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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lizzie in Action!

I caught a picture of this last week when I reached home and was about to unlock the grill gate leading into the house.
As I was taking off my shoes, I couldn't help noticing a pair of lizards here....which apparently seemed entangled with each other in an awkward position.
Woooowwww....they were like a couple of centimetres above my shoe rack and I was hesitating to put my shoes there......eeeee...
Then I remembered to grab my camera in my little tote bag and snapped a picture of them!
Yikes....I didn't dare to go any closer and so, there I was standing a couple of feet away from them.....still kinda scared and cautious as to whether they will suddenly detangle themselves in a hurry (you know how panicky lizards can be) and then suddenly fling themselves at my feet or worse still, ON me!!~~ *shudders at the thought/imaginative picture*
Zoom closer......BLUR.....too scared to go any closer:(
This reminded me of another lizzie story back at home some time ago.....which was also at an interesting positon or rather; even at a certain angle...and man, that was truly interesting:p And that time, that lizzie actually died in action.
So, I was a little perceptive as to whether these two are still alive.....but I thought so anyway though there was not much reaction as I snapped pictures of them with the blinding flash at them.
I sensed that they were being protective....the nature to play motionless so that they will not be harmed....
Sharper zoom of them.....no worries; Angelstar's harmless to living creatures *winks*
Anyway, too tired to watch them....and went into the house.
The next morning I knew, they were already gone when I was going to work :)