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Friday, March 02, 2007

Chicken Pox Alert

One of my colleagues actually had chicken pox(got it from his kids, he said) a week before the Chinese New Year festive season. Poor him huh, can't really enjoy his Chinese New Year goodies. If he's like me, then he will be fine....hahaha....reason is because, I do not touch any of the CNY stuffs; in fact I kinda dislike all the CNY stuffs including mandarin oranges as well.
I get sick when I take heaty stuffs and I really take care of myself. Since young, I have been a weakling and on strict supervision due to my health.
Anyway, it has been 2-3 weeks since I last saw him until early this week.
I was leaving my office after completing my work; calling it a day, I walked towards the elevator, waiting for my turn when he came behind me and said hello. He's always been a close friend and a very very friendly and amiable guy. I even called him my Papa....haha, he's not that old (has a son and a daughter; both are only toddlers).
So as I turned and we entered the elevator together, I noticed some spots on his face and recalled that he was the one with chicken pox before the Chinese New year (all those work made me forget everything:p )
I was a little shocked; but of course, I did not show him that - it will be an insult; furthermore, he is my Papa. However, I was worrying inside but he was hanging onto my bag and even sent me to the main concourse area and to the parking space until we departed in different directions to our cars.
I freaked out and I was like, is it still contagious? Sorry ya, didn't mean to be such a wimp and a worry wart. But I do know that chicken pox typically is in a contagious stage when it starts to dry. His looks dried up and some even told me that he is in the healing stage which will dry and fall off. I am not sure whether this is a contagious stage; some told me yes, not sure.
So, Dr Liew, any info to share on this?
How long does it take to heal? If they claimed he already recovered, why are there still dried dark spots on his face? Some told me not to go near or have any of the debris from the spots fall on me, etc.....myth? How long is the recuperation period for this?
Confused at the moment, I saw him yesterday again.
I did google up some info on this and it seems that a person will take 10-21 days after contact with a person to develop this.
AAAAHHHHHH!!!! freaking out.....:p
Will take EXTRA EXTRA good care of myself in this month:)