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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The most amazing driver in the world!

I was driving behind a Ford Hilux pickup truck which was entering the carpark of my office's premises.
He was driving really slowly past the barrier upon receiving his parking ticket or perhaps his season pass.

I waited for the barrier to descend before touching my pass against the card reader.
The car was still there; and he was supposed to be turning down into the basement car park.
I slowed down my car and I waited behind him to enter the descending slope into the covered basement.
However, to my surprise, the car stopped just right there, with his red brake lights on for about five minutes.

Then, his reverse lights were on, and since I was a good distance away, I did not bother to move my car. Furthermore, there was no car behind me.

He did not reverse, as the lights switched back to the brake lights.
I was waiting patiently, wondering what took him so long to just descend the slope into the basement.

Then after 1 minute, his reverse lights were on again.
I was surprised; how could someone missed that right angle to enter the basement?
It's not located in a hidden corner nor a blind angle.

Anyway, after a few minutes deciding on what to do, he finally moved.
(I felt like singing Hallelujah then)

He descended the slope, and I made a wise move by staying at the top; watching his car descend and move further before I steered my car down the slope as well.
After all, one cannot be too careful, right...I do not want to bump into him on the slope itself.

It was a good few minutes before I finally entered the basement car park myself (thank goodness there was no car behind me)

Guess what, that car is still there and he was crawling at probably 1km/h????

I cruised slowly behind him; understandably that he could be looking for the right parking space (there's plenty by the way)
I drove patiently behind his every brake and stop, and pausing what to do next.

He drove so slow that even a tortoise could have beat him at that moment, I tell you (no exaggeration!)

Finally, I saw him brake the longest next to a car where there was a vacant parking spot next to it.
There was no signal from him; and suddenly (I felt like I am telling a story out of my fairy tale book=P), the reverse lights were on.
I guess he's planning to do reverse parking.

He was still pretty slow and his car barely budged even though he was supposed to 'reverse', oh well, what else he was 'supposed' to do that he did not do since the beginning of my tale, I've lost count.

I finally drove slowly and carefully and made my way past him (not zooming past him or any bragging action like that lar).

To my surprise, there were two men in the car!

I am surprised at a male driver who is so...ermmm.....let's be nice and call him a slow coach!

His estimation was clearly BADDDDD, and I mean like, REALLY BAD!
How could you not know how to turn at the right angle into a wide space opening descending into the basement?
How could you not know how much of a space for you to make your way into the vacant parking spot?

And the biggest How could...

How could HE not know HOW to DRIVE and yet drive such a big car???
He should probably practise with a Mini or safer, Kancil would do better. At the cost, it wouldn't hurt that much for him to crash it.

Erm, on second thought, perhaps he need to RE-TAKE his driving test!!!
I've seriously not come across a MALE driver like HIM!
Shame on him, usually the guy drivers are the swift and efficient ones....this is probably a protected species...

In case you're wondering, the most amazing part is, I was not screaming and I did not even honk nor flash...

Hehehe....Happy Friday peeps!~