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Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Seok Ling!~

Yesterday was one of my ex-colleague's birthday and I sent her an email; with my warm wishes and of course, my usual practice, to copy everyone in the team of her joyous day.

I was so happy to received replies from my colleagues; who were so kind to catch up on how I have been doing.
It was really sweet to hear from all of them and to be in contact with people whom you used to be so close to and now, you rarely see them.

And the best part was, they were still their same old self; telling me stories about their working life and not being too formal...hehe, the friendly folks I used to know!;)

Anyway, here's to Seok Ling who also was a newly wed last year;)
Hope you guys had a great celebration at Manhattan!~

(*The following pics were from a separate event - previous farewell gathering; my last few pics with this cool team)

Gosh...I missed all of you soooooo much!~
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(Seok Ling in the middle)

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Big boss in the dark blue shirt
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I missed all of you, DIM:)