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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Busy Bee

I have been really busy not just physically but also mentally.....tired tired tired lar......
I also want to rest; but somehow when I tried to rest, those pictures of work keep flashing in the mind....sighhhhh...
Why am I like that?
I can only think of 3 reasons/symptoms of this:
Number 1: I am turning into a workaholic....
Number 2: I probably am a workaholic
Number 3: I am ALREADY a workaholic!!!~

So, what's new?
What's life without work?
Most importantly, stay happy; busy or free....if you are happy, does it make a difference?

Some people are happy being busy
Some people are happy being lazy
Some people are happy being witty
Some people are happy being silly
So why do we always worry worry and worry?
About every single thing about money
And frowning over single penny
It doesn't take a thing too many
To do what it needs to be happy
So that we don't look back and be sorry!~

**Just some random rants and blabbering for fun...haha, ignore that poem...it was thought up in less than 5 seconds:P **