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Monday, March 26, 2007

Wrong turns

Aiks, yesterday I was so blur.....remember I told you about that offsite I had in the golf course in Kulim?
Well, I drove there in the morning and reached there in good time; and when I was about to reach, I got bored of the CD I was listening to in the player and decided to switch to the morning crew on the radio.
Once I looked up (I know, dangerous driving...hehe, but there's not a lot of people driving in KM anyway and I had perfect control of the car), I noticed that I had passed that turning!!!~
Awwww.....I was like, why did I go and change to the radio? Does it matter what I am listening to since I was about to reach anyway?
Sighs....I had to drive about half or one fifth of a kilometre before I managed to make that U-turn.... and make it there; sighs....all for that CD..just ain't worth the trouble!

Well, then at the end of the day, when we were going home, I was already thinking that when I exit from the golf course, I will turn left to hit the highway faster....but when I finally reached that main entrance/exit gate (after traversing down the slope and hilly road), I turned to my right. I can still hit the highway from there but again, I missed another turn and ended up having to do another U-turn.
What's with me and all the wrong turns and U-turns yesterday????!!!

Blur case......
Anyway, in driving, when we make a wrong turn, we can still make a U-turn and hit back to the road we wanted to go to initially, however, in our life, if we make the wrong turn in our decision, we'd have to bear the consequences and live with it for the rest of our life.
There is no U-turn in life...sooooooo,
Moral of the story: don't drink and drive....haha!!
Or in my case, don't change the CD when you are turning :)