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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Old Friends gathering:)

How could a trip back to KL home be complete without hanging out with the cool guys and hot gals around? I mean...KL is supposedly famed for the "COOL" people....haha, city folks or so they say...where the other folks from other states in Malaysia often term and label us as the city snobs and call us snooty people, having our noses up in the air.
Hey, that is actually a prejudiced statement as bestie and I conceptualize our theory in high school....they just envy that KL is more happening....and by the way, KL is not all about snobbish and haughty people...there's loads of Cool and nice people out there too....and these are not just COOL in appearance but also by their attitude and persona...and I am proud to say these are my pals, my cool friends....whom I have known for ages.....
Bestie mentioned in her blog as well that she couldn't wait for the party; which she and my old-time friend organized together:)
Well...what should I say? I was looking forward to the trip as well:p
Perhaps just following her trend, I should also use their nicknames in my blog huh? *winks*

My old friend....yeah, Standard One friend, Bjorn aka KudiKaran (I have no idea where this nick came from:p ) is home for Christmas.
He was away in Australia...yeah, for his aeronautical studies....our future pilot:)
And, I haven't seen him for like a year.....he's the generous guy who offered to bring us to the pool in his new condo in *whistle* Desa Park City (the new cool city for the rich and the famous)....*grins*:)
This is the Christmas tree in Bjorn's place...haha, a 2.5m tall- and it's a real Christmas fir tree....cool:)
And this is his dog.....

Auntie still remembers me....and she's always nice....:)

In case you're wondering what am I doing taking all these pics, well, I am into photography and also, I just love taking loads of pics to safekeep them for future memories...haha...at least, I remembered I was so free waiting for the rest and took these pics:p

Then there's Julius aka Jujus....some name they gave him while in Langkawi (the trip I missed...awwww)....long time friend....ironically, we were both in the same uni but we never met, honestly, I was the only one among all my friends in the uni who hasn't seen Ju around.....*smacks forehead*

Then of course, how can I forget bestie and the gals who came half an hour late? *winks mischievously* :P
Hahaha.....we loaded all the stuffs into the cars; our beloved organizers; bestie and Bjorn both drove us to the condo.
A pic of his towering condo...it's not that towering but just a metaphorical way to say it since I was standing on the ground..haha:)
I tried taking a nice pic; but too bad, my photography skills are not good enough and they came out dark....bummer....bro needs to guide me to adjust the cam to take better and nicer pics *winks*
Once we get to the pool, that's where everyone started tucking in....bestie made some food as well....and she burnt her finger...poor gal.

LaydieBug: I am so NOT meant for the kitchen!
Jes and Esther: Wait till your future husband hears this....
Angelstar: Well, there's always something called Restaurants

*LaydieBug exchanges a hi-5 slap with Angelstar*
LaydieBug: My Bestest friend....
*Laughs*....right back at ya, LaydieBug!

Everyone is tucking into the food....
A shot of the food....well, that was what's left....the pizza's gone...haha; there's actually 2 Pizzas; one Barbeque Chicken and the other; I can't really remember what was that:p
Chatting session and they were making fun and giving our HotChick (Jes) a hard time over something...aaaa...I am definitely not gonna tell you and embarass one of my good friends (she's also like one of my besties:) here:P
Laid back and relaxed....and everyone kept mentioning how quiet I was...sorry guys, I was always a bore...*sighs*
Anyway, soon everyone wanted a dip into the pool and bestie wanted to talk to me when suddenly, with my very own eyes, she was carried and flung into the pool.....awwww.....
POOR poor poor bestie...but at least, she knows how to swim:)
There goes our bestie catching up session:p
But hey, say Cheese...still manage to look so cool after that...isn't she hot? Haha:)
Jes aka HotChick is still relaxing....
EmoQueen (wondered where did that come from as well; don't recall Esther was such an emotional person:p ) was the next to hop into the pool.
Nice pic of the two poolside gals....
More of my Hot gal friends.....Geri(Geraldine didn't turn up due to something else she had to attend to)
So sad...and I was so hoping to see that cute gal:)
Anyway....my hot friends....doing some threesome thing.
They fell on each other the first time...and this time, they did better......
should start learning from those cheerleader troups.....good idea; LaydieBug, think about it...haha, the Water Cheers:)
Hahaha....they do so want to get me into the pool...and I know, Angelstar's being such a spoilsport for not joining or wading by the poolside....SORRY....
But I do so want to take pics and also I don't really like water...especially pool.
I can bear the sea...but pool, call it hydro phobia or pool phobia...but Angelstar's always rather reserved to go near the pool...hahaha...especially when I am with this crazy bunch of old friends...they'd do ANYTHING and I mean anything to throw me into the pool....and somehow I get sick easily, I am such a weakie; no kidding...so, don't really wanna get sick.
I had to protect bro's cam which I really need for my trip back home and also for Christmas....and I really don't wanna get wet....sorry bestie and all of you....I know I am being such a spoilsport...SORRY again!
Ahahaha....another spoilsport of me....refused the beer:p
Nah...this is my preference...don't be mad lar.....
Look at how fierce this guy is when I am being a spoilsport?:P
Haha *kidding*; this's my OLD friend; future pilot *winks*
Remember to bring us for a quick flight.....
And look at this; a whole carton of Tiger....they do love beer.....I think someone mentioned scotch and I really saw Bjorn holding a bottle of Chivas....reminds me of my ex-colleagues last time....always brings along a bottle of Chivas Regal..last round when my ex-supervisor organized a poolside party by her condo as well...:D
The guys....Best brothers forever.....Tiger, anyone?
And the gals...
Group pic:)
After the swim, they are getting hungry...hahaha...moved all the food to the poolside...enjoying your food, gal? *winks*
I had to leave soon after....before I got the chance to see Dr. Liew....sighhhh...why lar so late?But never mind, he's in Penang and we know each other's existence on the island...hahaha...
this is another good and fun guy....really one of the nicest guys I know as well....coool!
Anyway, it was one good poolside party and I enjoyed the fun and rowdy group...yeah, I know, I am the bored and quiet one...but really, you guys certainly didn't bore me.
I really missed all of you...and it was good to be around my FRIENDs....real friends who treat me friendly.....I still do MISS all of you...and I mean it....sorry if I was such a spoilsport or if you guys were offended....
But I am really proud, happy and touched to have all of you as my friends....and that you guys still are my friends...
Unhappy clouds pass by once in a while but you guys are the bright skies and rainbow who comes to remind me....and I really missed all of you lots.....
It's been a GREAT and you guys RAWKS!!!
Thanks Bestie for inviting and organizing this!
Thanks Bjorn for being a great host!! And your girlfriend is cool! :)
Thanks Ju for the catching up talk and also the exchanging of the stories since we last left school(that was the last time we met:p )
Thanks Esther for coming around and making me laugh...
Thanks Jes...for being protective over me when they wanted me to drink the alcohol mixed with fruit juice:) Love ya lots...muackkks....and may God bless you...(*God always blesses Jes anyway...*winks*)
To end this, just a pic with my oldest friend.....have a safe trip back to Aus!! And will always remember my Std 1 Bakawali pal!!
Too bad didn't have personal pics with bestie and also Jes....next time lar:)
Look forward for the next gathering...erm...can we have in another place next round?
Hehehe...kidding...just want to see you guys....
Take care...keep in touch and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 to all of you!!!