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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trip back home...

I was back in KL for Christmas and I had a great ride...thanks to my good friend from Penang...Pamalite Kensington...hehe; that's his nickname:)
We left Penang after work on Friday; the 22nd (yeah, 3 days before Christmas).

We had a breezy and smooth trip...look, I was so cheerful that day that I took pics to show you how clear the traffic was:)

That is; before we came to a crawl as we approach the tunnel or the hilly area towards Ipoh:(
Didn't know what caused it and we tried to reason that it was probably due to some kind of accident....
Whoa....one lane was closed in the tunnel...and that's the culprit.... sighhh...causing the jam and traffic stress and anxiety for nothing.......
Anyway, it was a smooth trip after that....happy happy back to KL :)