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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sept 11 - day of infamy

I almost forgot that today is September 11; and Sept 10 seemed to be stuck in my memory.
I was not alone; it seemed that my colleague was also the same as we measured the temperature and signed in the log book (the A H1N1 daily precaution procedure)

When we were reminded by another colleague who came in later, it hit me that today is the fateful day where the world was shocked by a tragedy a few years ago.

It is a day which will never leave our minds, as we remember the tremendous shock the whole world underwent on that day.
Everyone who watched the television on that day was amazed by the crashing of the planes into the magnificent and prolific Twin Towers which is the proud landmark of the Big Apple in the United States of America.
It was, to everyone's mind, a fantastic trailer made by the filmmakers to promote their upcoming film.

How good if it was all a movie! I am sure billions had also hoped and prayed that it was all a great movie to watch in cinemas and not a true incident happening at that instant.

All the channels then switched to urgent news reporting, with CNN flashing all over our screens and it was at that instant, we realized, this was no movie we are anticipating.
It is REAL and it was HAPPENING; that thousand miles away from us.

We cover our mouths in shock as we realized what had just happened; America, was under Attack!
It was surreal at that moment; even for myself, as I tried to digest the words from the news and comprehending the fact that the largest continent in the world; which is so powerful that they are deemed the Big Brother of the World, was under massive attack.

The worst part was how swift it all happened, and while we were gaping at the first plane crash, the second one came instantly after and crashed into the building.
I held on to my dad's hand at that time as we both reeled in shock at the massive explosion and how the building slowly erupted in motion.

It was too real to be a movie, and I knew, deep down in my heart, this is definitely a far worse tragedy compared to the Highlands Tower tragedy in my country in year 1994.
I had prayed and mourned for the victims of the Highlands Tower and their loved ones, and at that moment, I was still unable to comprehend that the Twin Towers had just crashed.

The worst was the time of the incident, which was during the peak hour of the day and that meant, most of the people who are working in the building were about to leave the world.
It was that shocking to me, as I prayed so hard for the people in the towers.

What first came to my mind was this was an accident; two planes which lost control and unfortunately crashed into the tall towers.

It was then that they switched the screens from the smoking towers to another flat area which was identified as the Pentagon; showing the place which went up in flames.

That was when I realized, this is no accident, it was a planned tragedy!
Who could be so cruel to launch such attacks and plan a tragedy to happen?
Who gave them the right to rip others' of their families and their lives?

I could not imagine that such human beings (if it is even appropriate to address them as humans) could plan such a thing to kill others!

While all of us are praying so hard for world peace and harmony, there are some who planned to destruct the world?

This is a matter of more than 1 life; it is a massive attack which is bound to kill thousands or even millions of people.

While people are screaming in pain, and writhing in agony, these people found pleasure that their plans had succeeded.

What kind of grudge could lead to such a massive destruction?
What kind of conflicts which could not be resolved?
Most importantly, what have these people done to those terrorists that they do not deserve to even say the last goodbye?

I cannot comprehend it at all, and besides the sorrow and grief I have in my heart, I felt anger rising that there are such beings who planned to caused unspeakable pain and grief to others.

I prayed and hoped in anxiety, for the arrival of help as soon as possible, and also that God will protect those victims and be with them for comfort.
I know that it seems impossible to pray for all to survive, but I believed in the faith and the power of God at that moment.

It has been years since the tragedy struck, but I know that the families and the whole world could not wipe the scene on the TV on that fateful day from their minds.
The loss and grief were too much to bear, and could not merely be expressed by memorials.

It was a right which was ripped off the victims; it was a despicable act that the whole world scorned and spat at.

It will duly, be not just a day to remember for the victims and their loved ones, but the whole world, and most importantly, for the people who had so carefully planned this!~

Let's observe a moment of solemnity and also keep our prayers for the victims and their loved ones as we recall this tragedy and pray that there shall never be a repetition...