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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wrong or right?

Yesterday I came out of my meeting room to drop by the ladies and I was walking past a couple of conference rooms where there was a large crowd of Chinese-speaking people.
Not that I am such a jakun not to have seen people speaking Chinese -lar....I meant these are really Chinese natives as in Chinese nationals.
They were our counterparts in the China region and I overheard that they came all the way from our site in Chengdu....( I have only been to the Shanghai sites; Pudong and Zizu...don't think I went to Chengdu last round).
Anyway, there were so many of them there; speaking swish-swoosh flow of their Mandarin and I was used to it and so I just made my beeline straight to the ladies.
As I pushed the door open, I was greeted by this bespectacled guy who was asking in Mandarin( I think to no one in particular; just mumbling to himself), "Am I in the right one?"
When he saw me, he was shocked and he sort of let out a low scream and took his file to cover one side of his face and hurriedly made his way out quickly; covering his face towards me all the way.
Another Chinese lady came in and I heard her shouting softly and she was telling him that he was in the wrong room.
Hahaha....too me, it was just a funny episode and not really a ruffian type of error.
So, I made a pass on it....not really as scary as seeing a janitor in the washroom (that'd be a cause for alarm whenever there's no one:p)
Haha...but wrong or right, that is the question.....hehe, just surprised that they cannot even identify the gender label on the restroom:p
Perhaps they find the whole place unfamiliar and still taking time adapting to the layout and environment which was also weird since the layout is standardized in all our sites...hmmmmm....
Another food for thought; why am I not the one screaming instead of him?
And also, he was like trying to shield his eyes when he saw ladies walking into the restroom....like we were naked or something!!
That was the whole funny part:p
C'mon, we are not going to strip or anything when we walk into the restrooms; we do have cubicles there you know where you close the door behind you? Hello?
Haha....anyway, hope the poor guy doesn't feel too guilty:p