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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Father-daughter Love

I've always thought of father and daughter as a pure relationship; of the same blood and inheritance of the genes.
In fact, incest particularly through forced rape by the father on his own flesh and blood not just disgusts me, it makes me awfully sick!

Today in The Sun papers, I actually came across this news about a father and daughter in Australia who were actually publicly professing their relationship; seriously, they ARE in a relationship with each other; and I am not talking about paternal love.

Don't blame me; this is not a common scene in our culture and I don't think so it is THAT common across the globe either.
It was a little shocking as I read about this reunion of father and daughter who later got involved in a relationship and the woman had a child with her own father who is both father and grandfather of the child she borne.
And she herself; is both mother and sister to her own kid!
OH MY!!!
This just seems sickening.....it's so wrong!!!

Not just that, before this she was supposed to have another child by him but they lost the earlier child...
This is seriously complicated and is too much for me to bear....

In fact, the woman was in her 30's while her father was about 61; and upon reunion, she found him an attractive man...she was quoted as saying, "He's not bad; the sort that you will look at a man across the bar"


GOSH....I am speechless.....
It's just so weird for me...a whole new world....
I am not gonna judge them; but I just find this so OUT-of the planet for me....

I know this is not something new; since there was such cases where the mother marries her own son in ancient history....

again, this is so so weird...I need to lie down...an aspirin....