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Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Blues

Today is Monday...and I am sooooooooooooo sleeepyyy...*yawns*
Don't know why am I so sleepy this morning.......
* Wake up, it's MONDAY!!~ Need to get to work....sleepyhead....
Weird, Angelstar's never been like this...I am always up and awake and I am such an early bird; but today, I have to practically drag myself out of the bed (which is typically the case only when I am seriously sick; but this is not the case today:(
Sleeeppppyyyyy........Mondays should not be created...after a nice weekend, you just feel that it's hard to go to work....
but then again, if there are no Mondays, we will have Tuesdays....
it's pretty much how you want it to be....we will always blame it on Monday blues...just like Garfield who hates Mondays...but if you want it to be happy, you will be happy; likewise, if you are going to make it like it's such a drag, man, be prepared for a long day and miserable one for you.
SO....just get up and go to WORK!!!! :p