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Monday, June 04, 2007

The Last Mimzy

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I watched it yesterday; and not too bad a movie lar.....but warning of spoilers; if you are expecting a full sci-fi movie or a purely entertaining kiddo movie like Home Alone, etc...then you should prepare to be disappointed because this is none of those.
Last Mimzy is just a simple movie based on mankind and how scientists were concerned on the extinction of human species and thus worked on something to the past/future to look for a pure DNA which can prevent the extinction from taking place.
Since humans cannot travel across time, they sent stuffed toys with embedded chips....with Intel logo...
Haha...no kidding; there was this scene that when they studied the stuffed rabbit toy, they zoomed in to find Intel's logo!:D

Okay, back to the story...
Noah and Emma were brothers and sisters who were always at loggerheads; Noah always think he is stupid and his sister is even lower in mentality. In the beginning scene, Emma comes into dinner to ask her brother to fix something for her and Noah went, "Why are you always ruining things?" (Noah had a bad day at school; did badly in his science test:p) and then he asked, "SO, where is this STUPID thing you want me to fix?"
And this cute little girl, Emma answered, "It's in my stupid hand"....haha, to me it was really funny and cute:p
Then the family went on a vacation to an island and their beach home when Noah and Emma stumbled upon a weird looking object in the sea which turned out to contain stones, a amoeba looking thing and also a stuffed rabbit; oh ya, I forgot the piece of shining rectangular plate which seemed to glimmer and displays shining triangles.
Anyway, it was not long before Emma and Noah both possessed extraordinary abilities...Noah managed to complete an entire science project on his own; with the theme of spiders weaving web and their frequency which amazed even his own science teacher. His mum was even more suspicious as Noah always looks to her to help out in his science projects.
Emma, on the other hand, clings onto the stuffed toy all the time....and even claims that Mimzy (the toy) tells her things and teaches her.

All hell breaks loose when Noah played with the creature and the rectangular thing got sucked into it and the whole country lost the power supply; probing the FBI and NASA to track them down, suspecting them of terrorism.
They analyzed the Mimzy toy and found weird architecture; zoomed in and saw a micro chip-like thing and then further zoom revealed Intel logo!! (Haha, that got me:p)
Then an Intel engineer was there in the next scene (not real; played by an actor) who claimed that he has been with Intel for years and knows of every nano technology projects and this was way beyond their existing capabilities...haha, cute heh?
Anyway, the movie went on that the kids need to send Mimzy back and they did it with success; predictably :)
Simple; and the pace was a little slow but still okay to watch.

If you google this movie, you will find many reviews about it including that it was like a product-based movie; with Nike during the golf session, Sprite Can magnified, etc and Intel being in the Mimzy.
There's even critics saying that this is a movie below intelligence and moronic....about the science teacher and his fiancee, Noah being able to drive a truck out of the FBI premises, etc.
My comment is just this, watch this without any expectations...just purely for entertainment.
Do not expect hi-tech stuffs as this is a KID movie!!!
What can we expect?
Also, my main feedback on those stuffs like driving a truck; well, it's not that delusional to let kids enjoy the feeling that once in a while, kids can do certain things and they enjoy these kinda movies that make them feel superior as well.

Yes, the pace was slow...but I find it okay for a kid movie.
As for me, only funny thing, I am supposed to watch this to de-stress myself from my work and yet, I see work in the movie...haha :D

Overall, should you watch? Yeah, why not, if you have nothing to watch and don't mind cute kids and childish themes on that day:)
Rating: 2/5 (For general viewing lar...)

Myself, I liked the 2 kids...really beautiful kids.
Emma is such an adorable girl...I really loved her...makes we wanna cry when I see her crying in that scene where her mum threw her Mimzy away and she laid on her bed crying when Noah came in.
So sweet and cute......really lovely eyes and face :)
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Noah is also a pleasant-looking boy and he looks fair and smart.....not bad for a child actor:)
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Favourite quotes in the movie:
1.Why can't I be born with a smart sister?

2. Noah: Where is this STUPID thing you want me to fix?
Emma: It's in my stupid hand

3. During dinner
Emma: Ewww....they are killing the crab!!! Why'd they do that?
Noah: Else how do you think you get to eat crabs?
Emma takes a bite into her burger, It's so cruel, poor crabs!
Noah: Then what do you think of that chopped up cow you are eating?
Emma: What cow?
Noah: What else do you think burgers are made of?
Emma throws up....

4. Emma's room has this sign that says "Emma's Room"
Noah's Room has this sign, "No EMMA!!"

Enjoy if you do watch:D
I find it just simple for a girl who just wants to watch a movie....and had nothing to watch:)