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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Business Trip

I am going for a business trip soon; ermm...at the moment; it's still within the country lar:p

It's been some time; time really flew past me.....and I'm really looking forward to seeing some friends again!!

I am also hyped about this important meeting at the same time....it's really exciting for me to meet more people in different locations.....counting down to my travelling day now...and hope to see you all soon!~

Women and directions..

The other day I was heading towards to a location near the southern port with one of my boss and I was not sure how to get there.
I have been there once with another colleague; and I reckon, to play safe, I'd better get the full directions from him again (makes sense, right?)

Even the boss went to check with him again
Boss: Hey G, you didn't do your job well ya....you didn't teach her the right way to get there?
G: Haha...this is naturally the problem with ALL ladies...they can never recognize the road and no sense of direction...

Luckily the boss chipped in...."That is gender discrimination" (Laughs)

G: Well, I admit...I'm a racist and yeah, a sexist


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Book Day!~^_^


Enjoy reading!~

P.S.: I received a comment from a friend that everyday seems to be a special day for me!
Well, IT IS.... hehe, these world-commemorated days for certain events are special but at the same time, regardless of the existence of an event, it is still special to me...everyday is!:)
That's why we call it the present:D

Grab your books and read now!~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Earth Day

Today is officially World Earth Day!!~

Happy Earth Day!~
Please support recycling campaigns; I heard on radio this morning that the participation in recycling campaign worldwide is pretty low; and this is very demotivating for the environment.

Why people would rather throw plastic cans and bags into the river than drop them into the colored boxes to be re-used to protect the environment?

Do your part; start picking out your stuffs that can be recycled and send them to your nearest recycle center!~~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Power Presentation

I had an important business presentation last Friday; and we had this counterpart who flew in all the way from Austria for the prez.
No kidding, he arrived a day before and met up with us to sync on the details and then he presented on Friday in front of a group of 8 people from the customer side.

It was actually a really crucial presentation to make that lasting impression and to gain the confidence for upcoming victory.

Suffice to say, it was a great opportunity for me and I am really excited to be a part of the project...erm, actually, I own the project :D

I believe this will succeed; if I play my cards right *SMILES*

Visit to Oil Palm Factory

On Thursday, I went for a site visit to an oil palm processing factory.
I was naive enough to think it was just a simple factory visit; of course....well, I never had any experience going to these raw materials processing factories anyway, except on the TV.

Well, to cut the long story short, I can probably say it was an eye-opener and also, a rather tiring experiences.

Sorry, I do not have any photo to post here - understandable that factories typically prohibit usage of camera or recording devices.
I can only detail that there were those really big silicone tanks and there's smoke, and of course, OIL everywhere!

Seriously, OIL....it was really oily over there....I mean, duh, it's an oil processing factory anyway.
Initially, I was supposed to wait for my colleagues to go to the site since they couldn't find my bootie size; until the last minute, they found a small-sized and brand new pair of booties.

We didn't go in detail to look at each process; but practically the site was really oily; black patches of oil everywhere. Even the railing on the staircase were so slippery.

I even entered a hydrogen plant...and it was really strict that no answering of phone calls is allowed; or else, the whole plant can explode...that's warning enough to ignore the ringing phone!~

I was not a really phobic of heights but when I climbed up each level of the processing tanks, I couldn't help feeling afraid as well as the staircase and the platform are not made of solid planks; but rather, the sparring steel platforms that can be lifted.
Gosh...I definitely feel insecure...

I was definitely glad to get out of the site after that:p
In fact, I was so happy that I forgot to snap a pic of myself in the attire of helmet, goggle and bootie....hahaha:p

I shall make it a point to only visit semicond labs or production in the future:p

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Seok Ling!~

Yesterday was one of my ex-colleague's birthday and I sent her an email; with my warm wishes and of course, my usual practice, to copy everyone in the team of her joyous day.

I was so happy to received replies from my colleagues; who were so kind to catch up on how I have been doing.
It was really sweet to hear from all of them and to be in contact with people whom you used to be so close to and now, you rarely see them.

And the best part was, they were still their same old self; telling me stories about their working life and not being too formal...hehe, the friendly folks I used to know!;)

Anyway, here's to Seok Ling who also was a newly wed last year;)
Hope you guys had a great celebration at Manhattan!~

(*The following pics were from a separate event - previous farewell gathering; my last few pics with this cool team)

Gosh...I missed all of you soooooo much!~
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
(Seok Ling in the middle)

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Big boss in the dark blue shirt
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

I missed all of you, DIM:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All's Well Ends Well

Yesterday was a slightly cross between a good and a not-so-good day.
Now if you know me well enough, you should know that I totally love Fridays....it's like, my favorite day of the week...kinda TGIF!

And I was always hyped especially in the morning; but boy, was I surprised to receive 2 important calls from customers in the morning and that got me running and about the whole office getting those things done for the customer immediately.

During this, I had to be so meek to those people who was in the middle link to get things done and yet, I can tell you, some of them were just rude or plain mean and frustrated people which I don't get why.

No.1: The receptionist whom I had to call up to connect to my customer's desk. I had to call a couple of times since my customer didn't give me his direct line nor personal cell number.
And guess what the receptionist told me during my 3rd or 4th call...
"You always call Mr. X so many times, problem not solved ke?"

I was like :-O (stunned with my mouth open)

Then I tried to get his direct line and when I called the following time, I couldn't get through again (bummer), I had no other choice but to call the receptionist who could get him on the line.
This time, she put me through meekly and I waited for him to get on.
As no one picked up the call, it will typically go back to the receptionist...
However, this time, she hung up on me!
I was like, what's her problem?
That's like outright rude!!

And all this while, I was super polite to her...

* In case you are wondering why I was calling him a few times, he had a faulty programming device and needed technical solution and I had to contact him.
He told me to double check and hence we had to do a couple of to and fro calls.

Again, I am definitely astonished at this outrageous behavior of the receptionist....
She doesn't like connecting calls? Well....I really have no idea what's her job scope then.....

No.2: My colleague who was supposed to help me get to my customer's request....sighs, again, red tapes...lots of procedures; written paper, etc etc...you get the picture.
In fact, I settled everything before I went out...
and then while I was driving, she called me a couple of times, of course, I couldn't pick up in time...
And then when I called her, she said I was late lar, this lar...and how come I don't pick up my phone lar, bla bla bla....
Then she also mentioned why didn't I listen to my voice message lar...


I was like really at a loss of words....what do you expect me to say?
Okay okay okay....
Shall I crash myself in the hospital to answer IMPORTANT telephone calls?


But at the end of the day, I actually obtained some very good results; I managed to secure an agreement and a deal with a customer...and for the other customer I assisted in the morning, his problem was solved and he thanked me cheerfully!

Hmmmm......it is true that there is always a silver lining beneath the cloud.....


Fridays are still great:D

My good ol' MMU friends

I was clearing some of my old files when I found this pic taken during this year's CNY.
It was an old friends' catch-up session organized by PG; and it was just right since most of us were in Penang at that time.

PG was in town for his annual CNY visit; and the rest was back in their hometown for the festive season.
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

It was really a great time hanging out with them for the 3 hours; gosh...it has been so long...since we met at our convo!!~

Most of the folks haven't change much...hehe, they still look smart and brainy!;) LOL!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gotcha Call

I was driving to office this morning and listening to Hitz FM's morning crew and their signature gotcha calls; which was quite funny this morning.

This guy was fooled by his own sister and mother; haha....
He was fooled into believing the call came from a national service commander and he took it so seriously in obeying orders that he even did push-ups over the phone.
He must have been terrified to hear from a commander....I kinda pity the guy when his own sister and mother laughed and he realized that they pulled this on him....sighs!

Funny but I was thinking, sometimes it is really not that cool especially when you fool around with something that can cause a panic attack
For instance, last week, this guy called his mechanic or brother about his car and the brakes; yelling over the phone that his car couldn't brake and faking all those crash sounds in the background.
The other guy sounded so genuinely freaked out and when he found out it was a gotcha call, he was relieved but yet you can empathize with his frustration when he found out it was a prank.

In fact, he even mentioned, "I almost had a heart attack man!!"

I mean it's true, pranks and jokes may be funny...but when it comes to a serious extent and joking about life and death, I don't really think it's worth fooling around either.

Much as I enjoyed the perky voices and conversations on the morning breakfast show, I guess there should be some weighing before proceeding with any sort of gotcha request.

So, Gotcha? Find a good joke....:D

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Father-daughter Love

I've always thought of father and daughter as a pure relationship; of the same blood and inheritance of the genes.
In fact, incest particularly through forced rape by the father on his own flesh and blood not just disgusts me, it makes me awfully sick!

Today in The Sun papers, I actually came across this news about a father and daughter in Australia who were actually publicly professing their relationship; seriously, they ARE in a relationship with each other; and I am not talking about paternal love.

Don't blame me; this is not a common scene in our culture and I don't think so it is THAT common across the globe either.
It was a little shocking as I read about this reunion of father and daughter who later got involved in a relationship and the woman had a child with her own father who is both father and grandfather of the child she borne.
And she herself; is both mother and sister to her own kid!
OH MY!!!
This just seems sickening.....it's so wrong!!!

Not just that, before this she was supposed to have another child by him but they lost the earlier child...
This is seriously complicated and is too much for me to bear....

In fact, the woman was in her 30's while her father was about 61; and upon reunion, she found him an attractive man...she was quoted as saying, "He's not bad; the sort that you will look at a man across the bar"


GOSH....I am speechless.....
It's just so weird for me...a whole new world....
I am not gonna judge them; but I just find this so OUT-of the planet for me....

I know this is not something new; since there was such cases where the mother marries her own son in ancient history....

again, this is so so weird...I need to lie down...an aspirin....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Anger Management

Anger is one of the worst sin in the 7 deadly sins.
Anger is something built up of emotion and depends on a person's mind and the will to control.

Anger is not a natural thing; it is usually a mind trick and a choice of the person.
It is inevitable when things don't go your normal way and frustration or confusion building in the mind; causing unhappiness to cloud feelings.

I myself am learning to wriggle my way out of this sin; being human.
However, I often find myself bewildered when people just choose to show their anger over every single thing.
Is the anger worth it?

I met cross people today; who just got so frustrated with life, work, people and they just lost their cool and totally lashed out at the other party without putting it to their thought the effect their anger had on others.

It is sad; but yet, people still choose to be angry over major or trivial matters without choosing another way of rationalizing their emotions before expressing them in full mode.

I know it's hard; but I did realize that it is just the either side of the coin kinda scenario; it is a choice to make.
Think of it this way; if you get frustrated and you choose to vent it out at others by snapping or lashing at everyone around you; you will not feel any better because you end up spreading the anger around and making everyone else cross at the same time.
However, if you smile and bury the emotion in yourself and laugh over silly jokes; you will find that your anger subsided in you and slowly, it doesn't seem so important anymore.

So, anger is a matter of choice...and I hope you choose the same road as me *Smiles*

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bleeding wound


Today was a painful day; initially it started off pretty okay and fun...you know working with my colleagues, etc and then towards the end of the day...an unlucky episode to end the whole day.

I fell and grazed my knee....I thought it wasn't deep...and yet I was shocked to see that spot started bleeding:(
Oh NO!!!

I was so upset over the wound....not over the pain; but over the ugly fact that I may need to cover or plaster the wound and worrying about scars.
AIKS!!! *sob*

I went to the doctor to clean and dress the wound and the nurse praised me that I am pretty brave to sit there and stare at the wound while she cleans it up.
Most girls, she claimed, howled even before she could touch the wound.

Anyway, I can't deny that I am still pretty upset by this all:(
Another 2 days for recovery....sighs

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Asia Water 2008 in KLCC

Back in KL and today I was attending the much-publicized Asia Water 2008; held in the KL Convention Centre.
I was supposed to be there by 10am and I took some time looking for a parking place.
There were 2 open air car parks next to KLCC and they were fully occupied!
Can you imagine that?

And here I was, being naive that a Water works event may not be so appealing to normal folks:p
Perhaps, I was the only one thinking such ignorant thoughts.

Anyway, I have no choice but to park my car in Suria KLCC's carpark...I know, I am expecting a sky-rise ticket price but let's leave it until the time I leave.

The hall was pretty packed; the exhibition invited a crowd of exhibitors from major companies; occupying all 5 halls in the Convention Center.
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
In Hall 4 alone, the first booth was of the gigantic company from Germany; Siemens which specialized in a wide range of products; ranging from motors, drives, inverters, and of course, automation systems - offereing a total packaged solution for any industry needs; including the theme for this exhibition - the water works interest.
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

This demo case was flown in from Germany for the exhibition purpose and represents the total solution for automation.
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

The other products for water filtering system
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

An impressive portfolio of projects implementation of Water Waste Plant and Municipal Water Works in Shanghai, UK and Germany, Siemens was definitely one of the top option for water solution:)
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

And the hall was definitely packed with keen visitors and VIP; in fact even the honorable Raja Muda Perak; Raja Nazrin Shah was present to launch the event!
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

It rained pretty heavily in the afternoon; despite the blazing sun in the midday.
And it was really tiring!!
After a long day, I was slapped with a RM14 parking ticket at the Suria KLCC....wowww!!
That's very exorbitant prices merely for parking my car in their premises!!!:o

As if that's not bad enough, I even lost my way and navigated to another area.
Thank God, I managed my way through and found my way in a jiff of a time; although there is the price (toll) to pay!:S

KL is truly a "Pay" Ka-Liow...(Pay for everything)!:p