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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bleeding wound


Today was a painful day; initially it started off pretty okay and fun...you know working with my colleagues, etc and then towards the end of the day...an unlucky episode to end the whole day.

I fell and grazed my knee....I thought it wasn't deep...and yet I was shocked to see that spot started bleeding:(
Oh NO!!!

I was so upset over the wound....not over the pain; but over the ugly fact that I may need to cover or plaster the wound and worrying about scars.
AIKS!!! *sob*

I went to the doctor to clean and dress the wound and the nurse praised me that I am pretty brave to sit there and stare at the wound while she cleans it up.
Most girls, she claimed, howled even before she could touch the wound.

Anyway, I can't deny that I am still pretty upset by this all:(
Another 2 days for recovery....sighs