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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Li-Chard the Stunt-zard?

Haha...this was the story of the brave little lizard which we called "Li-chard" back at home in KL.
This pic was taken some time ago dy....about 2 years back and the recent post about Lizzie made me realize that I never did post this up despite the pics that I have already taken....guess I forgot:p
Anyway, I remembered I saw this with mum in the kitchen...haha; it was so obvious as it was sort of like hanging in the air; clinging onto our dear kitchen cabinet for support.
It amused us that Li-chard actually balanced himself and we were wondering what it was doing there. We snapped pics and tried to get its attention.
However, after some time, we realized that it was actually dead!!!
Wonder whether the awkward angle twisted it in some way or another that it probably sprained itself and died just like that....
Awwwww....it was such a pity but I believe that it was creative and ingenious in pulling off such a brave stunt on a near-fall position...it probably wanted to be the next Li-Chie Chan to make it to Lizzie-Wood.....but, with due respects, it was definitely one memorable Li-Chard that we will never forget when we saw Dad used the spatula to take it away.
Time of death recorded as 4.30p.m (approximation).
Goodbye Li-Chard!~