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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spokesperson/Mascots for Brands...CUTE!!!

I got this mail from my colleague; and disclaimer, I do not COPY them nor infringe any copyrights. If you are the owner and do not want this to appear, do drop me a mail and I guarantee they will disappear immediately.

Can you guess which brand they are representing?
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Pretty easy and a breeze so far right?
Now the last one...
WHAT brand is this??
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COOL right?!! *winks*
The ultimate one...hehe, the best of all....:p

How to drive...ah??

What's with the drivers in Malaysia?
They really drive on others' nerves.....
I am not an impatient driver (or I think so) but some drivers really test your patience.
I was going home yesterday from work and then I met a few really slow drivers.

This silver Perdana was in front of me and he was like swerving here and there and then, put on his signal last minute to cut that bend in front. Okay, I was quite a distance behind him, so I could make it in time.
Then, I was still behind him and he again, overtook other cars dangerously, putting on his signals at the very last minute.
I finally got off his trail as I overtook him and went off

Then as I was reaching my condo area, there was this Wira aeroback with KL car plate which was trying to make a U-turn. The other entrance was closed so naturally, this is the normal route for me as well; to make a U-turn to hit the road to reach Queensbay.
The funny thing that tickled me was, he went all the way to the edge to make a U-turn...I dismissed that as a possibility that he is unsure of the directions.

I was following behind him and again, he drove ever so slowly, which I am okay since he is of a foreign plate (not local...understandable to find their way) BUT...he goes out of this lane and then rush back into the lane again....now that was scary and he was crawling at like, 20km/h? No kidding!!

Nevermind, that was yesterday...this morning, EARLY morning as I was going to work, I was behind this while Kancil....a real joker.
He was on the right lane...there's 3 lanes around this industrial area....along the Krystal Point stretch.
He suddenly put his signal and cut his way all to the left....haha!!!
If you are heading to the left direction, shouldn't you be slowly cutting into middle and then left lane?

Sighs....can someone tell me, what's wrong with our Malaysian drivers these days?

Storm in Penang...am I lucky to be out?

While I was away, Daddy told me that there was a rain spell in Penang (north) and it stirred up a storm here. Pretty dramatic and an anomaly for this to hit our country; some even commented that the storm kind of reminded them of the tsunami tragedy a few years back.
I even got some pics from my colleague on the storm which hit Esplanade; you know where the famous Fort Cornwallis stood? And the mighty and legendary cannon which was reputed to be haunted/saintly as it goes off during the holy month sometimes....
It was also the place where I did my History project in Secondary 2.....
And the following pics showed how badly it was hit....
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These pictures look really scary huh? I'd be freaked if I was around....
And...I have to travel to Kulim somemore, Daddy and Mummy will really worry sick:p

Daddy even told me that several places such as Pulau Tikus and Georgetown was badly hit by the flash floods...and even Sungai Dua...the place where I first stayed when I started working here. Can you imagine? It's on the highlands area...but it's not flooded; however, some food stalls suffered from the storm which destroyed some of their stalls and also some of the houses had their roofs blown off. In Georgetown, some of those wooden houses even collapsed; defeated by the strong wind and also the water current from the skies.

Phew...such drama....and all when I was coincidentally out of town/state.
Daddy said it was a good thing I was away, else they will have sleepless nights wondering how I was up here during the storm. Of course, they didn't wish for anyone else to be hurt...but just, good riddance....
I am thankful to God that the rain season has passed on.....

Selamat Datang Malaysia

Haha....Angelstar is back; touched the grounds of her home country already:p
And there's tonnes of emails to work on and lots of work to follow up on....sighs!! Stress betul....
I have updated my travel blog; so for those who have been so supportive and cool about the pics; I have posted and blogged about my trip to Korea; one step at a time lar.....hehe, update still in progress....

Seems like everyone is more enthusiastic about Japan rather than Korea; I wonder why...haha:D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Seoul to Tokyo

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo

Korea and Japan....Seoul and Tokyo...will be updating in my travel blog pretty soon :)
Stay tune....
See you soon minasan......

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Farewell my friends...

Today is the last day of 3 of my colleagues; one of whom is a close friend of mine and another is a fun colleague who is my dear Papa in office :)
It will be their last day working in this MNC.... though can't say it's really a bad thing as I am sure they have their personal interests to pursue.
I wish for them a great future ahead and to my good friend, all the best in your studies and I am sure you will do great...there are more great things lying for you!!~
~Au revoir to all of you~
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Busy Bee countdown...

This week I was really busy with lots of preparations for work...I know, nothing's new:p
I am in the midst of preparing agenda for an external meeting; worked to complete and compile lots of presentations...busy busy busy bee....
Hehe....and yeah, I love honey too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jailhouse Rocks?Not so....for Hilton

Just came across an ad about Paris Hilton and some news about her life in prison.
Seems that she has chosen to decline all the prison's rationed food; and only wants to consume bread and cereal.
Life is tough for the future Hilton heiress and also one of America's most popular party girl/celebrity.

In fact, she seemed apologetic and remorseful during her hearing and even apologized to the judge with hopes that they will ease her sentence.
No such luck....
Being warranted for driving without a licence and arrested doing so while under parole certainly created a very grim situation for this young lady.
Judge actually sentenced her to a 45-days and her defense counsel at one point even raised the point that she was judged based on who she really is.

Also, there were serious warnings that there were to be no special treatment for the celebrity cum heiress and she will be locked in the same cell as any commoner despite earlier reports Paris will be imprisoned in a cell holding only 2 people; a place reserved only for celebrities and officials.

Well, anyway, it seems this LA prison is not a nice place and life is going to be tough for the pampered girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
However, isn't her sentence already lightened to only a 23-days stint compared to the original sentence meted?
Hmmmm....guess celebrity and wealth do have a certain playing....I mean, bargaining power:)

Well, hope Paris will come out fine and good....

Some pics from ABC News and BBC on Paris

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Horrifying Korean Teachers?

I was thinking of catching this Korean horror movie over the weekend when I was bored and thought of scaring myself a little...hehe, maklum-lah,can scare the stressed mind out:p
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Yesterday, I stumbled upon the trailer of this movie and it looked kinda dull (in color) and it looked kinda sinister and I bet there were gory scenes since they mentioned there were murders involved...not sure how good this is....haven't heard from anyone yet...
Anyone watched it yet?
Any opinions?

The storyline that I read on this was that it was about a reunion with a disabled school teacher after 16 years; and the students were bent on revenge against their elementary school teacher who had done things to them....I think was rather strict with them during their school days.
Then the reunion somehow turned out to be disturbing as the attendees of the reunion turned up dead one by one and a horrific truth is revealed....
What is the truth?
Don't ask me...I have no idea....I have not and am not even sure whether to watch this.
Korean horror is somehow slightly better (in my opinion) compared to Japanese horror which has been pretty generic since The Ring which they was over-acclaimed in its fame.
Anyway, do let me know for those who have watched it...I haven't watch horror in a year now and I do not want to freak myself out when my housemates are not around....hehe:P

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday Blues

Back to work again!!!
It's Monday....(why do I sound like Garfield now?:p)
Well...I don't think there's anyone who particularly likes Monday unless it's like the start of their vacation....otherwise, I think basically everyone hates Mondays....working or studying folks likewise...
Toddlers are oblivious, to them everyday is a holiday....
Sighs...don't you just wish there's long weekends....

In university/school days, you never really put much thought into those long weekend where Mondays are the replacements for those holidays that fall on weekends and you often wonder why are those adults or working people so excited and overly cheerful when they get those long weekends.
Well, why bother when we can have long breaks anytime, right?

Now, when I am working, I do know the significance....and I do want an extra day!!! When's the next holiday?
Gotta check the calendar......oughta memorize all of those "important" dates!

*That's another thing, once you start working, you lose track of all those dates....*
Gawk....work work work!
And I hate Mondays!!!!
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Okay, this is probably too dramatic...hehe:P
Anyway, have a great Monday ya...hehehe:D
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Men in White

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Okay,before I totally lost memory of this movie, let me just do a quick review on it.
I watched this last Saturday; not really into horror these days but just wanted to rest my mind a little and moreover, this was a Singaporean which I thought should be pretty entertaining.
Boy, was I disappointed!
Not only was this without a storyline, it was pretty lame with the jokes and also the funny sides of it.
Of course, I will not deny that it did stifle a laugh or two BUT, it was obviously corny and also, really something that was so childish.
The story (sort of) revolves around these 5 ghosts, Ah Hip and Ah Hop (one speaks Cantonese and the other speaks American English), Madam Wong( a devoted housewife of a mother),a girl (couldn't remember her name), Ah Leng (a mad guy) and also Ah Boon (an obsessed badminton player). Oh, not forgetting Sunny (Johnny in Maggi and ME) who was mysterious and the one doing all the video shooting throughout the movie that you don't see him at all.
They were pretty clueless and low in intelligence ghosts who roam about in this unoccupied flat; boring each other's lives until one day, this particular new ghost joined them and created excitement as he taught them to scare the humans off.
They soon found out that this new guy, David/Albert or Gilbert as they call him was a fraud and was actually a human in disguise who wanted to obtain evidence of his paranormal investigations.
Then on and on went those ridiculous and weird parts; including some absurd rapping and also love stories and also this contractor and the sissy new landlord...
Finally, Sunny was revealed.....guess who he is?
Well....not that hard....
I wasn't really ticked off by the movie; I find it amusing but after effect, the whole thing really seemed silly and insane for me.

Worth a watch?
For horror? -> No, nothing scary at all
For comedy? -> Can be considered, if you like some silly jokes
For entertainment? -> Well, what are movies for after all?
For info on ghosts? -> Erm...recommend other sites for you :)

For a Singaporean movie, this was really so-so compared to its predecessors (either in horror or comedy )
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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Slow network?

Is it me or is it the network?
I have been experiencing really slow network these few days that my bloggers have been showing me weird faces too.....I mean in uploading and refreshing to load.....sighhhhhhs!!
I am speculating this to be either the slowness on my own laptop or the network....of course, they are both possible but I kinda think the latter is of a higher chance...it's always better to blame on other stuffs than my own.
But laptop, do buck up....time to clear up some of my files here:D

Wrong or right?

Yesterday I came out of my meeting room to drop by the ladies and I was walking past a couple of conference rooms where there was a large crowd of Chinese-speaking people.
Not that I am such a jakun not to have seen people speaking Chinese -lar....I meant these are really Chinese natives as in Chinese nationals.
They were our counterparts in the China region and I overheard that they came all the way from our site in Chengdu....( I have only been to the Shanghai sites; Pudong and Zizu...don't think I went to Chengdu last round).
Anyway, there were so many of them there; speaking swish-swoosh flow of their Mandarin and I was used to it and so I just made my beeline straight to the ladies.
As I pushed the door open, I was greeted by this bespectacled guy who was asking in Mandarin( I think to no one in particular; just mumbling to himself), "Am I in the right one?"
When he saw me, he was shocked and he sort of let out a low scream and took his file to cover one side of his face and hurriedly made his way out quickly; covering his face towards me all the way.
Another Chinese lady came in and I heard her shouting softly and she was telling him that he was in the wrong room.
Hahaha....too me, it was just a funny episode and not really a ruffian type of error.
So, I made a pass on it....not really as scary as seeing a janitor in the washroom (that'd be a cause for alarm whenever there's no one:p)
Haha...but wrong or right, that is the question.....hehe, just surprised that they cannot even identify the gender label on the restroom:p
Perhaps they find the whole place unfamiliar and still taking time adapting to the layout and environment which was also weird since the layout is standardized in all our sites...hmmmmm....
Another food for thought; why am I not the one screaming instead of him?
And also, he was like trying to shield his eyes when he saw ladies walking into the restroom....like we were naked or something!!
That was the whole funny part:p
C'mon, we are not going to strip or anything when we walk into the restrooms; we do have cubicles there you know where you close the door behind you? Hello?
Haha....anyway, hope the poor guy doesn't feel too guilty:p

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

PM getting married?

Did you know that our PM is getting married this week?
Yes, it wasn't a rumour anymore...I got this from a blog and double checked it with the Star Online....:o

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It is true...he is Re-marrrying!!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Burnout vs Stress

Has anyone experienced stress recently?
How about burnout?
If you are not sure what you are in for, I have found some pretty interesting info on this

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Hahaha....Burnout can cause negative "qi" and also serious depresssion and there's different types of burnout; one of them is job burnout...means, you get tired of things you do everyday and you do not have the passion or motivation to move forward anymore.

You can be under stress, so do take care before it turns to burnout....
How to know whether you are burnt out?
The following are the symptoms:
1.Frustration and powerlessness
3.Being drained of emotional energy
4.Detachment, withdrawal, isolation
5.Being trapped
6.Having failed at what you’re doing
9.Cynicism (people act out of selfishness and nothing can be done about it)

Most importantly, seek help and calm yourself down.
I am good at saying this, eh.....but I can never help my own self when I fall into the same situation.
Well, sometimes, it is really easier said than done.

If you need more info, try this link: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/burnout_signs_symptoms.htm

Remember to always de-stress and relax!!
Live life cool!!
Have a great life!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Last Mimzy

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I watched it yesterday; and not too bad a movie lar.....but warning of spoilers; if you are expecting a full sci-fi movie or a purely entertaining kiddo movie like Home Alone, etc...then you should prepare to be disappointed because this is none of those.
Last Mimzy is just a simple movie based on mankind and how scientists were concerned on the extinction of human species and thus worked on something to the past/future to look for a pure DNA which can prevent the extinction from taking place.
Since humans cannot travel across time, they sent stuffed toys with embedded chips....with Intel logo...
Haha...no kidding; there was this scene that when they studied the stuffed rabbit toy, they zoomed in to find Intel's logo!:D

Okay, back to the story...
Noah and Emma were brothers and sisters who were always at loggerheads; Noah always think he is stupid and his sister is even lower in mentality. In the beginning scene, Emma comes into dinner to ask her brother to fix something for her and Noah went, "Why are you always ruining things?" (Noah had a bad day at school; did badly in his science test:p) and then he asked, "SO, where is this STUPID thing you want me to fix?"
And this cute little girl, Emma answered, "It's in my stupid hand"....haha, to me it was really funny and cute:p
Then the family went on a vacation to an island and their beach home when Noah and Emma stumbled upon a weird looking object in the sea which turned out to contain stones, a amoeba looking thing and also a stuffed rabbit; oh ya, I forgot the piece of shining rectangular plate which seemed to glimmer and displays shining triangles.
Anyway, it was not long before Emma and Noah both possessed extraordinary abilities...Noah managed to complete an entire science project on his own; with the theme of spiders weaving web and their frequency which amazed even his own science teacher. His mum was even more suspicious as Noah always looks to her to help out in his science projects.
Emma, on the other hand, clings onto the stuffed toy all the time....and even claims that Mimzy (the toy) tells her things and teaches her.

All hell breaks loose when Noah played with the creature and the rectangular thing got sucked into it and the whole country lost the power supply; probing the FBI and NASA to track them down, suspecting them of terrorism.
They analyzed the Mimzy toy and found weird architecture; zoomed in and saw a micro chip-like thing and then further zoom revealed Intel logo!! (Haha, that got me:p)
Then an Intel engineer was there in the next scene (not real; played by an actor) who claimed that he has been with Intel for years and knows of every nano technology projects and this was way beyond their existing capabilities...haha, cute heh?
Anyway, the movie went on that the kids need to send Mimzy back and they did it with success; predictably :)
Simple; and the pace was a little slow but still okay to watch.

If you google this movie, you will find many reviews about it including that it was like a product-based movie; with Nike during the golf session, Sprite Can magnified, etc and Intel being in the Mimzy.
There's even critics saying that this is a movie below intelligence and moronic....about the science teacher and his fiancee, Noah being able to drive a truck out of the FBI premises, etc.
My comment is just this, watch this without any expectations...just purely for entertainment.
Do not expect hi-tech stuffs as this is a KID movie!!!
What can we expect?
Also, my main feedback on those stuffs like driving a truck; well, it's not that delusional to let kids enjoy the feeling that once in a while, kids can do certain things and they enjoy these kinda movies that make them feel superior as well.

Yes, the pace was slow...but I find it okay for a kid movie.
As for me, only funny thing, I am supposed to watch this to de-stress myself from my work and yet, I see work in the movie...haha :D

Overall, should you watch? Yeah, why not, if you have nothing to watch and don't mind cute kids and childish themes on that day:)
Rating: 2/5 (For general viewing lar...)

Myself, I liked the 2 kids...really beautiful kids.
Emma is such an adorable girl...I really loved her...makes we wanna cry when I see her crying in that scene where her mum threw her Mimzy away and she laid on her bed crying when Noah came in.
So sweet and cute......really lovely eyes and face :)
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Noah is also a pleasant-looking boy and he looks fair and smart.....not bad for a child actor:)
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Favourite quotes in the movie:
1.Why can't I be born with a smart sister?

2. Noah: Where is this STUPID thing you want me to fix?
Emma: It's in my stupid hand

3. During dinner
Emma: Ewww....they are killing the crab!!! Why'd they do that?
Noah: Else how do you think you get to eat crabs?
Emma takes a bite into her burger, It's so cruel, poor crabs!
Noah: Then what do you think of that chopped up cow you are eating?
Emma: What cow?
Noah: What else do you think burgers are made of?
Emma throws up....

4. Emma's room has this sign that says "Emma's Room"
Noah's Room has this sign, "No EMMA!!"

Enjoy if you do watch:D
I find it just simple for a girl who just wants to watch a movie....and had nothing to watch:)