely be heard.
It sounded the loudest when she's in high heels =P

Oh, even when she's on her bare feet, you could still hear the loud thuds as she walks around the place.
In short, you just know when she's coming or approaching...from any direction.

2. When she opens the door, you can hear the loud sound which sounded like strength is being imposed on the door knob as you hear the turning knob sound so loudly.
When she closes the door, it goes SLAM (windy or not), period.

3. When she talks on the phone, you can hear every word she is speaking without perking or straining your ears. You don't have to eavesdrop as there is no effort made in lowering the voice; and you can hear even those mushy or small talk one makes to their boyfriend when they speak on the phone.
It is not soft, that's all I can say =)

4. When she goes to the kitchen or bathroom, you can hear it whether she's boiling water, washing her hands, etc as there is always loud sounds of metal clashing or hitting the sink, etc.
In short, she is always heard.

5. When she sits on the couch to watch TV, she stretches her legs and puts them on the coffee table right in front of her. Sometimes, she puts her leg up beside her and it just sits right there; propped beside her.

Now, what do you make out of all this?
Is this ladylike?
Which is ladylike and which is not?

If not, what constitutes a ladylike behavior to you?

I shall share my opinions soon once I receive some feedback from you peeps, so do drop me a short note la... =P

The last time...

I must remind myself, that this is definitely gonna be the last time I am gonna force myself to finish more food than I am supposed to..

I definitely do not like to waste food, but I also definitely can't push the limits of my tummy's capacity...

It's absolutely bad for my tummy and this is gonna make me suffer not just for one day; but a few days due to the indigestion discomfort...sighs.

I shall remember to think for the poor tummy the next time I attempt something like this; I had a bad night....ughs, and I felt awful....

One thing I've learnt too; digestion pills prescribed by my doctor don't work after meals.....it's definitely meant for before effect...

I am convinced now by why it was stated, 'Take before Meals'...

The most tiring break...

The Raya holidays for us, non-Muslims are over....and it's back to reality...the harsh reality that we need to work.
(This is so not me, I made it sound like work's such a drag; my bad)

Anyway, I am definitely not over the whole holiday mood; not to mention the lag from the hectic schedule I've had over the whole weekend!

I think, I have definitely overbooked my schedule this round; catching up with all my good old friends...haha, from all walks of my life....from primary school to high school to university....and yet, I have still missed out some of them...because it was really exhausting!

This is definitely one of the most tiring 'balik kampung' trips I've had...but I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy it...hehe!

I apologize to those I couldn't make it to catch up this round, rest assured, you guys and gals will be on the priority list the next trip....I mean it...

I am Missing the long weekend once again lar.....

I knew it's gonna come to an end eventually.....but still, isn't this a little too soon?

Awwww....I regret not taking a few more days off.....I sound like a drag....it's the blues =(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't stop feeling tired...

Just when my sleeping patterns fall back into its rightful place, I start to feel tired, as in really tired each day.

I guess the miraculous "where-did-it-go" fatigue which surprisingly did not show up during the 4 days when I lost sleep had made a comeback. It was perhaps accummulated all along and just waited for the time to appear.

I feel so tired and sleepy even after tucking in early at night and waking up at the same hour each morning.
It's like, no matter how much I sleep, I still feel helplessly tired and STILL sleepy =(

I can't decide which is worse; losing sleep or gaining sleep but zombie-like during those non-sleeping hours.

I need help; I have gotta wake myself up!
Maybe I need coffee, but then again, that's gonna disrupt my sleep again and the cycle repeats...


Monday, September 14, 2009

I can FINALLY Sleep!

Oh wow, that was like such a huge announcement to make....

If you're wondering, I've been losing sleep for the past (*counts on fingers*) 4 nights....

Seriously, and the miracle was, I barely felt as tired as I've expected myself to be each time I lose one night's sleep.
It continued in a pattern that every night I could barely sleep until past midnight and yet, when I fall asleep, it's in active REM mode!
I end up waking up so many times in a night that I don't feel like I've even slept.

It worries me to no end when I get in these insomnia periods, and this is really bad; 4 nights in a row.

Thank God I could finally sleep last night, which was why I had to make the huge announcement...LOL!~

I don't think I should worry about tonight anymore, as once the patterns sinks back in, it should be back to normal! =)
(As long as I don't disrupt the pattern anytime soon....but that's a bit difficult considering this weekend is a long one and I have lots of catching up with friends to do....hmmmm)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sept 11 - day of infamy

I almost forgot that today is September 11; and Sept 10 seemed to be stuck in my memory.
I was not alone; it seemed that my colleague was also the same as we measured the temperature and signed in the log book (the A H1N1 daily precaution procedure)

When we were reminded by another colleague who came in later, it hit me that today is the fateful day where the world was shocked by a tragedy a few years ago.

It is a day which will never leave our minds, as we remember the tremendous shock the whole world underwent on that day.
Everyone who watched the television on that day was amazed by the crashing of the planes into the magnificent and prolific Twin Towers which is the proud landmark of the Big Apple in the United States of America.
It was, to everyone's mind, a fantastic trailer made by the filmmakers to promote their upcoming film.

How good if it was all a movie! I am sure billions had also hoped and prayed that it was all a great movie to watch in cinemas and not a true incident happening at that instant.

All the channels then switched to urgent news reporting, with CNN flashing all over our screens and it was at that instant, we realized, this was no movie we are anticipating.
It is REAL and it was HAPPENING; that thousand miles away from us.

We cover our mouths in shock as we realized what had just happened; America, was under Attack!
It was surreal at that moment; even for myself, as I tried to digest the words from the news and comprehending the fact that the largest continent in the world; which is so powerful that they are deemed the Big Brother of the World, was under massive attack.

The worst part was how swift it all happened, and while we were gaping at the first plane crash, the second one came instantly after and crashed into the building.
I held on to my dad's hand at that time as we both reeled in shock at the massive explosion and how the building slowly erupted in motion.

It was too real to be a movie, and I knew, deep down in my heart, this is definitely a far worse tragedy compared to the Highlands Tower tragedy in my country in year 1994.
I had prayed and mourned for the victims of the Highlands Tower and their loved ones, and at that moment, I was still unable to comprehend that the Twin Towers had just crashed.

The worst was the time of the incident, which was during the peak hour of the day and that meant, most of the people who are working in the building were about to leave the world.
It was that shocking to me, as I prayed so hard for the people in the towers.

What first came to my mind was this was an accident; two planes which lost control and unfortunately crashed into the tall towers.

It was then that they switched the screens from the smoking towers to another flat area which was identified as the Pentagon; showing the place which went up in flames.

That was when I realized, this is no accident, it was a planned tragedy!
Who could be so cruel to launch such attacks and plan a tragedy to happen?
Who gave them the right to rip others' of their families and their lives?

I could not imagine that such human beings (if it is even appropriate to address them as humans) could plan such a thing to kill others!

While all of us are praying so hard for world peace and harmony, there are some who planned to destruct the world?

This is a matter of more than 1 life; it is a massive attack which is bound to kill thousands or even millions of people.

While people are screaming in pain, and writhing in agony, these people found pleasure that their plans had succeeded.

What kind of grudge could lead to such a massive destruction?
What kind of conflicts which could not be resolved?
Most importantly, what have these people done to those terrorists that they do not deserve to even say the last goodbye?

I cannot comprehend it at all, and besides the sorrow and grief I have in my heart, I felt anger rising that there are such beings who planned to caused unspeakable pain and grief to others.

I prayed and hoped in anxiety, for the arrival of help as soon as possible, and also that God will protect those victims and be with them for comfort.
I know that it seems impossible to pray for all to survive, but I believed in the faith and the power of God at that moment.

It has been years since the tragedy struck, but I know that the families and the whole world could not wipe the scene on the TV on that fateful day from their minds.
The loss and grief were too much to bear, and could not merely be expressed by memorials.

It was a right which was ripped off the victims; it was a despicable act that the whole world scorned and spat at.

It will duly, be not just a day to remember for the victims and their loved ones, but the whole world, and most importantly, for the people who had so carefully planned this!~

Let's observe a moment of solemnity and also keep our prayers for the victims and their loved ones as we recall this tragedy and pray that there shall never be a repetition...

The most amazing driver in the world!

I was driving behind a Ford Hilux pickup truck which was entering the carpark of my office's premises.
He was driving really slowly past the barrier upon receiving his parking ticket or perhaps his season pass.

I waited for the barrier to descend before touching my pass against the card reader.
The car was still there; and he was supposed to be turning down into the basement car park.
I slowed down my car and I waited behind him to enter the descending slope into the covered basement.
However, to my surprise, the car stopped just right there, with his red brake lights on for about five minutes.

Then, his reverse lights were on, and since I was a good distance away, I did not bother to move my car. Furthermore, there was no car behind me.

He did not reverse, as the lights switched back to the brake lights.
I was waiting patiently, wondering what took him so long to just descend the slope into the basement.

Then after 1 minute, his reverse lights were on again.
I was surprised; how could someone missed that right angle to enter the basement?
It's not located in a hidden corner nor a blind angle.

Anyway, after a few minutes deciding on what to do, he finally moved.
(I felt like singing Hallelujah then)

He descended the slope, and I made a wise move by staying at the top; watching his car descend and move further before I steered my car down the slope as well.
After all, one cannot be too careful, right...I do not want to bump into him on the slope itself.

It was a good few minutes before I finally entered the basement car park myself (thank goodness there was no car behind me)

Guess what, that car is still there and he was crawling at probably 1km/h????

I cruised slowly behind him; understandably that he could be looking for the right parking space (there's plenty by the way)
I drove patiently behind his every brake and stop, and pausing what to do next.

He drove so slow that even a tortoise could have beat him at that moment, I tell you (no exaggeration!)

Finally, I saw him brake the longest next to a car where there was a vacant parking spot next to it.
There was no signal from him; and suddenly (I felt like I am telling a story out of my fairy tale book=P), the reverse lights were on.
I guess he's planning to do reverse parking.

He was still pretty slow and his car barely budged even though he was supposed to 'reverse', oh well, what else he was 'supposed' to do that he did not do since the beginning of my tale, I've lost count.

I finally drove slowly and carefully and made my way past him (not zooming past him or any bragging action like that lar).

To my surprise, there were two men in the car!

I am surprised at a male driver who is so...ermmm.....let's be nice and call him a slow coach!

His estimation was clearly BADDDDD, and I mean like, REALLY BAD!
How could you not know how to turn at the right angle into a wide space opening descending into the basement?
How could you not know how much of a space for you to make your way into the vacant parking spot?

And the biggest How could...

How could HE not know HOW to DRIVE and yet drive such a big car???
He should probably practise with a Mini or safer, Kancil would do better. At the cost, it wouldn't hurt that much for him to crash it.

Erm, on second thought, perhaps he need to RE-TAKE his driving test!!!
I've seriously not come across a MALE driver like HIM!
Shame on him, usually the guy drivers are the swift and efficient ones....this is probably a protected species...

In case you're wondering, the most amazing part is, I was not screaming and I did not even honk nor flash...

Hehehe....Happy Friday peeps!~

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It IS a LUCKY day~

Now, the reason why I feel I am lucky today...

Well, earlier I went to get some cakes, and the uncle who was selling it happened to be cutting a freshly baked cake
Then he asked me whether I want some

I joked and told him, "Free treat ar?"

He laughed and said, "Okay, why not? It's really nice...once you have tried it, I guarantee you will come back"

I laughed, and seriously, he really packed a piece of cake for me and there is actually another customer who was buying that same cake from him.
That lady was buying 2 pieces of the cake I think, and he just packed one for me for free!

Now, ain't I a lucky girl or what?
Furthermore, I found one last parking space when I arrived when I was already late and usually at that peak hour, there's no parking space available.

*I feel like I am going to get a four-leaf clover soon!~*


I got a Feeling~

I've got a feeling that today's gonna be a Good day
That today's gonna be a good day
That today's gonna be a good GOOD day~~~~~

Yeah...I do feel that way, I don't know why
Maybe it's because of the rain that came (finally) after what felt like a dry and hot spell for the past one week?

I know it's gonna be a lucky day.....=)

Clairvoyance in me?

Sometimes I think I am psychic, I really do.

I always have those unexplainable feelings when I go to places, or do something or even talk to people I do not know.
Sometimes I just know that I have got to do something, or stay away from certain things on that day, or just don't do things.

Guess what, most of the time, it turned out to be right.
I knew this from experience, I just went ahead and ignored my inner voice and just did it and I regretted the outcome.

So, I have learnt to listen to my own inner voice and just do it when it's right and not do things when I have a very strong feeling.

It doesn't only work for myself; but also for people who are close to me.
There are times when I just tell them, "NO! Don't do that!" but I just can't explain why can't they do it.
I just know, something is not right and something could happen if they were to do it.

Weird, eh?
Of course, I am not those psychic-psychic type, I think this is just a small or even partial gift of clairvoyance?
At the same time, I think everyone also has their own inner voices; and I know that this is especially strong in the fairer sex =)

I don't know, I just know that things will go well or not when I could feel it.

For instance, I knew it will finally rain this morning as I woke up and stood at the balcony at 5am, and guess what, in a short while, less than half an hour, it really rained.
But then again, did I tell you, I could sense the rain most of the time?
Perhaps it's my friendship with the rain, it always brings me happiness!~
I feel lucky when the rain is here...not to mention, HAPPY as well =)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Today's the auspicious day; it's a string of 9s!
I think it's even more auspicious at the time 09:09:09 (9am in the morning wherever you are, 9 minutes and 9 seconds)
I am not going to be the crazy one to count to milliseconds or nanoseconds; I leave that to the engineers who are always so intent on precision *rolls eyes&

Anyway, what's the auspicious part about it?
I wonder as well; since when this craze about all these numbers started?
I don't recall we used to be this excited about the dates and numbers when we were back in school.
In fact, if I remembered correctly, some of my friends even hated dates and numbers when it comes to memorizing them for that particular maths or history test =P

I think it started somewhere near the new millenium countdown; that famous Y2K bug and I think it hit everyone in an instant!

It became like a legacy after that; where everyone is sitting and anticipating the next string of numbers that came along.

If you ask me, I think the Y2K bug did not only affect the computer and information systems, it also hit the nervous and processing system of the human brains!

It's crazy really, how people are harping on all these dates to register their marriages or to give births and don't even get me started on those mass marriages!
All those publicity....

Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against those notions of registering/getting married on the dates which they considered auspicious, it's their choice after all.

I am just wondering at the whole logic behind it; and also rationale, what is the effect from this?
What do you see in a string of numbers?
Perhaps, I am again, thinking too much.
Happiness may not be reasoned with logic; and there is no specific equation to prove it.

I do know that the string of 9s is particularly good and considered very auspicious to the Chinese community; just as the number 8.
9 is pronounced as "Jiu" (mandarin) and "Kau" (Cantonese) and in both languages, it means "Long" which is associated with Longevity.
It is perhaps a good note to start on especially if you are considering everlasting love or happily ever after.
I don't think I need to explain the meaning of the number 8, it is too popular in all the Chinese households...the number alone means luck, prosperity..in short, MONEY $$

I just think that happiness needs not be equated with numbers and to let ourselves controlled by these notations.
Isn't happiness supposed to be just simple?

I don't think we all want to be "engineer-ized" ( a term I use for engineering minds, where they constantly harp on equations, precision, formulas, etc) to find happiness, do we?

Well, HAPPY 090909 anyway...enjoy the day while it lasts and then wait another year to go crazy on 101010 =P

Friday, September 04, 2009

Please be responsible for others' healths!

When a doctor diagnose you with a term associated with your sickness, what kind of questions do you ask a doctor?
Are you the type who sits there quietly and just accepts the term as it is spoken, thinking that you will definitely recover like any normal illness or are you the type who, like myself, will be bombarding the doctor with tonnes of questions which pop up in your mind?

Okay, bombarding may be too strong of a term to use, but let's just say I spring question after question on to the doctor to clarify on the term, the precautions, etc.
Common questions include:
1. What is this about?
2. How did this happen?
3. How often can this occur?
4. Is this contagious? * (Most important question)
5. How long will it take to recover?
6. What do I need to do? Anything I need to avoid, any isolation/quarantine needed?
7. Will there be an recurrences?

The above are only examples, and subject to change depending on the situation at that point of time.
I just find this plain common sense to be concerned for my own health and for others around me, not just my loved ones alone but anyone that I may be in contact with.

That is the reason why I find it surprising how some people can just walk into a consultation room and come out with a term totally unfamiliar to them and yet cannot explain to their family and loved ones what it means.

At the same time, these same group of people are the ones who could walk to public places, or be shoving their ways through people just to get their way through without even considering that they SHOULD/MUST stay away from public contact to avoid the spread of their illnesses.

It is really sad, that some of these people are even highly educated people.
I mean, what is the point of education when simple common sense does not fall into the grey matter at all times?

A friend of mine who worked at the airport, told me before that they had a child passenger who had chicken pox and yet boarded the plane.
Fortunately, the air stewardess on the plane had a sharp eye for detail and noticed the red spots on him and immediately escorted him out of the plane; along with his irresponsible mother.

Needless to say, I am not just shocked but angered by such irresponsible actions. The boy could be ignorant, but don't tell me the mother is not aware of the effects of chicken pox.
My goodness!
Imagine the inconvenience it could cause to those people who may not welcome the disease at all!

I just can't believe how some people can be so totally senseless and ignorant of the effects of their own illnesses on others' health.

Now, do you still wonder why diseases like bird flu, Coxsackie, HFM, or even A H1N1 spread so rapidly?

I say, EDUCATE those UN-educated people!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What does this remind you of?

I did a naughty thing; no, not steal or rob or anything of that sort...and don't even think dirty!

I captured a photo of my neighbour's house; technically, the windows as it just caught my attention and I am sure, everyone else's as well who passes by the house

The windows...look at them closely
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Please let me know your thoughts, what first flashes through your mind when you saw the picture of the window?

It's wrapped with some shiny colored paper...


P.S: No prize for the guess; as I don't know the answer either why they did that.
My question is just what do you think this reminds you of?

I personally think this reminds me of something you use for Ching Ming or the 7th Lunar month...you know, those paraphernalia which they used to burn for the dead?
Ahhh...those paper houses?

I'm not being mean, it's just plain weird to do something like that to your house, right?
Why would anyone want to wrap their windows in ghostly papers like these?
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Beats the 'ghost' out of me!

Heavy RAIN!

The rain just came down suddenly....whoa, I can't believe that the sun disappears behind the dark clouds that soon...

Weather is really crazy these days, thank God I have my umbrella with me at all times...and I praise the invention of sheds and basement carparks..LOL!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Are we that pathetic?

The long weekend was much looked forward to; and in a blink of an eye...it's all over again and we are all back to square one.

Going to work everyday, leaving work, getting stuck in jams (probably cursing along the way)
Reach home, skies are dark
Go for dinner, stuck in jam again
Come home, cloudy and it starts to rain
Read a book and go to sleep

It's all back to the basics, and we start counting the days left before it's weekend
We drag our feet to work and wonder since when we started feeling like that
We remind ourselves to rejoice when payday comes...
We hang our heads low on Mondays or Tuesdays, whichever days we need to start work after a long weekend
We moan when it's Tuesday or Wednesday, wondering what is taking the week so long to end
We feel excited when it's finally Thursday
We are so happy when it's Friday that we keep checking the time to see when it's time to go home (and at the same time, the plans for Friday night and the weekend are running through our minds faster than the Japanese shinkansen)

We feel so energetic when it's Saturday
Then exceptionally blissful when it's Sunday (I don't like Sundays though; except for the church part in the morning:)
Towards Sunday evening, we start to feel down and agitated, moaning over the working day the next day, and then, it all goes back to Monday again

We can't stop checking our calendars for public holidays; or any opportunities for some break
It's like a motivation boost or something if we know a public holiday is coming up

Seriously, when have we all started becoming so pathetic?