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Monday, March 26, 2007

Offsite in Kulim

Yesterday was my team's offsite cum teambuilding which this round they chose to have it in Kulim (aiks, of all the places!! arghs:( )
Anyway, Sean (that's the organizer; who happens to be a rich kid...and pretty young guy with a PhD and really smart) was picked to organize this round's event:)
It was overall not a bad thing; but it was just a bummer to have it in Kulim.....I mean, not that I am so prejudice towards this little town but it's just that; you know, being part of the headcount in Kulim (means my designated workplace would be in Kulim and that I am destined to work in Kulim....and you get what I mean), when you talk about offsite, I think they should just organize it OFF site....hehe, OFF Kulim.
Not that I really detest Kulim, right now, since I am doing a different scope, I spend more than 50% of the days in a week in Penang but still, hehehe.....okay, I rest my case.

Overall, there were pretty good sharings and presentation from our managers and also, the Dept Head who's always had this gift of the gab and this speaking charm...he can really talk and go on and on.
And he even gave us some of those questions which were really testing :)
Then the overall sharing was also pretty good.
Despite my earlier resistance due to the incident I earlier mentioned, I still enjoyed my time there and had a pretty great time myself :D
Though there was this question which some raised which made me think of some really spontaneous responses in my head and I would have slashed out those thoughts in my head (no, I have nothing against the person though he has made me miserable before).
Well, I have my quick and sharp side of my tongue and also my mind which sometimes make me reflect really quick on answers.
This guy really displayed immaturity when he posted those questions and I was surprised that the another 2 people who were in that group kinda raised up the same thing as well (there's only 3 of them anyway currently left in that particular group).
I find it so ridiculous that you are questioning something which you yourself should get your heads clear before even bringing this to the bigger parent group and make a fool of yourself, group and also, of course, your manager.
Just my thought.....oh well....

I will wait for those pics from the organizer to be posted on my blog ya! :)