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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Burnout vs Stress

Has anyone experienced stress recently?
How about burnout?
If you are not sure what you are in for, I have found some pretty interesting info on this

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Hahaha....Burnout can cause negative "qi" and also serious depresssion and there's different types of burnout; one of them is job burnout...means, you get tired of things you do everyday and you do not have the passion or motivation to move forward anymore.

You can be under stress, so do take care before it turns to burnout....
How to know whether you are burnt out?
The following are the symptoms:
1.Frustration and powerlessness
3.Being drained of emotional energy
4.Detachment, withdrawal, isolation
5.Being trapped
6.Having failed at what you’re doing
9.Cynicism (people act out of selfishness and nothing can be done about it)

Most importantly, seek help and calm yourself down.
I am good at saying this, eh.....but I can never help my own self when I fall into the same situation.
Well, sometimes, it is really easier said than done.

If you need more info, try this link: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/burnout_signs_symptoms.htm

Remember to always de-stress and relax!!
Live life cool!!
Have a great life!