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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Public Holiday

Today is finally a public holiday...1st of Feb; in conjunction with Thaipusam and for KL-lians, it is also the Federal Territory Day :)
Double festive occasion in 1 single day.....hmmm, wonder whether there is another replacement day since they both fall on the same day *winks*
During my uni days, I don't get this day off; either for Thaipusam or even for Federal Territory simply because the location of my university campus is actually in Selangor and somehow, they don't even give us a break for Thaipusam; bit unfair to the Indian/Hindu students, don't you think so?

Anyway, being a common public holiday, most of the people are not working and thus you see most of them either hanging out with friends; watching movies, shopping and you know, just chillin' out:p
As for me, I did go out....haha, woke up early this morning and wanted to do some work; yeah, I actually wanted to work:p
* In fact, I am actually working at this moment while I blogged this post:P *

I know, workaholic symptoms but I can't help it....need to get things done on time...sighs, just tonnes of stuffs to do.
I even declined a gathering with a bunch of my good friends last night because I was too tired and I actually wanted to get home and do my work again....I know, sounds really crazy huh?
I got a nice little ping this morning on my MSN Messenger and I was surprised to see it came from an old friend....indeed a wonderful and bright surprise to make my day.
Al is my old friend who is currently overseas and we can really chat about lots of stuffs; and one of my good guy pals/buddies.
It was a pretty funny and witty conversation this morning; with him drilling questions out of me and freaking out at my early morning habits (plus some workaholic traits as well:p )
Al: Hey.....good morning? I suppose?
Angelstar: Yes; you are right *smiley icon*
Al: And WHAT are you doing this early in the morning over there? If my memory serves me right, it's supposed to be a public holiday in Malaysia today....
Angelstar: Yes, you are right; it IS a public holiday today - Thaipusam and also Federal Territory Day for KL
Al: And, why are you up SOOOOOO early??You don't celebrate Thaipusam either....
Angelstar: Just my normal habits; used to waking up early....
Al: OKAYYYYY.....so, what are you doing at this hour?
Angelstar: Hmmmm, work, blog a little, and laundry after this
Al: Work? What work?
Angelstar: Ooooo...just some work stuffs from office (as in workplace)
Al: WHAT???!!! Are you in the office right now? Please don't tell me you are in the office...please don't......sighhhhh....Noooooo
Angelstar: I am NOT in the office....
Al: PHEW!!! Thank God......
Angelstar: But I may be in the office if there is an early morning meeting today....which fortunately I don't for today. My boss is working though today; he has a meeting with our counterparts.
Al: What? Are you working in the IT field right now?
Angelstar: Ermmm....it's Engineering....
Al: Ahhhh...congrats!
Al: Engineering huh? Are you doing anything related to networking then? Cisco?
Angelstar: Nopes; I am in the semicon industry
Al: Semicon? Design or plan?
Angelstar: Design....
Al: Cool! Then you must be pretty familiar with RAM, DRAM, etc?
Angelstar: Sort of...I am in the design area *smiley*
Al: Hmmmm...then you're in Electronic Engineering then...
Angelstar: Yups, right...and I am working with a bunch of them as of now...
Al: Hahaha.....
Angelstar: And I am from Comp background...Makes you wonder what am I doing out there...
Al: Hahaha....
Hahaha....I continued freaking him out with my howdy antics...and telling him about my job; at the same time annoying him as we went around with a couple of winding questions before he finally guessed which company I am working for when he claimed that I could've told him directly....haha!:D
Well, I guess I kinda freaked him out with the out of usual working hours of an engineer...and perhaps I did make his re-focus of job to re-focus again...hehehe:P

Okieeee....now back to my work for a while; hope I can complete it by tonight before I will be hanged by my colleague tomorrow:P
And it was great talking to an old friend....whom I hope will be able to meet when he's back..which will be pretty soon *winks*