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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Today's the auspicious day; it's a string of 9s!
I think it's even more auspicious at the time 09:09:09 (9am in the morning wherever you are, 9 minutes and 9 seconds)
I am not going to be the crazy one to count to milliseconds or nanoseconds; I leave that to the engineers who are always so intent on precision *rolls eyes&

Anyway, what's the auspicious part about it?
I wonder as well; since when this craze about all these numbers started?
I don't recall we used to be this excited about the dates and numbers when we were back in school.
In fact, if I remembered correctly, some of my friends even hated dates and numbers when it comes to memorizing them for that particular maths or history test =P

I think it started somewhere near the new millenium countdown; that famous Y2K bug and I think it hit everyone in an instant!

It became like a legacy after that; where everyone is sitting and anticipating the next string of numbers that came along.

If you ask me, I think the Y2K bug did not only affect the computer and information systems, it also hit the nervous and processing system of the human brains!

It's crazy really, how people are harping on all these dates to register their marriages or to give births and don't even get me started on those mass marriages!
All those publicity....

Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against those notions of registering/getting married on the dates which they considered auspicious, it's their choice after all.

I am just wondering at the whole logic behind it; and also rationale, what is the effect from this?
What do you see in a string of numbers?
Perhaps, I am again, thinking too much.
Happiness may not be reasoned with logic; and there is no specific equation to prove it.

I do know that the string of 9s is particularly good and considered very auspicious to the Chinese community; just as the number 8.
9 is pronounced as "Jiu" (mandarin) and "Kau" (Cantonese) and in both languages, it means "Long" which is associated with Longevity.
It is perhaps a good note to start on especially if you are considering everlasting love or happily ever after.
I don't think I need to explain the meaning of the number 8, it is too popular in all the Chinese households...the number alone means luck, prosperity..in short, MONEY $$

I just think that happiness needs not be equated with numbers and to let ourselves controlled by these notations.
Isn't happiness supposed to be just simple?

I don't think we all want to be "engineer-ized" ( a term I use for engineering minds, where they constantly harp on equations, precision, formulas, etc) to find happiness, do we?

Well, HAPPY 090909 anyway...enjoy the day while it lasts and then wait another year to go crazy on 101010 =P