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Monday, March 26, 2007

Meaning of life

Sorry for the long-time no post again; I have been pretty busy and rushing here and there to get all my stuffs done.
Don't really know why am I being pushed here and there for this and that; just when I am rushing for this assignment, then another one asked me whether I have completed the other. Imagine, some of the requests came from the same person, after asking me to do this and that, she will still ask me whether I have completed task X and Z.....
Sighs....guess that's what working life is all about.....sometimes you just wish you can throw everything away and just relax through your life.....
I mean, look at us....we are slogging day in day out.....working like dogs and worrying here and there whether we did it right or whether we are gonna make it work, etc.
All for one simple word; MONEY.

Everyone wants that; whether you are rich or you are poor......the rich wants to get richer and the poor, of course, wants to be rich.....like duuuh!
However, let's just stop and think about this; why is money so important?
Well, a simple answer, ain't it?
This IS a realistic and money-driven world....not like the money-less world we see in Doraemon, where you go into that phone booth and come out into a money-less world. We have to face the fact that everything you want or set your eyes upon require money.
We want to be able to travel....shop....buy houses/shops/cars, dine luxuriously, pick anything you want without looking at the price tags, setting your hair, dressing up.....etc etc...sounds like a dream come true.....a diva or a prince in making huh?
That's why we end up pushing ourselves to the limit; some even go to the extent of working more than 2 jobs at a time; trying to earn that extra.
Sometimes, we end up damaging ourselves (health) for that reason and do we get to enjoy that money? No, we will probably just end up nursing our health with that extra money you earned by paying all your medical bills...ironic huh?
But without money, it is also a misery.....

Well, I was just thinking about this the other day; what happens if this world doesn't need money?
Sounds good; people don't have to work, there'd be no crimes, and one more thing, there'd definitely be NO life.
Think of it and picture the everyday scenario; why do people rush to the LRT/KTM to board that train every morning? Why do people get so nervous going for interviews? Why are we studying so hard and trying to get into uni? Why are we having malls, sales?
Why do we have people queuing up in the banks or post offices?
Again, because of money.....

You can say money makes you miserable (when you don't have any) but you can't deny the fact that money is the motivation factor that kept the world going. Without money, there'd be no factor that pushes people to move forward to do things and make full use of their talents.
We'd have no engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, bankers, accountants, etc today....what we will be seeing is a society full of slackers and lazy bums lying around who do not have a direction or meaning in their lives.
Even robbers and thieves may find themselves jobless!!! And do not know what to do next....

Money may be the root of all evil...but you can't deny that money does contribute to the overall factor of the continuous growth and development of the human minds which continue to contribute and conquer the world :)
So.....forget all that daydream and focus...again, back to earning money :)
Well, sometimes you just miss those days when you were a kid and not having to worry about money...hehe....